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Day 179: The Paranormal Series part 36 - How Demon Possession works part 1

The following blog is based on the following interview: 

Interesting interview, where Mykey explains more about how demons use to either possess a person in an instant - where they could enter the mind-body and leave at any stage, versus the demons that would for example integrate into a child/young person and stay with the individual into adulthood or an entire life time. In both cases the demon would accentuate the mind, and accentuate the personalities, to speed up how the person would normally fuel specific mind patterns and personalities such as anger, jealousy etc - through which this acceleration would result in more energy being produced by the mind from the physical resources (physical matter).

For example the demon would play on a mind experience or personality design such as getting angry at people - and here the demon would be the one inside the person accentuating experiencing, pushing the person further and deeper into these experiences. Again Mykey reiterates (as I discussed in a previous blog) that the demons did not have to create new experiences, meaning they did not from scratch have to come into a being and create a personality or mind experience, it would already be existent within the human - therefore as he says 'they used what was already there' - which was the emphasis that I placed on the previous blog in which I discussed the point - to share the understanding for those who research and have an interest in demonology - to realise that the demons (interdimensional) that use to exist, would merely piggy back on what existed within the mind-  therefore they would obviously pre-select the person whom they would possess either temporarily or for a life time - based on the specific mind experiences they saw were necessary for the creation of energy for the demon.

The next point in the interview that I wanted to share here, in relation to my own experience as I am sure we are all able to relate, is when he speak about how demons could tap into subconscious pre-existent thoughts, fears, pictures and sounds to express through the mind. Let me explain: remember when you watched a movie about demon possession, how the demon would scream and babble weird sounds and words and speak strange symbolic phrases - which would usually leave the people in the room perplexed at the sinister metaphysical nature of the demon? Well all of these sounds and words and 'dramatic points' that the demon would utilise  - again were all already existent within the mind of the being and usually came from words and experiences  that the child programmed into themselves as a baby.

He explained for example that babies hear sound frequencies and don’t have the ability at that age to interpret the sound - and therefore here the sound purely as it exist - which is very scary. For example the child would hear a sound as a high pitched, grinding sound - which would be more intensive with each 'intensive experience'. Anger for example as expressed by parents would be an example of these high pitches, very unsettling sounds which the baby programs into the subconscious. This generates fear within the baby as it would anyone and then later in life the individual will grow up with this underlying fear resonating in them to subtle and not so subtle emotional expressions that they experience around other people. So a child would grow up in a house hold where the parents shout and fight and will imprint this fear reaction within themselves to the sounds together with the sounds themselves. When the person grows up they would either then go into inferiority towards their fear, which they experience whenever they are around 'angry people' or they themselves will become an angry or even abusive personality - to not have to face the real fear experience within them.

In relation to how the demons would utilise these fear programs - is obviously back to the original point I made above about why demons grunted and groaned and screamed and flopped about and bulged their eyes etc etc. The demon is accessing the exact sounds and pictures the baby/infant programmed into themselves and therefore by the demon 'accessing' these exact 'trigger points' they would push the being into their fear - which would result in a massive charge of energy - which is the pure raw energy that the demon would then feed off of. That is why in so many demon possession movies, we have to scratch out heads at how the demon carried on - perceiving that it is the demon that is crazy, tormented, lost - but in fact the demon itself is quite fine and aware of what it is accessing (triggering within the human)...

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