Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 190: Family Dynamics - the drama continues! (part 3)

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The second move that I watched was very similar - I really got a good dose of American feel good drama. It is called 'The Skeleton Twins (2014)' and focuses around the relationship of a brother and sister, starting with the brother trying to commit suicide over his depression, after which the sister invites him to go stay with her and her partner. From there the story develops around his experiences - but also starts showing that the sisters life is not so perfect because again - here comes in the factor of her having affairs left right and centre and general dissatisfaction with her life, which towards the end of the movie places strain on their sibling-relationship which comes to blows and obviously towards the end in true Hollywood style they 'forgive each other' and all is good again.

Interesting, if these movies were to show 'self forgiveness' and changing Self instead of forgiving 'others' and 'moving on'- then obviously people would be bored out of their skulls and it would not be called 'entertainment' because currently our entertainment as I have indicated shows where we are within our current expression within the mind - because what entertains us shows us about what exist in each one of us. Not a pretty picture.

What stands out a lot about this second move, is how we again simply accept things, don’t question things and take life for granted. How pre-designed rules of conduct pre-determine how each person 'must' live. But what stands out clearly in both movies is that if you simply follow societal acceptable 'norms' - in the end all of these people 'secretly' rebelled against these norms and ended up causing harm to themselves and others, simply because the results of 'following' norms and acceptable behaviour had the result of for example people cheating, lying, stealing. So what came first the chicken or the egg? Meaning what came first the human as irresponsible requiring societal norms and rules, or did we as hand full of people establish rules and norms according to what appeared like normal behaviour and this has simply never been questioned. Which means that all of us are to afraid to question 'norms', are to afraid to simply say 'ok I am not happy within this relationship' or in this job etc - I want to create change for myself...' Instead we end up with things like affairs and depression and suicide - because nobody wants to change?

If we don’t change ourselves as the norms and rules and dishonesty we accept inside of ourselves but keep doing things in secret inside ourselves - then how do we ever expect for things 'out there' to get better? I mean on the surface as this movie again reminded me -we put on our best faces, pretend to be happy in our marriages etc - but behind closed doors there are whole other realities playing out for people. We are to afraid to speak up about what really exist inside of us as our secret desires and wants. Then we really act them out - but pretend we don’t. Society in 'real-time' gets harmed by what we really do to each other and ourselves -and then we claim nobody can be trusted and we continue accepting societal rules and norms! Huh?

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