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Day 84: Crimes against Life: Pope widens war on gays.

Newspaper article: 'Pope widens war on gays', December 2012. The article states that the pope and the Vatican are ready to forge alliances with other religions against gay marriage. The Vatican claims that gay marriage will 'threaten the foundation of the family' and that family exists as the 'blueprint' of human existence'. The pope goes on to say that the family is threatened by a 'false understanding of freedom and a repudiation of life long commitments in heterosexual marriage' - and by doing so the 'key figures' of the family wil disappear: the father, mother and child - thus losing the 'essential elements of family'.

Now, other than one seeing the Vatican and religion in general who support this fuzzy logic, grasping very clearly at straws, to continue being able to control humanity through religious doctrine and fear - what is also clear from this is the following:

You have a world currently which factually, (where one has to be locked in a deep dark celler to not be able to see and understand) is in disarray - with war, murder, famine, abuse, starvation, corruption, greed, hardship, poverty, fear of survival etc - which has become a common place within all societies. No devil or cosmic force is to blame for any of it, other than the human. Try as you might, to claim that we are not responsible for what is happening on this planet - because all you need to do is follow the consequential time lines of all decisions made every day by each human to get to the results in abuse.

Therefore in light of us obviously being faced with the intensifying and compounding of what we are accepting and allowing on this planet every day - where each day billions of beings are abused in the name of greed and human entertainment - we are able to see that if the Vatican want us to ignore the real problems and breed more humans, to continue allowing the world as it is - then the religions are in fact accountable firstly for not doing what they are supposed to do, which is apparently suppose to make a difference in the problems created and faced by humanity. Thus far, no religion has ever been able to make any difference in the world, if this were the case we would see a steady consistent decrease in things like war, poverty, abuse, etc and not an increase as the facts show. So religions are lying, by firstly using their base of power to convince people that they know how to assist humanity to become a better form of ourselves, one could say an image and likeness of god. They have in fact no practical insights into the problems that exist and instead multiply the problem as we see in this case, where they while ignoring the problem, condemn any marriage that will not result in the breeding of more defective humans. Why would a spiritual organisation, responsible as they have given themselves this title since the dark ages, clearly go for duplicating and cloning the problems, instead f solving the problems? Why would they worry about a few million humans who will be happy being in gay marriages, when there will still be billions of straight marriages producing dysfunctional human beings? What do they stand to loose? Is it a matter of power - that if they loose their grip on any point of authority - as he states 'the family is being threatened by a false understanding of freedom' - will mean that the church will no longer exist if humans become self responsible. In self-honesty one realizes and sees religion for what it is, if one dare to take a look inside one's own mind to understand the construction of your own fears and hopes and coping mechanisms, where the church similar to the example of a child first using training wheels on a bicycle to learn how to ride, the human requires a church to be a moral compass, as he human has never been self honest - this again is mathematically provable if - again one look at the consequential outflow of the decision, acceptances and allowances made by all humans throughout our lives that have resulted in us becoming what we are now.

The church will no longer exist if it gradually allows the human to start taking 'back the reigns' and becoming self responsible or by simply saying I make my own decisions. The church as one are able to see, from the state of the world, have no interest in the human developing into something more, or else they would support the education of the human to be that and support the human in self development into something effective by supporting a world system that allows for the human to live in dignity and self expression and enjoyment. Instead not only does the church support capitalism, by not saying one word against it - but it profits from it - as one can see by the wealth of money contained within and by the vatican and its members. Religion started out as a gaining of power and control, and has become one of the largest corporations, by controlling and manipulating to maintain the flow of money, in which it will fight just like any other corporation for it's survival.

We claim to have evolved as a species into a fairly intelligent capable being, however most 'intelligent humans' belong to some form of archaic religion, where no common sense exists and by its mere definitions, and rules the religion equal and one, reflects about the member, that the member is still trapped within an archaic survival mechanism that is guided by rules that serve only self interest and protection of the family and its members through actions that alleviate fear. Nothing is done about changing or removing the fears, such as fear of not being able to feed my family, which are faced currently by a majority of families in the world, but instead the religion uses this constant fear that the human is in, to maintain control through the hope that your family will not starve as long as you believe on some god.

So religions lie, they manipulate and doe so through the permission of all of humanity, because humanity who claim to be 'intelligent, evolved beings', have complete numbed minds when it comes to religion, where the most obscene ideas and archaic concepts are given value to over Life on this planet and over any sense of common sense or practicality.

Together, we as humanity have allowed the Vatican to make such religious statement such as 'the family is the blueprint of humanity' therefore we are allowed to completely annihilate any self-choice and happiness of millions of people such as in this case 'gay couples'- just so that we can make sure that everybody has children? Why do the Vatican's loove children so much? If I was a conspiracy theorist or a cult-expert like Rick Ross, I would probably now claim that the Vatican (in my expert opinion) are child molesters because they want and openly admit they want to make sure nobody steps out of line from being 'straight' -so that all humans follow through with maintaining the true family function of procreation.

But seriously, one has to start questioning how and why would religions take on and invent such ridiculous statements and causes - what is in it for them to simply refuse that some human will breed while other have gay relationships? Why do they insist that all humans must follow the structure of what it means to be a human, which is to breed? Do they, themselves sit in a little room and laugh at the ridiculousness of their own causes, knowing common-sensically how funny and outlandish it all sounds, but laughing even more because they know they will get away with it? It would be the equivalent (and this is incase you were going to leave a comment 'because it is written in the bible') of having a Harry Potter council, where we allow all the actors from Harry Potter to sit around a table and make decisions for and on behalf of humanity, simply because they were trained in acting school to pretend to be wizards who are 'special and magical'. We would also not allow a council of children to have the final say on how to deal with world problems, and yet here we are continuing to allow religious people, who make ridiculous claims such as 'wars against gay people' and 'foundations of humanity' and 'blueprints' - while we do not for a moment question what these people are saying, as we would see, realize and understand that they are up to no good and for whatever reason playing with the lives of human beings for their own self interest.

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Day 83: International Crime Research: Killed for Kindness

In the South African newspaper 'Weekend Witness', December 22nd, there is an article about a man and his 24 year old passenger whom he was giving a lift to from work, who were attacked after he decided to give two hitchhikers a lift. The two men after getting in the car shot the man, and drove the woman off to a secluded area, where they raped her and abandoned her and the car.

The question that most will ask, after reading this article is why did the two men do this, as it is obvious that they were not doing it to steal the car for monetary gain, but rather these acts point towards spitefulness and the deliberate intention to cause harm to others.

There are many ways of looking at this event, as people try and make sense of why such things are happening, especially in South Africa where 'hate crimes' are a common place occurrence, after the apartheid regime. Now we are left on a global scale with the aftereffects and consequences of atrocities such as apartheid. Most countries have some dubious historical recollection of Abuse between various ethnical and political groups - and the outflow, as we have noticed is usually, mostly a retaliation for many generation by the group that was oppressed towards the oppressors or the state. What is not being learnt or grasped by anybody - as we are able to see by these vengeful acts - where unfortunately we will probably again one day see a hatred for young black men by those who have been victimised - where the cycles of race discrimination is merely going to repeat itself - is 'self responsibility'. Lets look at the example again of this murder and rape - which is a common place occurrence with South Africa; The two men responsible for the act - were doing so based probably on a combination of factors - as one will notice is the case in most of these attacks. In some cases it is due to them acting out towards society, for being oppressed within socio-economic lives that have cased them fear and distress, at other times it forms part of the 'new south african syndrome' which Criminologists discuss as being the result of the younger generation, who themselves were not even part of the abuse that was done to their parents and grandparents within the apartheid ear - but who are now part of a 'culture of violence' in which young people are feeding of the anger of the previous generations and allowing this to be their outlet for other angers, fears or in some cases expressions and outlets for boredom and alcohol/drug related actions.

So, let's look at these various factors involved and see how and when and to whom the responsibility belongs of directing the problem. Through the media and constant bombardment of picture, the youths are shown that it is 'cool' to take what you want and be who you want - now that apparently oppression is over with. This has also been the tactic of politicians to get the masses to vote for them as they promise 'opportunities' for all to have 'better lives' if they make it possible for that political part to be in power. This if one uses basic maths, has been a clear deception as no political party has thus far established any equality for people to have dignified lives by making it possible for all to have a decent income - as the politicians are only interested in yet again protecting the system fo capitalism, from which they themselves profit, so that the Elite may become richer and the only way to do this is obviously to maintain a gap between the rich and poor - because after all if everybody has the same stuff - then it would not be such a special experience for the Elite to have more stuff than other people.

Therefore,'doing what you want and being who you want' -in this current world system - requires money. So, what is not being explained to any young person being impulsed only with the luxurious life style they 'could have' are the technicalities behind getting what you want, as this would imply that those doing the explaining such as parents and educators would have to explain why the existing money system for example forces people into categories of life according to what money you have, which is dependent on what job you have and that for most people their incomes does not match their basic life necessities.

This the younger generations are seeing and understanding for themselves, as they are encouraged to 'think for themselves' -and this is mostly creating confusion, comparison, jealousy and eventually anger which fuels into rage as the person constantly uses backchat (internal conversations) to fuel the point through thinking and rationalising. Combine the socia-economic frustrations and angers from the parents and grandparents, with unmet desires - from constantly being bombarded through movies, celebrities, music and the media with pictures of wealth, comfort and accomplishment - and you are sitting with a generation that is explosive, to say the least. This problem is not going to go away - so getting back to the question of self responsibility - who is responsible for eventually one day, when human starts considering that there must be another way - for CHANGE? It is easy for us, living comfortable middle and upper class lives who are becoming the victims of such 'offenses' to say 'they must change' - as if the people acting out on their brainwashing and impulsing must just 'do what is best for all' - when there is really no incentive for them - as the entire point and motivation of such violent acts - is the only reward they know - within a contant life of survival and abuse.

Yes - the people responsible for these deeds will have their own responsibility to consider - but about the rest of us that agree to the existence of the dividing line between rich and poor and all the impulsing that goes around making those who do not have money jealous of those who have? What if it is not just a matter of having the next gucci hand bag - which probably wont drive you to acts of murder - but what if you grew up in a life where your parents could hardly feed you and basic survival such as a place to live safely is a constant concern? Let's place ourselves in the shoes of those who are acting out - what did we expect -when we created a system of capitalism, which functions specifically according to spitefulness, and driving people to madness basically as they are impulsed through pictures, constantly being driven from intense human emotions and feelings to points of desire and fear? Who takes responsibility for the system of capitalism that has been designed by all of us as the consumer? Yes - money is the reason why we do what we do in business - but it is the human's need for being driven from energy, addictions and the obsession with consuming that gives capitalists permission to basically 'do whatever they want' to make sure the public will participate in the movement of money. Who takes responsibility for the layers of value systems given to things like sexuality? Nobody wants to take responsibility for sexual addiction, and the porn industry and always points fingers at 'them', they did it' not realising yet again that any industry only exist because of the human. So we as the human have all given permission to the world systems and how they function and how they evolve - we are always the cause of it - therefore in society and within the human psyche if there is a evolution towards an outlet in relation to how the system directs people through education, the media, societal value systems - we cannot be surprised - as we are seeing the consequences of what we have accepted and allowed thus far.

So - here you have an example of a family pleading for the police to capture their fathers murderer and for justice to be served - the facts are that we will see these 'crimes' escalating more and more -as we have already noticed over the last 30 years or so. The question is - are we always going to pick up a newspaper and only feel pity and shock as we read yet again another horror story which only serves to sell a newspaper by stimulating human emotions and feelings -and has no other solution to the problem explained in the paper? When do we stop just reading these stories and start changing the systems behind why these problems occur? I mean, we all know that Capitalism functions according to influencing, stimulating and manipulating humans through wants, needs, desires and fears - so are we really so surprised then when people act on how they have been impulsed such as in this case where two young men raped and killed two people simply out of rage and spitefulness?

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Day 80: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Automatic and Controlled Processing

This blog is a continuation from: Day 78: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 3: Availability Heuristic

Automatic and Controlled Processing:

Within Social Psychology Automatic processing "occurs when after extensive experience with a task or type of information, we reach the stage where we can perform the task or process the information in a seemingly effortless, automatic and non conscious manner.Controlled processing would be ones conscious control over an action. These two kinds of thought do not have to function independently - often when one is unsure of how to proceed within an action/decision - both thought process happen at the same time.

Findings within Social Neuroscience indicate there there are two different neurological systems for processing social information - one that functions in an automatic manner and another that allows for controlled participation.

In the distinction of the locations within the brain where these two thought processes occur from, science has noted evaluations that are for example based on judgments of good or bad towards a person, item or event, which happen either automatically or through conscious consideration. The first taking place near or within the Amygdala while the latter occurs within sections of the prefrontal cortex. What will not be discussed here in detail, but is also important for consideration later is how emotions and feelings influence decision making. I note this here as a further consideration for my next point." (Social psychology, 49)

What the above information allows us to consider is that the human brain is designed to function as an automated system, with various parts of the brain functioning as a pre-determined 'holding place' for various functions - allowing us as the human to act according to decisions made based on calculated processes that have already systematically been predetermined. For example if one consider, the brain is firstly divided into sections that allow for your autonomic nervous system which regulates breathing, heart beat and other controlled functions of the physical body. Then one considers that there are predetermined sections of the brain that control the conscious, subconscious and unconscious thought process, and adaptations in behavior based on the basic survival drives such as fear and desires.

Now without going into to much anatomy and physiology of the brain, we will simply align our understanding that the brain for all humans has been designed within a pre-Design - which filters experiences into and through these human-basic-needs. From there if one considers our base programming to survive within our environment, you are able to add the programmable systems that occur in relation to the other Human Desires, needs and wants (the needs that are not based on life or death but fulfill the alleviation of other wants, needs and desires). There are systems designed to trigger human behavior according to the base needs, such as basic physical functioning, to breathe, eat etc. Then you have survival based systems and thought responses around Fear of survival and if one look deeper into the human psyche - you will find that we are all pre-programmed with the basic human systems of thinking and feeling which are linked to deeper energy related systems, that have nothing to do with the body's survival (breathing, heart beat etc), but have more to do with drives that come from within the Mind's dependence on energy. This energy is dependent on experiences, therefore for energy to be generated through and by Consciousness, it exists as needs, wants, desires that 'drive' us into action. It is around this point for example that one considers how the human lives are lived to achieve personal gratification in the form of for example avoidance of pain and achievement of happiness. So one could basically say that the human brain exists according to functions that go from necessary for the physical to survive all the way to experience orientated centers of the brain, that serve no other purpose than from the starting point of our classification of these experiences as being what makes us human. For example: the human brain consists of centers such as the limbic system which plays a role in our emotions and feelings. This in itself, if one use some common sense shows us that the brain and the Mind exist as a pre-programmed machine, one could say, that acts on our behalf - and through the ages we have come to accept this automated system, regardless of any consideration of whether it is simply a system designed to support itself independent of human responsibility or consideration - or whether it is a machine that is waiting for direction, with effective input equal and one from the participant who may look at the design schematic of this system to see what are the consequences for the physical and the reality within which we exist - if this pre-designed automated system is simply left to its own vices.

For example, consider what was mention above about a machine that operates independently, creating its own energy sources for survival. The Mind as it exists within the physical requires the movement force called energy to move all parts of itself as information and to keep itself 'alive'. Therefore the mind as an automated system as consciousness, functions according to thousands of pre-designed systems that interact through relationships, to generate energy, to keep the mind as consciousness functioning.

So the human currently exists within the mind which exists within the physical, which runs automatically according to pre-programmed, automated systems that generate energy. These energy systems are for example experienced by the human physically - for example, if one has a certain need (not speaking about basic requirement fir the body such as water, food or rest), which if one does not obtain or fulfill (the mental or emotional need of buying that new top to look good) leaves one feeling heavy physically, emotionally distraught or mentally distressed - then you know you are in a mind system that is seeking to fulfill the energy need by obtaining the desired outcome. Only once the human obtains the desire through whatever act it consists of such as going shopping -will the energy be released and the person 'feels better'. This is a basic example of one such energy system. We, as humans have come to call these energy systems 'Life' or what it means to be 'human' and follow these systems 'religiously' believing that we are the systems and we are determined by them to be called human. - However if we take a good look into human behavior - one will note that the directive principle has never come from the human understanding the mind and considering ourselves as self-perfecting beings, but from these pre-designed systems within the Mind consciousness system. Because we are not yet responsible for ourselves as the mind, we are the mind, and therefore will claim at every turn that each experience is real and is by choice. But no human has ever gotten to know really where our inner emotions, thoughts, feelings, reactions and needs come from. Therefore, by our own admission we are not yet standing equal to our own Minds, but have always been subject to the mind - and because we are the mind - we do not question the mind.

Here one asks the question - why should we question ourselves as the mind - does it not make us authentic to be ourselves which is to not question who we are but to simply 'be it?'

If one look at who we have become as the human, most will look at the actions of others within the world with judgment and disdain. Then one really take a look into ones own mind - as the way one thinks, feelings and behaves and you will note that most of our self-belief systems and thought/feeling processes cause us discomfort - as we are all plagued by inner experiences that if we were to be self-honest we know are not in our best interest - however when looking at these experiences we only know that 'they simply happened'. For example most people are trapped within cycles of desire, where it takes on for example monetary/material desires, sexual or acceptance based desires - but most are able to admit that these desires leave one unfulfilled and are always driving one for more/better experiences and that the mere existence of the desire is always based on a fear, which exists as a polarity that runs between positives and negatives to motivate the human into action to constantly seek the positive desired outcome, to avoid the opposite polarity connected to a Fear.

This above example is but one aspect of what currently exists in the human as a directive functional, automated system - and we have come to 'prettify' these systems by justifying their existence, because within the Mind, we are after all addicted to the energy that these patterns and habits produce. Therefore for example, addiction is always an indication that the system is attempting to fuel its energy and has nothing to do with obtaining a sense of self-worth or self-fulfillment - these are reasons sold to us through Capitalism, as to why we should create and participate in addictions. Therefore any lingering or consistent experience, that directs one through internal forces to get some form of experience, is an indication that one is within ones addiction to Energy.

Looking at the world around us, to get back to the point discussed above - we are able to see that there are thousands of examples each day in the news and through our observations of others in our lives and our own thought processes -of these systems of consciousness, which do not serve man. Through this we do not create ourselves into beings that are an expression of Life. We have become de-manned and this has been the only evolution that has every occurred for man - the evolution further and further into the Mind-Consciousness-Systems - as the mind evolves its systems in maintaining itself within and as the human.

What we are seeing in the news as people are acting as if they are possessed - are examples of the Mind running through extensive cycles that compound and evolve - only because at no point have we as the human stepped in and taken responsibility for these Mind-Systems, by getting to know how the mind functions and directing it according to what is best. We have always only accepted these automated systems as 'who we are' because obviously when one is in the positive polarity of the cycle where we feel good and feel powerful, we will not question what goes on behind the scenes - because the experience is to gratifying. If one is in the energy - as the Mind - you do not question it - as we only at times question these cycles and feelings and energies that overwhelm us and drive us into action - when we are either at the opposite polarity of fear, loss, sadness, depression, hopelessness etc - where we 'feel so bad,' that we ask 'why do I feel bad?' Yet again being in our self-created cycles, which seek the positive to get away from the negative - by asking the question 'why do I feel bad' - it is within our base programming to then seek the answers/solution that will end the 'negative experience' and the answers currently within our global system is to seek the positive through the value system of Money. So again even if one questions our experiences without considering the 'whole picture' - we will not see beyond the system - but will seek what alleviates the negative within ones existing patterns.

Therefore, automated and controlled thought processes, play a role within this, by simply allowing one to access stored information from ones parents, society, peers and education system - on how to best attain the outcome that will give one the experience that is pleasurable and which allows one to attain ones personal self-interest. Therefore these thought processes are but one way in which the mind allows us to consider the problem, and draw on past information that has worked before or has been used within the same cycles by others - to bring into ones awareness a direction that would be most suitable, considering ones available option such as resources available, ones personality strengths/weaknesses and characters, etc.

Prevention is better than Cure:

Here one asks the question - would it be possible for us to live without these constant internal battles? Is it truly 'being human' to exists as constant worry, desire, fear and competition within the need to survive amongst other humans who are similarly trying to please their polarity cycles, with you playing part of the polarity constructs of good/bad, right/wrong, rich/poor, have/have not etc. If one observes the potential of life on this planet, for all beings, it would be to all have equal opportunity to express ourselves here in our physical body, in this physical reality, equal and one to all others - where what we do and what we expres is not based on harming ourselves or another within a cycles - where the driving force behind what one does to attain an experience works according to variables that are unseen, from within an unseen automated system. If we are self-honest we will be able to see these variables as it exists within us as our thoughts, emotions, feelings, belief, values, secret thoughts and memories that determine how we should act now to prevent discomfort or attain self-gratification. If we within ourselves stop creating belief systems around who we are as humans and how we function accordingly, and align ourselves to live and express what is Best for All - then we change and direct the Mind into and as what is Best for All, which will directly affect our lives Equal and One. Therefore, the prevention to human suffering is to change what we accept and allow as the human existence. To change this we look at what we value within ourselves as these Consciousness-Systems - to really, for ourselves see that even though we grew up accepting what happens within us and the driving force behind how we behave - we are able to realize that suffering and pain to ourselves and others is not required to live and express ourselves. Only energy systems require polarities to move between and only by existing as an energy system does one remain an energy system. Therefore we realize that nothing is lost, but out addiction to and acceptance that suffering is part of what it means to be human. Therefore, it is to realize that we do not have to automatically go along with our internal and external struggles - but to realize at the same time, that we truly are the creators of these battles, as all that exists within us is by our own design and acceptance and therefore out outer reality exists as an outflow and living expression of who we really are.

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Day 79: International Crime Research: Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and Sociopaths Part 13: Learning to Kill

My Self-Forgiveness will focus on the following Article:

The Qualitative Report Volume 9 Number 2 June 2004: Sipping Coffee with a Serial Killer: On Conducting Life History Interviews with a Criminal Genius

Author: J. C. Oleson

In each blog I will walk self-forgiveness on different parts of the Article, discussing the developmental aspects of somebody who 'learns to kill'.

This blog is a continuation from the previous blog in this series:

To summarize - the next few blogs with focus on the final aspects of how 'X' learned how to use and be comfortable with violence/crime:

-At seventeen years old, while a junior in high school, X was invited to a club with a friend. While waiting for the friend a man in the club picked a fight with X. A stranger comes to his defense and beats up the bully. X spends the rest of the evening talking to this man (Vince) and befriending him. 
- Towards the end of the evening when it comes to paying the bill, vince offers to pay. Vincent tosses a $100.00 bill onto the table. X, accustomed to teenager’s wages, was overwhelmed by such extravagance. He didn’t know who Vincent was, but he was anxious to find out, as he was intrigued by this courageous, generous man. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to associate a positive experience to seeing people act with bravery and to associate positive belief systems around what I am seeing and understanding - due to how I grew up with the pre-programmed belief-system that good, strong, courageous actions are to be seen in a specific way.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to then define the individual as trustworthy and of strength, due to them acting in ways that resonante with me - meaning in ways that I have already associated values to - which allow me to automatically respond positively to the person or situation, without ever bothering to ask or check who this person is and whether their actions are in honor of Life and What is Best for All or only their own self-interest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to through the development of friendship and closeness to the idea of who this person or event is -to completely disregard the rest of my world and the world in general as I will follow this good feeling, while never considering that there are billions of beings on this planet each day who suffer, while I follow the blissful energetic experience associated to this one person or event - placing myself in a mind-bubble of bliss, which indicates my own self interest and that my definition of strength or courage has therefore nothing to do with real courage.strength, but about who or what can I attain my own self-interest through.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to categorize courage and strength into 'who will serve my needs' and thus within this world we see that the real problems such as war, poverty, abuse never get sorted out - because war, poverty and abuse always serves somebody's self interest and therefore nobody wants to change it, because everybody knows they gain in life from permitting such atrocities.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to remain permissive of war, poverty and abuse as I see, realize and understand that it serves me and my life on this planet - but at the same time my own conscious will bother me and therefore by creating diversions such as charities and causes -I get to apease my conscious by pretending to show an interest in the suffering of a particular group - while ignoring the actual problems underlying all forms of abuse within the world.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself just like the 'serial-killer' in this story to project an image of bravery and strength onto one person or group, so that I may protect my self interest and my life and money - while obviously never stopping to consider that there is abuse in the world happening due to the world systems I give permission to - which I will not change as it serves me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to through this projection-effect, create and participate in causes and charities into which I wil, invest emotion and feeling energy such as empathy and strength - so that as the world together -we can all claim we do look out for the best interest of all because we support 'charities.''

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to follow ideologies around strength where I will deliberately misguide myself into believing that strength for example is in how agressive, dominant, protective, sneaky, or wealthy you are - not realizing that in fact I am only therefore protecting what protects my comfortable existence and therefore have never actually considered what strength and compassion would be as I do not consider the consequences of my existence here and the impact my existence has on Life as this Physical Reality.

I commit myself that when and as I find myself placing hope, fear or even desire within another person, object or event - to stop, breathe and remind myself to remain here within my principle of self first - meaning to not create personality constructs and characters that require energy through relationships to characters in the world - and that i walk in self-support of myself, but also what is required to bring about a change in the world

as I commit myself when and as I find myself justifying why our current world systems are acceptable, as I slip into the character of acceptance - to stop, and through my dedication to Life which is me, to remain stable and focussed and to never settle for justifications and excuses in a world where Abuse is still existent.

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Day 78: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 3: Availability Heuristic

This blog is a continuation from: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 2

The Availability Heuristic: "Another cognitive rule of thumb, suggesting that the easier it is to bring information to mind, the greater the impact on judgments or decisions."

An example would be, where from childhood parents teach a child to accept their value systems, beliefs, ideas and ways of living within the world, just like the parents accepted how their parents lived based on what was copied from their parents. Therefore, what we are seeing within the world, is that generations within families exist as the copying of information and ways of living. How many times, have each one of us cringed when we were younger when our parents forced us to go to church, or to watch the television shows/sports that they wanted to watch/play or to see the world the way they did. As a child, I have observed, we tend to more clearly immediately create a 'reaction or resistance to the education of our parents, because more often than not the child has not yet develop such a level of brainwashing that they become the brainwashing. That is why children more often will rebel against or question the ways of the parents and it is only until much later as the child gives into the influences and discipline of the parent, educators and societal 'authority figures' - that they too adapt themselves to forms of belief and ways of living that they then call 'their own'.

That is how we develop into adults who are simply going along with - you could say the 'availability heuristic' - where for our childhood development phase, we were constantly bombarded through parental and educational manipulation with specific belief system and values - until -- tada! - we 'become adults' and we too apparently loose the ability to question our reality and the rules and values set out within society. This is due to many factors - one of them being our fear of survival. As children we are constantly manipulated into conforming and being 'obedient' through threats of not getting taken care of and subtle threats of death/punishment or not having a place to stay, if we dont do what the parents want us to do. Therefore we come into this world firstly as a child - as a physical expression, learning and adapting to our environment and from there - within and through the parental system, we are taught the same survival mechanisms our parents were taught, which is done from the starting point of Fear of Loss/Fear of Survival.

Therefore as we have all learnt - that to live in this world one has to take certain steps to survive. This survival is not only equal to monetary survival, although who one becomes and how one behaves will lead to ones position in the world - which is directly linked to the economic bracket one will then fit into. Therefore from a humanistic mental survival point of view - we are taught since childhood to adapt our way of thinking to that of the more 'mainstream' ways of thinking, feeling, believing and behaving. Therefore one adapts oneself by observing how society thinks and behaves and within this the tendency of most is to not 'go against the grain' but to move with the flow of 'Life on this planet' as one wants to experience friendships, relationships and the all the comforts that human society can offer the human - as we are designed by nature to seek self validation, or self-fulfillment - which we are also taught from young, to find within 'who we become, what we do, what we participate in and how others view us'. Instead of teaching our children, for example to find Self within Self as Self - meaning to realize that we are already here in a physical body, born into a physical reality equal and one from the same substance - we are trained instead within the Mind, to separate ourselves through Fear to seek acceptance of self through separating Self into Mental-Realities which are based on Energy.

Therefore, we adapt Mind-Systems to filter information on how we are to live and behave such as the 'Availability Heuristic', which is basically a predetermined system of guidelines which allows one through time to constantly be told the same set of values, beliefs and ways of thinking - and from there adapting this 'system' to support one in immediately within our role within society, to be able to 'call forth' how to best behave within the context of fitting in and belonging within 'human-society' - without stopping and considering whether the way we have been living and the values we have given Life, as seen through History is truly what is Best.

Next: Thought, Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head, Imagination, Reaction, Behavior and Fear Dimensions.

Thought dimension: A picture of me happily married with a successful guy, with anice house and accepted by my peers.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to grow up accepting all of my family's ways of speaking, living, believing, thinking, acting and living life - without considering that in that moments where I 'cringed at having to change/adapt/revert my behavior to fit into how my parents expected me to be' - I was actually already showing myself that I was developing to become different within who I am as my expression and therefore to be forced by another to change me without actual evidence that the way of living that is expected of me is what is best for me - and that this is showing me that my family is existent within fear based survival patterns.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to instead of standing by my own directive principle by honoring my own decisions, to accept the rules and pressures placed on one through family, the education system, society and authoritative figures - as I separate me from me as I go further into my mind, where I exist at the mercy of how i perceive others perceive me and where I have from childhood developed a fear of not being accepted - and thus from these fears and desires -direct myself into the same pattern, where i placed the outcome of the accepted pattern into and as a picture-thought - according to which I will live my desires to be able to obtain this 'way of living'.

I commit myself to stop and delete thoughts as pre-programmed outcomes based on predetermined sets of values/ways of living according to the greater system of functioning, by self forgiving the thought-constructs after identifying where I created it and what it is connected to.

Within this

I commit myself and am able to identify the origin of a thought and whether it is really me making the decision, living for myself within what is best for me as life, or a pre-determined life decision from those who have gone before me, which is always based on some form of separation from myself as the physical, in self trust as myself as the physical - into the Mind.

Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head, Imagination, Reaction, Behavior and Fear Dimension in the next 'The Psychology of Crimes against Life' Blog...


 Baron R, Branscombe N, Byrne D. Social Psychology. Boston: USA. 2009. Print.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 77: International Crime Research: Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and Sociopaths Part 12: Learning to Kill

My Self-Forgiveness will focus on the following Article:

The Qualitative Report Volume 9 Number 2 June 2004: Sipping Coffee with a Serial Killer: On Conducting Life History Interviews with a Criminal Genius

Author: J. C. Oleson

In each blog I will walk self-forgiveness on different parts of the Article, discussing the developmental aspects of somebody who 'learns to kill'.

This blog is a continuation from the previous blog in this series:

"As a child, X demonstrated precocious maturation. He spoke, read, and wrote earlier than most children. When he was six, a teacher placed a series of numbers on the classroom chalkboard. X intuitively substituted  letters for the digits, cracked the code, and raised his hand to read the message aloud.  
 Being such a bright boy had earned X the accolades of his teachers, but his precocity also came with a cost. When he was nine, X qualified for a gifted education program. The only boy in his class to qualify,  he clearly remembered the hardship of leaving his peers behind. At once, he was stigmatized for his differences, branded as an outsider (Becker, 1963; Wilson, 1956). His peers immediately began to tease him about his new status, and X began to realize that his prodigious intellectual gifts could also be alienating and isolating (Hollingworth, 1942; Towers, 1990). 
 Hirschi’s control theory provides additional support for the notion of the angelic gifted child: “The academically competent boy is more likely to do well in school and more likely as a result to like school. The boy who likes school is less likely to be delinquent” (1969, p. 115). But by the time he was ten, X had figured out that “being the smart guy was bad.”  Being smart wasn’t smart at all. It meant social isolation and persecution as a nerd or a geek (Richardson, 1993). Accordingly, X cultivated a taste for heavy metal music, began to dress in black t-shirts and blue jeans, and downplayed his intellectual abilities at every available opportunity. Although his parents worried that X might become involved with drugs or delinquency, they remained confident in his values suspecting that it was all merely a phase."

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge another, who is different from me and through this judgment, compound my backchat into nasty behavior towards that individual.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be jealous of the abilities of another, but instead of facing up to my experience of being 'less than that person', I make it about the other person, by creating rumors and spreading gossip, to the point that others convince themselves equally within the point of jealousy and comparison, to give into the point of bullying.

I commit myself to treat all beings with equality and equal respect as I respect myself, and when and as I find myself experiencing any backchat or thoughts, wants, needs desires towards another person or anything they have or are able to do, I stop, breathe and remind myself that it is not about the other person, and what they have or dont have - it is always about my own inner experience and how I am using the other as a mirror to actually reflect my own self-speak back to me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create a schooling system, where it has become common place for children to find each other intolerable, as if we have come to believe that we are different, even though we are all actually born equally into a physical body, within a physical reality - where it has only been within and through the Mind as Mind-Possession - where we have collectively as Society created this evil called thinking - where we have created ideas that we are apparently better than others, simply due to the secret nature of how addictive the human really is to energy - where we will allow addictions, in whatever form it may take - while all the time denying the abuse that we cause, and denying that we know that we cause such harm to one another.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to deny that I exist within a constant relationship to things and people and within this relationship forming am at all times doing so to appear better than others, whilst creating concept as CONS of better than or not better than - where everybody buys into these lies, because everybody wants to be able to do the same thing, no matter what the expense.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be an educator in a system where we allow things like bullying and comparison between children, where I stand as the developer of such a mind, and at no point do I speak up about the fact that the education system, allows for the development of the nasty backchat secret mind of the human, and the only morality that the education system will ever protect - as the real molarity that is protected is anything governed by and for the money system of the word - which if one look at it in absolute self-honesty has become 'god' within this world.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as parent to at no point consider tae consequences of blissfully ignoring my role as the parent, and for projecting responsibility for the development of my child onto the schooling system, governments and religions, while they are doing the exact same thing - while we al in self honesty really actually realize that how we exist and the way our children develop into adults, is in no way what is best for man, and that man has in fact become demonic and de-manned - but because survival of the Ego and survival through money has become the one reason why man exists - we in fact not only allow any form of abuse such as childhood bullying, but will even go as far as supporting these actions through how we develop the Ego of the child which is the basis from which the child then functions.

I commit myself to always show that every action and word, is always based in self interest - and that one can always trace the origin and starting point of why we accept and allow abuse in our societies and why we will condemn any person or group, whom suggest self honesty - because as a society we are always faced with the choice to exist as the problem or to solve the problem.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 76: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 2

This blog is a continuation from: 

 In the previous blog,  I walked the Thought dimension on the Representativeness Heuristic. Next I walk the Imagination and Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head Dimensions.

Imagination Dimension - Definition: "In this Dimension one’s Mind will wander off in imagining doing/seeing/creating all sorts of different things/experiences – it’s essentially the dimension/domain within the Personality that the Personality will use to ‘motivate’ one’s decision from Reality into and as the Mind."

Imagination Dimension: Seeing myself wearing cool clothes, having a cool, intelectual demeanor and therefore attracting the type of friends that make me feel good about myself as when I am with them I feel cool and pleased with myself and who I have become.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create a separate reality within my mind, within which i may create this scenarios and fake realities, which are separate from my actual reality I exist within.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create this separate reality by placing into it layers and layers of desires, comparisons to other people, conflicts, emotions, feelings, hopes and secret wants - to within this get to live out these hidden desires/wants/needs - so that I do not have to be self honest about what lies underneath these wants/needs/desires - which are always based ion not accepting self for who and want aself is, but through time to 'give into' peer and societal pressure, through which I manipulate myself into believing that I am not good enough and need to be something more or something different -after which society/others will accept me, which means I can accept myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to completely de-value and invalidate myself, by moving away from myself as one and equal with this physical body and myself as part of the physical reality - by running away from what I am facing as what I am allowing my situation to become - by rather giving into the situation and 'becoming something else by first preparing the point within my mind, where through imagination I am changing me into what I believe with please others, so that from there I may already possess myself into this energy experience of 'being cool' - so that from there I will mask my outer reality with this mental possession energy experience of 'coolness'.

I commit myself to, as and when I am faced with any picture movement, as imagination playing out, to stop participating in the scenario in my mind, whereby I will stop the existence of imagination, as I align myself to my physical and what is required for me by me to exist within and support my physical body.

Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head  - Description: "This is where one would have conversations with oneself as a Personality in the Mind. Thus, Internal Conversations/Backchats would come up/manifest as words, sentences, short statements that can vary in length/intensity."

Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head: 'I am going to give myself a total make-over and wear the stuff that famous hollywood people wear. I am sure if I do this then I will be recognized by others as being cool."

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create internal conversations through which I support myself into this illusionary belief world of who I am as a picture and as energy.

I commit myself to stop participating in talking to myself through internal conversations, whereby I go around in circles around an issues which is always based on attempting to win or attempting to convince myself of the validity of the reality within my mind, instead of immediately looking at a point and using common sense practicality to observe what would be the best outcome or solution within that situation and within this I commit myself to stop the energy-mind relationship which exists as a survival mechanism of the mind, whereby I have become separated from myself as a physical being, into an illusionary energy being that exists only inside the Mind, and which exists to survive according to its energy needs, regardless of the abuse that we allow in this reality due to us chasing the mind-energy experience, which will overlook the consequences to the physical, to have its energy addicted experience.

Art by: Damian Ladesma

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Day 75: International Crime Research: Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and Sociopaths Part 11: Learning to Kill

My Self-Forgiveness will focus on the following Article:

The Qualitative Report Volume 9 Number 2 June 2004: Sipping Coffee with a Serial Killer: On Conducting Life History Interviews with a Criminal Genius

Author: J. C. Oleson

In each blog I will walk self-forgiveness on different parts of the Article, discussing the developmental aspects of somebody who 'learns to kill'.

This blog is a continuation from the previous blog in this series:

Day 73: International Crime Research: Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and Sociopaths Part 10: Learning to Kill

"But X’s childhood could not explain him. X sprang neither from slum nor broken home but grew up in the bosom of a nurturing family. His father, a religious man, was a deeply principled civil servant, who had worked hard and raised his son to do so. His mother had worked as a schoolteacher but had retired when X’s sister was born. Their home had been comfortably middle-class, and X’s parents were unusually dedicated to their roles as caregivers. Disapproving of harsh or erratic discipline, they had taken great pains to foster feelings of  competence and worth in their  children." 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create a false perception within myself and this world that religion has any bearing on the effect, consequences or decision factors of a being, as if a God is magically reaching down from the sky to 'fix things' or to 'watch over things'.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself when faced with any questions of how I made the decision I did or to explain the responsibility of another within their actions, to immediately seek the irrational, vague spiritual answer, where one creates a loose sense of hope that ones reality is not completely without some form of control - for example:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself within the context of discussing a serial killer or some tragic event that has unfolded by and through the actions of man, to within the mind of the reporter/author/storyteller, to create such inner conflict and fear that I immediately tune my dial into the Godly concepts I was spoon fed as a child - where I tap into this pure sense of right and wrong that humanity can still hold onto which is called 'God', which will 'surely still be there to protect us from ourselves' - therefore;

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not taking self responsibility for who i have become, and for what and how the world exists due to my direct and tacit agreements throughout my entire life - and to always look for a scapegoat to ultimately at the end either fix things or take the blame.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself within my mind when dealing with 'evil ideas/people/events' to want to compare what has happened to apparent 'good-elements' within this world - such as in this case where the author attempted to compare this man's choices to his parents influence which by direct result should have been 'pure and godly'


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not directly see, realize and understand that the actions and events that are happening in my world such as the victims of a serial killer, directly shows me through my own research that there is no god protecting anybody and through my own investigations as criminologist I am able to do the maths and calculate how such a man came to a decision within years and years of designing such a point within his mind - and that no pre or post influence of any god exists, ever.

I commit myself that when and I find myself searching for reasons and ways that I can direct self responsibility onto another, to stop, breathe and realize what self responsibility as Self entails.

I commit myself to stop any and all fantasies based on knowledge and information, represented as real and 'trust-worthy' and within this to realize that the only trust I am able to live and place is myself within self honesty, self forgiveness, self responsibility within living what is best for all.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 74: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 1

This past year, one of my Psychology undergraduate subjects was 'Social Psychology'. As part of this Blog series I will apply self-Forgiveness on all te Personality-Character Designs within 'Social Psychology, which have all been accepted as 'the way we are' and 'human nature' - where not even within Psychology or these Psychology textbooks, is mention ever made, that these accepted Personality-Character designs are actually the foundation of how we Live and become Abusers of life on this planet.

Thus far I have been walking the Series on The Character Design of Serial Killers, where I draw a comparison between the Mind of 'Serial Killers' and the Mechanics of the Mind of your average 'Human'. I decided to walk the two series' parallel to each other, which is actually quite specific, as walking the 'Social Psychology Series' will indeed assist in connecting the dots between the Psychology of a Serial Killer and the same Mind-Mechanics of 'The Human' as Abuser of Life.

"Social Psychology: The Scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior and thought in social situations."


According to the Social Psychology Textbook Heuristics are "simple rules for making complex decisions or drawing inferences in a rapid manner and seemingly effortless". You get the following types of Heuristics:

1. Representativeness Heuristic: "a strategy for making judgments based on which the extent to which current stimuli or events resemble other stimuli or categories" (Social Psychology 46). An example would be meeting a person for the first time, and noticing that her clothing style is rather conservative, neat and orderly - and through this you connect her clothing style to other people whom you have seen wearing the same thing, and from this you try and assume who this person could be and the profession he/she follows - therefore conservative, neat, orderly could be school teacher, librarian, business manager. The extent to which we take this 'association-program' exists within the confinement of associating values to people and things and accordingly also programming into this association all kinds of judgments as likes and dislikes. Take this one step further and you are looking at the human as an example or an organic robot, where we program all new events and experiences into our Mind according to predetermined values. This is how we categorize our world, not according to how things are, but according to energy system - wherein we assign values to people and things, based on how we experience ourselves in the presence of these predetermined values. For example in the case of 'school teacher, librarian, business manager' - the labeling effect included basing our own judgments into these labels, as mentioned previously according to how we experienced ourselves when around 'school teachers, librarians, business managers'. This would mean that when we are meeting a new person, and make the connection according to his/her way of dressing, speaking or their life style - and we allow this automatic program to 'kick in' and through this automatically react by 'making a decision about the person' we are directly allowing ourselves to not experience life and each other and this physical reality as it is, directly by observing this as they are - but we filter through pre-programmed likes and dislikes.

If one observes the world today - this heuristic is seen everywhere as we judge each other according to what we wear, where we went to school, the economic bracket we live within, the type of car we drive, our choice of lifestyle, our physical characteristics, career etc. In the background we have from young been indoctrinated into believing that who we are is dependent on how we speak, look and appear to others. Therefore the consumerism market plays on the fact that from young, people are projecting their self worth into and onto other 'things', 'concepts' and 'people' such as celebrities and our accomplishments and 'status' in life. Within this nobody questions whether this is truly what is best for man, because everybody who teachers this projection of self through things and people, have come to accept the consumeristic nature of our existence. Even when realizing that Capitalism thrives from this human internal battle, through selling us through whatever means possible, our 'self-worth and 'self-acceptance', we go as far as supplying instant justifications that we are doing so to keep 'the economy supported'.

Most act according to this Representativeness Heuristic through the belief one grew up within, that self is and has always been dependent on others. That is why religion is shoved down our throats - even if one considers that a child is born not knowing of gods and things like beauty vs. ugly - but soon is indoctrinated into all these beliefs and made to live it, or is reminded that self will not be acceptable to others and that you will 'go nowhere in life' if you dont 'fit in'. I remember from my own childhood experience, my mother tried to support me within her own frame of reference by always reminding me to walk tall, wear nice clothing, do not chew my nails and dont swear so much'...or you wont meet a nice man who will want to marry you. Here we as the parents are copying the 'representativeness heuristic' style of programming that our parents designed us into as young organic robots - and we merely repeat the cycle - not once asking ourselves whether this is really what we want to be - a de-manned version of man, separated always into billions of personalities seeking 'self-value' through the 'experience' (energy) of self through the eyes and words of others.

Next I will walk examples of the components of the 'Representativeness Heuristic' Character/Personality in the Mind, consisting of the dimensions of Fear, Thought, Imagination, Backchat/Internal Conversations, Reactions (emotions/feelings) and also a Behavioural System.

For more information on the Character Dimensions:

Thought Dimension: "Here, the Thought will be the ONE point that would activate the Representativeness Heuristic Character. The Thought can be in the form of an image/picture and/or Memory/past experience that would relate to activating the Representativeness Heuristic Character.

Thought as Image: Myself wearing old, frumpy clothes with ugly hair.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the Thought as image/picture to automatically come up within my Conscious-Mind of me wearing old, frumpy clothes with ugly hair, that I in this forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how I am in that moment accepting and allowing ONE THOUGHT coming up automatically within my Conscious Mind to determine, define who I am in my relationship to myself.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that i made a decision when I programmed this image into and as myself, whereby I now deliberately set a trap, so to speak for myself as a picture that 'comes up within the mind' whereby I fall into this old trap, in which I go down the same road of emotions, feelings and physical behavioral changes, and within this

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to therefore, limit myself to a picture that in any given moment may come up and sieze my mind, from which point I allow myself to be taken directly into the other pre-programmed dimensions, whereby I am limiting myself into and as a pre-designed reactive state, all based on value systems I have imprinted into and as this one image.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to imprint into this one image the value system of 'ugly, not worthy and should be ignored, which were all value system I allowed myself to think about other people, which means that in that moment as I thought that about another, i gave permission to this value system of judgment, whereby I condemn myself and others to this energy system, which i trap myself into as a slave to this design.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that this energy value system i imprinted into and as this 'image' is not real, and only exist as the ugly nature of the human Psyche that exists for energy and therefore,

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed this energy system to exist within me, even though in self honesty I am able to see, realize and understand that by sheer connotation, this system is abuse to myself and other and I therefore delete it from myself as I realize it does not serve anybody or thing in this physical reality and has always only served the ego, which harms Life for its own embellishment.

I commit myself, that when as as I see this image in my mind as a thought that is already in motion, that is about to trigger me into my pattern, to stop participation in the Thought, by taking a breath, letting go of any energy-physical buildups, and to remain here within my physical body.

I commit myself that when I am faced with an image of myself in a photo or mirror and at any point a thought moves in relation to what I am seeing, to stop, breathe and remain committed to supporting myself within physical practicality, to direct my decision about for example clothing etc, always in relation to what is practical and supports the physical body.

Imagination, Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head, Reaction, Behavior and Fear Dimensions to follow...

 Baron R, Branscombe N, Byrne D. Social Psychology. Boston: USA. 2009. Print.