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Day 185: The Paranormal series Part 40: The difference between Energy and Breath 1

This blog will discuss the content from the following Eqafe interview:

 Demons in the Afterlife - Part 13

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In this interview Mykey speaks about Breath versus Energy - which for those who are familiar with the Desteni Principles - breath and energy are 2 terms that most are familiar with. Because in these 'Demon in the Afterlife' interviewss and blogs we (mykey and myself) are referring to terms such as energy, mind possession and breathing - I wanted to open up this point of 'Energy' versus 'Breathing - because it makes up a fundamental part of the Principles from which I am walking these blogs. Also - because my previous 3 vlogs went more into the details of stopping oneself when going down the rabbit hole of a pattern and how to live ones self corrections - I wanted to bring this interview about breath in here specifically as all these support points go together.

It also follows nicely on my previous blog on: Day 184: Self Purification through Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Application

So basically to recap on what Mykey was speaking about: I have found that for us humans Energy is seen as the pinnacle of human existence from 2 perspectives: (1) For example you will have people who are into religion and spirituality whom see energy as the reason why we exist - the spirit or energy bodies thus being considered as 'who we really are' and that our human physical bodies are merely vessels for these energy bodies. These energy bodies are seen as timeless and cosmic or divine - where they come from many life times, and thus contain as part of their experiences a vast amount of information stored in the energy body - which from the perspective of spirituality - we are to align ourselves to, if we are to draw from the many life times of 'lessons' learnt and wisdom obtained - as we have travelled for many lifetimes through spiritual journeys. This then becomes our ultimate goal as the human to 'better ourselves' in the spiritual sense. Therefore disease, body discomfort, mental anguish, stress, emotional pain etc - is often described in terms of us not really being 'in tune' with our spiritual selves or 'energy selves', or 'energy bodies' and therefore from the perspective of 'new age' therapies and spiritual practises the key of 'therapy' would always be to align ones chakras, energies, etc - therefore the assumption has always been more that that the chakras and other 'energy' systems are more than who we are as the body and the mind.

In religion and spirituality we obviously also place 'more' emphasis on the invisible energy realms because of the belief in the existence of gods and deities - therefore in the mind a connection has been created between our spiritual, invisible bodies and that of the 'invisible god in the sky' theories. Therefore in spirituality and mainstream religions if something is invisible and is connected in terminology to 'god' and 'heaven' then that which is invisible and described as belonging to the same invisible energy systems as that of this god - must be good and wise. And therefore on the one hand you will have one religion sitting in churches every Sunday focussing on invisible beings in heaven, whom they connect to while in his holy temple and receive messages from through the minister/priest - but as long as no other religion does the same lol. And here you have the battle of religious condemning each other for not worshiping the correct invisible god/deity/force.

(2) Anyway so the second example of 'energy worship' comes from the relationship we have created between the power and existence of the invisible gods living in the sky, to the creations of ourselves by these gods/god. Meaning - we as humans believe that a god created us and therefore what exist inside of us as the image and likeness of god - is 'what is meant to be' - and this you will see is the justification and reason that most human beings used to describe the existence of the mind of the human. That what exists inside of me as 'my experiences' are justified because 'god' gave them to me. For example if one questions emotion and feeling systems within the human - one will be meant with anger and discontent - because your average human will chastise you for your blasphemy because emotion and feeling energy systems are 'a apart of us' and are created as part of us by 'god'.

The fact that since the dawn of human thinking we have never taken responsibility for our emotion and feeling energy systems, but instead have created societal and community support systems to make emotion and feeling systems justifiable - obviously means that emotion and feeling energy systems within the human are problematic and no god is taking responsibility for our actions and internal realities - so who is suppose to take responsibility?. We will always protect our emotion and feeling energy bodies, no matter whether we are heading for total human annihilation because each human is addicted to our emotion and feeling systems, to the extent that we will destroy each other, nature and this planet so that each human can live out self interest in the form of 'my emotions and 'my feelings'...

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