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Day 120: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 1

In the Paranoia Research Series - I will be walking a series on 'Cognitive Disinformation and how this creates Paranoia'
Firstly I would like us to look at a broader definition of Paranoia as not just an experience of anxiety and fear, but the underlying aspects and thought process behind how a person develops a particular Paranoia.
For example I will draw from the following blog - a definition of 'Paranoia'

Day 395: Paranoia: the Home of Human Reason – Part One

"We are now at the Beginning stages of Placing into Context one of the Mechanisms that Influence Everyone’s life on Earth without Anyone being Aware of it - these Mechanisms are Not Yet Understood or Even Researched.
So First we have to Place into Context and into Relevance the Structural Design of What we are Looking at when we are looking at Paranoia.
Paranoia is Just a ‘pretty word,’ Meaningless in a way because Conveniently anything that seems to be ‘Abnormal’ may be classified as Paranoia, so it Needs to have a Word that is More Specific. Paranoia comes from the ‘Para-Noise’, the Paranoise comes from the Paranormal, the Paranormal comes from the Parapsychology and the Parapsychology is the Study of ‘Strange Events’ . But Not really – it is just Studying things that you Cannot Really Physically Touch like Ghosts and Thoughts, because Thoughts are like Ghosts: they are here now and then they’re Gone - in a Few Hours You Will Not be able to Remember the Exact Thought you had, you’ll be able to say “I Thought About” but You will Not Be Able to Recall the Exact Thought and Have it in Exactly the Same Way – also when you are Thinking about Something and Specially during the stage of the Developing Paranoia, the Thought will Repeat itself but In that Process, the Thought will Develop. So the Thought will be Changing and Progressively become More Obsessive and It Will Move You as the One having the ‘Paranoise’ the Paranoid Thought more and more to the Center of the Thought Convincing you that ‘the Thought is Right’ and you will so Change even Your Memory Eventually Claiming that ‘You are Right.’ It is a Fascinating thing that this Happens over and over and over again – and yet, our Psychology is not yet Researching this - it has not even Categorized it correctly because in a way Parapsychology is the Study of the ‘Thought Mind’ – that means Things like Paranoia, because it falls in the same Category as Conspiracy and Ghosts and in the same category as ‘Life After Death’ because it all falls within the things that You Cannot See. "
Paranoia particularly Induced through Thought and thus through Memory and thus through Vision – Television, Stories, Conspiracies, Education – that is all Paranoia, that is all Parapsychology because You Can’t Really Touch it. When that Paranoia becomes Physical, it becomes Psychological because it then would Become a Possession for Real where the Person for instance Believes ‘They Speak to Angels’ or ‘They Speak to their Loved Ones’ or ‘They Speak to JF Kennedy’ whatever ! The Fact of the Matter is that At this Stage, the Whole Preparation Stage that normally would have Happened through Meditation, through the Parapsychological Time-Frame of the Mind would be Forgotten."
So, what we draw from the above blog excerpt is our understanding of the elements, influences and inserts into the mental design of the individual which eventually leads the being to manifest themselves into Paranoia as the repetition of thoughts about a specific topic - where you are now completely possessed by and through repetition of pictures, thoughts, emotion and feeling stimulus - which you then believe is real - due to the strength and consistency at which these stimulus are repeated into your perceptual reality. Therefore we obviously see ourselves becoming living forms of 'paranoia' about most aspects of our lives - where we allowed ourselves to participate in and follow thoughts and emotion feeling reactions over months or years until we are convinced by these repeating thoughts and then believe 'it must be real'. This is how advertisements, the media and entertainment directs the public towards outcomes desires by specific parties such as consumerism, politics etc.
So on this topic - I will be addressing the Cognitive Disinformation as the movement, manipulation and repetition of information- which is presented in specific ways which the conveyer know and probably ahs studied - ac cording to how the human thinks and feels. So if you understand how a human beliefs, fears, thinks, rationalises and becomes addicted to specific energetic experiences, such as is used in consumerism by corporations - then you as the Cognitive Disinformer-  will understand how to develop and manipulate public thought according to your desires outcome."
So the question here is who becomes a 'Cognitive Disinformer - let us look at the definition of Cognitive Disinformation together with an example - after which I will select one aspect of Cognitive Disinformation to explore/expand on within this Blog.

The Problem:

Excerpt taken from:

UforiasSecret"Disinformation is the deliberate dissemination of false information. It may include the distribution of forged documents, manuscripts, and photographs, or propagation of malicious rumours and fabricated intelligence. In the context of espionage or military intelligence, it is the spreading of deliberately false information to mislead an enemy as to one's position or course of action. It also includes the distortion of true information in such a way as to render it useless.
Disinformation techniques may also be found in commerce and government, used by one group to try to undermine the position of a competitor. It in fact is the act of deception and blatant false statements to convince someone of an untruth
Disinformation differs from propaganda in that its true source is concealed, and it usually involves some clandestine action. Unlike propaganda and Big Lie techniques designed to engage emotional support, disinformation is designed to manipulate the audience at the rational level by either discrediting conflicting information or supporting false conclusions.
Another technique of concealing facts, or censorship is also used if the group can affect such control. When channels of information cannot be completely closed, they can be rendered useless by filling them with disinformation, effectively lowering their signal-to-noise ratio.
The Cold War made disinformation a recognized military and political tactic, though disinformation is generally more subtle and designed to remain unnoticed by the target audience.
Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, which is not deliberate; i.e., the person or news source forwarding the information doesn't know it's not true and/or actually believes it; thus, disinformation can be relayed as misinformation if the one relaying the message is not aware that the originator of the message deliberately manufactured false information and offered it up for distribution. Whether the target of such an attack is to mislead the end user of the information or if the disinformation is meant to destroy the credibility of those gullible enough to relay it (usually news agencies) and not really caring what damage it does to the ultimate recipient must be judged on a per case basis."
Examples of disinformation
The classic example of disinformation was during the Second World War, leading up to the D-Day landings, when British intelligence convinced the German Armed Forces that a much larger invasion force was about to cross the English Channel from Kent, England. In reality, the Normandy landings were the main attempt at establishing a beachhead, made easier by the German Command's reluctance to commit its armies.
A classic piece of CIA disinformation was a pornographic movie made in the 1960s with an actor pretending to be President Sukarno of Indonesia. It was meant to undermine Mr. Sukarno with Muslims.
In 1986, national security adviser John Poindexter wrote for President Reagan a "disinformation program" aimed at destabilizing Libya's Col. Muammar Qaddafi by false reports in the foreign press about an impending conflict between the two countries. But the false information reached an American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal - a phenomenon known in the trade as "blowback."
Many 9/11 researchers (notably Mark Robinowitz) have accused some other popular 9/11 conspiracy sites of fostering conspiracy theories as disinformation meant to discredit and distract the 9/11 Truth Movement."
So the first aspect I would like to address here, is who would want to become a Cognitive Disinformer. From the research I have done on the Internet, I have notes that you have those who are in competition with other people/organizations/groups and in attempts to 'annihilate' the competition the group in question will spread rumours and use Cognitive Disinformation to discredit the 'rivals on the internet.' Now the word Cognitive revers to not not merely using rumours and falsifying of information or defamation to discredit another - you actually research or study how the human thinks  - meaning the Cognitive aspects behind human thinking and behaviour and you follow such Cognitive Disinformation techniques which would give you your desires results. These techniques as indicated in the article above are usually used by organisations that profit through discredit other groups/individuals from a political and economic viewpoint.
The second type of Cognitive Disinformer is then the one who gets paid by the above mentioned groups to discredit.
The following article for example, takes a deeper look into "Disinformation: How It Works" - if you would like to check it out:

Then specifically the point I am focussing on today is:
Pay for Comments – Confessions of a Paid Disinformation Internet Shill

The Solution:

So lets look at the  key points that this ex-paid-internet-disinformer mentions as the underlying causes and consequences for him being employed to be a disinformer - because through this we are able to, if one is interested in creating a better world - start to develop insight into how to STOP having to create such jobs such as 'Cognitive Disinformers':
"I had been out of work for almost a year after losing my last job in tech support. Increasingly desperate and despondent..."

"Well, beggars can’t be choosers..."

  "the people making the referrals, like my ex-colleague Yvette, were trained to pick out candidates based on several factors including ability to keep one’s mouth shut, basic writing skills, and desperation for work..."
  "in the end I felt worse about the possibility of losing the first job I’d been able to get since losing my “real” job..."
  "After a while of doing this, I started to feel bad. Not because of the views I was pushing (as I said, I was first apolitical, then pro-Israel), but because of the dishonesty involved. If my arguments were so correct, I wondered, why did we have to do this in the first place? Shouldn’t truth propagate itself naturally, rather than through, well…propaganda? And who was behind this whole operation, anyway? Who was signing my pay checks? The stress of lying to my parents and friends about being a “consultant” was also getting to me..."
Not only does this man now have to face his own self value, who he has to become and the lies he had to spread - which become a changing of ones own personal values - but we are also looking here at forced internet bullying by one party onto those who are forced into such economic positions. I mean we are looking here at the Economic and Societal issues from a two-fold perspective. First the organisations, whom I will start addressing from the next blog, are due to greed and control for power  - allowing themselves to stoop to this level - of manipulating of those who are desperate to have to become a 'Cognitive Disinformer' - which results in the individual loathing themselves and losing more out of life than just a pay check. The second point we are looking at here - is obviously, in common sense the realization that our Economic System, our principles behind which capitalism functions, is responsible for creating situations where the public have to accept such 'jobs', where the point of greed  is being emphasized so extensively, that groups/organizations will do 'whatever it takes' to get their desires outcome.
  As we will start exploring in the next blog - when we start looking at different forms of Cognitive Disinformation - realize that the organizations/groups behind this are always doing it for power, control and greed. Therefore power, control and greed - from the perspective of 'the solution' would be something we as the public will have to address - to ask for ourselves why have we allowed within ourselves to let the desire for power, control and greed to get this obsessive - that we forget completely about Life, honouring ourselves and living a dignified life. We have become empty shells who only live for the energetic value that the money obtained through greed - can apparently give us.
  So the solution to stopping these outflows as what is being created in the system by groups/organizations to be in control and make money - has to be addressed by not just the people in control/ownership of the organizations - but by the public -as firstly we are the ones that are all agreeing that greed and the current way of living is acceptable and the only way forward. Secondly we are the ones that are the consumers (for which those who are interested in obtaining the highest profit, by getting us to buy into the products) -  the ones that are influenced through the manipulation of information - whether it be through presenting products in favourable ways by manipulating our Cognitive Process or through directing our attention away from the competition to purchase from the company who is using Cognitive Disinformation to discredit their 'rivals’. Either way - the responsibility has always been with the Human race - all of us who's decisions and actions are always creating the external world-system within which capitalism functions.

  The Reward:
  Here as mentioned above, the outcome of creating a world where we are not living to achieve happiness through how much money we have - will obviously consequentially change everything we do. If we change the Economic system to Support us as living, breathing expressive beings, by changing how we create and manage our economic system - then the outcome and reward is obviously going to be 'heaven on earth for all'. Why would we all want to keep an economic system that creates Fear and Paranoia in us and in the generations to come - why are we the forerunners of the corruptive practices of Cognitive Disinformation? What does that say about us as the Human who lives for and actually supports outcomes generated by others that create further lives and choices for us based only on Paranoia?
  More to come…

Personal experiences of Cognitive disinformation:

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Equal Money Capitalism

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The Equal Life Foundation - Bill of Rights:

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Day 119: Capitalism Part 7 - Remove children from criminal families at birth to save them from crime, says top judge

Article: Remove children from criminal families at birth to save them from crime, says top judge

"Babies born to prostitutes, drug addicts and other criminals should be adopted at birth to prevent them  following their parents into jail, a  leading judge has said.
Alan Goldsack QC, the Recorder of Sheffield, said it was the state’s duty to intervene to stop the ‘next generation of criminals’.
He said it was ‘frightening’ how many of the criminals he was sentencing today were the grandchildren of those he had dealt with 40 years ago.
‘Crime runs in families the same way that being a doctor, teacher or lawyer does,’ he said in an interview to mark his retirement.
‘Some people become criminals because they enjoy crime and think it’s a good way of life and if they don’t get caught they think they can have a good lifestyle.
‘But a frightening thing is the number of people I see who are the grandchildren of the people I have prosecuted and defended 40 years ago.’
The state had to ‘remove young babies from the families that are going to produce the next generation of  criminals’, he said.
He added that a dysfunctional family would often have £250,000 spent on them, ‘but if we get in early and removed children we could save thousands’.
He said a ‘huge proportion’ of prisoners were a ‘product of the care system’.

Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder of the charity Kids Company, said taking children from criminal families was not the right solution
Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder of Kids Company, said: ‘This protest is directed at the wrong corner of the problem.
'If you look at the baby in their cot, they are not a criminal. Taking babies from parents because they happen to be in criminal families is not the right solution.
'We need to address the way that we work with disturbed families and children.’
Alison Worsley of Barnardo’s said the Government needed to do more to support children of prisoners."

So what is the problem with the solution suggested by this judge? Let us firstly place ourselves in the shows of someone who becomes a criminal - For varying reasons - people are either forced into criminal activities or choose to do so to have better lives. For example what he is referring to as prostitutes and other people who have chosen a live of crime - if one were to really take a look inside the life of a person who chose crime over starvation, you will find that a large percentage of children born into this world - who end up with career choices that are 'against the law' did not grow up thinking they want to necessarily 'break laws and place themselves into dangerous, health risking situations, shortening their life spans, for the rest of their lives. Most of these individuals for those who do their research realized that a) in the current money system they require to obtain a piece of paper or else they do not get access to food, fresh water a roof over their heads and a life style that they see most other people in their communities get to have - such as clothing, cars, jewelry, a social life etc. Therefore socio-economic situations are in a large percentage of the cases the reason behind why a human would ignore societal and religion issues of morality and turn towards careers that are indeed profitable.

Many people say that they will never turn to things like drug selling/smuggling/trafficking/robberies or prostitution - but imagine you were never raised with indoctrination about right/wrong, good/bad, hell/heaven and you become a young adult and now the rules of the system are quite clear -do or die. Is it really the place for any person to firstly blame these people who realize they have to work for a piece of paper to survive - who then follow where they are able to get jobs - and do so - who are we as society to judge the reasoning for a person for having to survive?

So lets consider the points that the judge missed as he swooped past self-responsibility to 'take babies away from people' Firstly - as we have already covered earlier -isn the fact that we have equated life to survival and to survive you need a piece of paper - and the rules in society are quite clear about this.

Secondly, if these masses of individuals are finding all of these jobs because they are better paying than 'ordinary', acceptable career/job choices and the market for these 'services' are so vast that there are basically jobs for alot of people within one city/society - should we not then rather turn our focus to the understanding and realization that the problem indeed exists around the fact that these people who have to now survive by obtaining a piece of paper - with issues of morality removed either through choice or through it not existing within the individual in the first place - where they then have all of these job opportunities available to commit these crimes - is because we as the public (who like to blame and point fingers) are the customers and consumers? There would not be such a problem of people turning to crime such as drug dealing, prostitution, child trafficking, war etc - if it were not for the vast amounts of people who actually use these services - so again here we are faced with the lack of responsibility within the public - where we are actually asking for these services and then blame the younger generation for who survival in the system to get pieces of paper to have access to resources  - is getting harder and harder!

So here we have already seen 2 points from which society and the individual who judges and the politicians and the lawmakers have completely run away from, and ignored. Instead we look 'ahead'' - away from the original cause of why these individuals chose a life of crime instead of working in sweat shops in condemned buildings or at MacDonald's, for minimum wages, for the rest of their lives...

INSTEAD of addressing for example the rules and principled of capitalism which drive people to extremes to survive, and the extensive brainwashing that happens every day by our permission, through the media  - where people are brainwashed to believe that they must have the life styles of the rich, as it is portrayed through constantly showing the opposite polarities of 'have/not have - to be the complete and ultimate desire of any and all human beings - we instead say 'lets rather take their children away'. That is why when you speak about Equality - you will be shot down, even by spiritualists and people who discuss conspiracy theories about 'the system' and those who claim to want to 'save humanity'. Why? Because the brainwashing around the separation between rich and poor has become so acceptable  - that NOBODY is willing to admit that they see and understand that if we constantly portray the life of the rich as something desirable and that you have to either be born into it, work like a slave to get to it or steal it - then you are just not going to ever experience the enjoyment of what it means to 'have'. There has been so much emphasis programmed into the human - about the emotional and energetic experience of being rich - that nobody wants to let go of this polarity - everybody still desires to be the one who has alot of money and this experience of having more/having a special life style is only possible if we have an opposite polarity of the 'have not's/ the poor/ those who live with only the basics.

Therefore one can say what you want - but if one still believe that our lives here are meant to be lived to try and obtain happiness through obtaining more money than others and to have a life style that is 'special' which means others dont get to have it - then obviously in common sense one sees that the programming of oneself is extensive - in how one has categorized your own value systems to suit your secret desires for a happiness point found within this polarity game of rich versus poor.

Therefore what we are seeing here through the words of this judge, is again an example of how we will deliberately find ways to protect those who have money by finding ways of controlling those who want money - just like we see on the billboards and in the magazines every second of every day. This 'judge' for example, does not want us to solve the original cause of why people turn to crime, the thought process that play a decisive role in why someone turns to a life style of crime - he instead wants to remove children from criminals so that we have a point of relieve within the system - a way of feeling 'ok' that we have yet again moved further and further away from actually stopping the problem - where we basically 'get to keep the problem'. So - what happens to these children - they are again inserted into the same system that forces them to either work hard for the money or choose a life of crime. And isn't that the same decision their parents were faced with?

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Day 118: Capitalism Part 6: Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Statements on Blame and Self-Responsibility within Capitalism

This blog is a follow up on:

Day 115: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 3: Death in the work place - am I ready to take Responsibility?

Day 116: Capitalism Part 4: Identifying the reason why we do not acknowledge the problems within Capitalism

Day 117: Capitalism Part 5: Self-Forgiveness on Blame and Self-Responsibility within Capitalism

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear placing myself in the shoes of another person or animal that has to die as a commodity within capitalism, a being who's plot in life I have ascribes as being nothing, worthless, less than me - therefore creating and systematizing a belief and a structural system called the Economy and Society - where I have allowed such suffering and abuse in the name of Money.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to know and understand that I am unwilling to place myself in the shows of another, not only because I understand the sacrifice and pain that the being is placed into, but also I realize that the consequences are actually very real for that being - the pain is very real, the loss would be the same for me - however in my mind I have already decided that it is alright for others to endure that suffering - as long as it is not me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to therefore allow Capitalism to function and evolve on the suffering of billions each day so that the rest of us may buy into the happiness polarity - instead of realizing that it is possible for all to have equal happiness and equal opportunity - just like I would like to have for myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ascribe joy and fulfillment to the lives of those who are lucky enough like myself - and to allow the thinking that 'bad things happen to other people' - not realizing that in my thinking process I have condemned and continue to condemn billions of beings to a live of torture and pain - not realizing that this is the true value I have ascribes to myself - this is who I am - and that if there were to be a god or a jesus or a higher consciousness looking at me as who I am - then obvious in common sense then they would realize that the product of what I have given direct permission to even though through indirect words and my vote and by not speaking up - it is still my legacy - that which exists within me which I have allowed to become the fate for others.

when and as I find myself believing that my outer reality somehow manifested itself separately from me actually over time giving permission to and agreeing with the principles of how capitalism functions - I stop, and I allow myself to through breathing come back here to the reality of self honesty of who I really have become

within this I realize that I am not infact this life form that abuses others to have a gain and more favorable outcome in life

therefore I commit myself to when I in anyway justify why it is ok for abuse to happen in this world -  to serve my existence - I stop I breathe and let go of this self created self righteous illusion - which I have allowed myself to be brainwashed within.

when and as I find myself going in to fear of change, fear of responsibility towards my outer reality as a reflection of my inner world and fear of changing my inner reality - I stop, I breathe and realize that the energetic reaction of fear is only that - a pre-programmed response to anything new, any challenge to my pre-conceived ideas - my 'personalities' ' that I am in fact limited by this definition of myself as nothing, worthless, an abuser, and someone who sits by and waits for death while clinging to hope that pain ans suffering will not happen to me or my family - instead of realizing that the key to changing the outcome to what is best for all - is in fact and has always been us - myself, all who have a voice, have access to the internet and are able to communicate verbally or on paper the living word as what is best for all.

To assist Self to change the inner reality - join our free online course:

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Day 117: Capitalism Part 5: Self-Forgiveness on Blame and Self-Responsibility within Capitalism

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that Capitalism as the system that is supposed to support Life - is not able to be changed and that who I am is insignificant to even question why we have allowed the system that is supposed to serve life - has become one that supports greed and corruption at the price of millions of lives every day.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to go to work each day, fearing what might happen to me: on the way there driving, will a drunk person come along and crash into my car, or will some stranger walk up to me and attack me, due to the decision they have made to take vengeance on others based on their life experience, drug use or the point they have reached within their life where they are possessed by fear or rage, to the point of acting out and not even realizing the consequences of their actions.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing  myself to when reading in the news about how each day people are acting out, becoming possessed and taking vengeance on others in the form of terrorist attacks, shootings, stabbings, abuse, serial killers, parents that kill children, people that abuse animals and children - where I have never stopped for a moment to ask - what has happened within this persons mind  - to go from being a child themselves, an innocent - brought into this world - where something changes within them - to never stop to investigate my fellow humans who are acting out in these extreme ways.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to never stop to investigate what is behind these actions - to investigate the deeper influences and factors behind why a child grows up being a killer and a person who derives satisfaction from bring pain, death and suffering to other beings.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to find the only solace that I am able to within this, by turning a blind eye, ignoring the facts even though the research that already exists, even though marginal shows that family abuse, environmental influences and stress brought on by societal pressures and economic stress has a serious impact on who people are becoming the the mind-possession type cases we are seeing in the world.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to turn a  blind eye to these causes of suffering and abuse - so that I do not firstly have to face the fact that there is something very wrong with our world, with our society, with our economic system and with our religions - where we are driving innocent beings to a life of extreme actions and choices to have to survive - but where we as the observers do nothing and claim to not have the capacity to change what it is that we are directly able to investigate as the causes

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to then go into absolute fear, fear of death, pain and suffering when I am faced with the reality behind why suffering exists - to the point where I will protect the same systems that are responsible for abuse to the individual - because inside me, inside my mind - I fear retribution by some god or whoever I believe is responsible for us - so much that I will not question the system.

therefore I forgive myself for accepting and allowing  myself when faced with for example a story of a building collapsing on workers, I am unwilling and unable to even place myself in that persons shoes, to understand that this could have been me and that the people who died had by birth right - the right just like me - to also live a full, happy, healthy life- and that it is by my choice to ignore the fact that these things are happening to my Equal's within this world and that what this says about me -as my lack of empathy, my lack of responsibility is that I do not yet see myself as equal to life - and that within this I must have at some stage accepted the brainwashing that i am nothing, the people and animals that die each day - are nothing - and that this is the value system that I have ascribed to all life.

and therefore I forgive myself for accepting and allowing  myself to have ascribed this value system of nothing to the future generations, to my children - because what I refuse to see and understand is that obviously at some stage if I give permission now to this system where the lives of the innocent are used for profit by permission of all of humanity - then obviously - just like the people who die every day in work related tragedies - at some stage it will affect us all as our future generations will all be faced with these same consequences - where their lives, as ascribed by me as worth nothing will also be used within capitalism purely for profit - and this I already see within my own life and the lives of those around me, as we all go to work and are underpaid our worth in participation and left still with rising debt - but we refuse to see and understand that this closed system called capitalism will more and more take the lives of the innocent - which will be the future generations I have already given as I have ascribed their lives to mean 'nothing'.

To be continued...

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Day 116: Capitalism Part 4: Identifying the reason why we do not acknowledge the problems within Capitalism

 Journalism and misdirected Responsibility

The following article is taken from:

Do white people have a future in South Africa?
"Apartheid South Africa looked after white people and nobody else. Now some of its white communities face a level of deprivation, or of violence, which threatens their future in the country.
Everyone here, regardless of colour, tells you that white people are still riding high.
They run the economy. They have a disproportionate amount of influence in politics and the media. They still have the best houses and most of the best jobs.
All of this is true but it is not the only picture.
Look below the surface and you will find poverty and a sense of growing vulnerability.
The question I have come to South Africa to answer is whether white people genuinely have a future here.
The answer, as with so many similar existential questions, is "Yes - but…"

BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson examines the challenges facing white South Africans
You are twice as likely to be murdered if you are a white farmer than if you are a police officer”
It seems to me that only certain parts of the white community really have a genuine future here: the better-off, more adaptable parts.
Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going through an intense crisis. But you will not read about it in the newspapers or see it reported on television because their plight seems to be something arising out of South Africa's bad old past - a past which everyone, black and white, would like to forget.
According to one leading political activist, Mandla Nyaqela, this is the after-effect of the huge degree of selfishness and brutality which was shown towards the black population under apartheid.
"It is having its effect on whites today, even though they still own a share of South Africa's wealth which is entirely disproportionate," he said.
That may all be true. But the people who are suffering now are the weakest and most vulnerable members of the white community.
Ernst Roets, a leading Afrikaans campaigner from the AfriForum organisation, took me to a squatter camp outside the country's capital, Pretoria. A white squatter camp.
It has been set up on the property of a sympathetic white farmer and is called, optimistically, Sonskyn Hoekie - Sunshine Corner.
There are broken-down cars and bits of discarded furniture everywhere. Beyond the wooden shacks lie ditches and pools of dirty, stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. Two basic toilets serve the whole camp.
According to Roets there are 80 white squatter camps - many of them bigger than this - in the Pretoria area alone. Across South Africa as a whole he believes there could be as many as 400,000 poor whites in conditions like these.
Sonskyn Hoekie has no water and no electricity. The inhabitants live on two hand-out meals of maize porridge a day, which is provided by local volunteers. There is no social security for them, no lifeline - any more than there was for non-whites when apartheid ruled.
Viewpoint: Does race matter in South Africa?
"I don't want to live in a place like this," said Frans de Jaeger, a former bricklayer, who with his beard and wrinkled face looks like one of the old Voortrekkers.
"But I can't get out."
His wife died suddenly of cancer a few years ago and it sent him into a downward spiral of binge drinking and destitution.
Semi-skilled white people have little chance of getting a job when so many black South Africans are unemployed.
There is another group of white Afrikaners, far higher up the social scale, who are deeply threatened - in this case, literally. Virtually every week the press here report the murders of white farmers, though you will not hear much about it in the media outside South Africa.
In South Africa you are twice as likely to be murdered if you are a white farmer than if you are a police officer - and the police here have a particularly dangerous life. The killings of farmers are often particularly brutal.
Ernst Roets's organisation has published the names of more than 2,000 people who have died over the last two decades. The government has so far been unwilling to make solving and preventing these murders a priority.
Average annual black income in 2011: $2,300
Mixed-race (coloured): $4,300
Asian: $7.700
White: $17,500
Source: South African Institute of Race Relations
I went to a little town called Geluik - happiness. A few weeks ago gunmen burst into the farm shop there and opened fire, killing one farmer outright and injuring one of his sons and a shopworker.
They stole next to nothing. It seemed to be a deliberate, targeted killing. Soon afterwards the son died of his injuries.
Belinda van Nord, the daughter and sister of the men who died, told me how dangerous the lives of white people in the countryside have become. The police, she said, had seemed to show little interest in this case.
In the little graveyard where her father and brother are buried there are two other graves of farmers murdered recently. The wonderful landscape which surrounds it has become a killing ground.
There used to be 60,000 white farmers in South Africa. In 20 years that number has halved.
In the old days, the apartheid system looked after whites and did very little for anyone else. Nowadays white people here are on their own.
Those who fit in and succeed will certainly have a future. As for the rest, there are no guarantees whatsoever."

In the above news paper article I noticed the standard journalistic view and explanation of a problems such as 'white poverty in South Africa' as being consistent with what one could say is a typical Journalistic approach to explaining away the responsibility and the actual causes of problems  - through means such as blame, ridicule and ultimately acceptance. Have you ever read an article that goes beyond the presentation of situations to the point of thoroughly investigating who and what is responsible -together with the solutions to stopping the problem in question? No - neither have I and these journalistic debates that do border on 'thorough investigations and name calling of the people behind why there is suffering and abuse - well  - have any of these facts revealed by journalists  - ever been used to direct a solution? No. There might be people, journalists  organisations and even politicians that may speak parts of the truth - but no where in our history has any person, group or organization ever been allowed or allowed themselves to take the truth to the stage of implementing sustainable solutions.

Conspiracy theorists could say that to speak or reveal the truth could mean a journalist's death or loss of job/career. For sure - if one look at the corporations that back journalism, politics and social media - ofcourse one is able to see that the organisations that profit at the highest levels from Capitalism, Corporations and Greed - are obviously not going to shoot themselves in the foot - especially if the members involved happen to actually agree with the principles by which capitalism functions. So on the one hand we have people, activists, organisations, politicians and journalists that may report and speak about 'taboo topics', where they attempt to lift the veil on world deception - by having tv shows and documentaries about the problems - but then what? Where does the truth go once it is revealed? Everything stays the same - so one has to ask yourself why is it if more and more people are 'spreading the word' and becoming more aware of the problems  - is it that there are never enough people to stand up together, and discuss sustainable solutions together, to eventually through democracy as 'one man one vote' be the change in balance between what is not best and what is best? I am always seeing people reacting to pictures on facebook of animals and child abuse, war and poverty - but I don't ever see any people discuss the problem behind why these things occur, let alone what solutions are required globally and by and through the individual to change the abuse.

Looking at the above news article - what I noticed was that it is loaded with sarcasm, blame and again finger pointing - where the journalist him/herself really do not have anything else to say and are only allowed to speak within the context of fueling already existent public mistrust and anger. Is this productive at all? Are we saying that we will keep pouring salt in the wound but are really to limited and backwards in our personal capacity and evolution as the human species to ever look at why the wound was caused in the first place? And when we do discuss the cause of the wound we discuss it in the abstract - like it is happening over there, to 'them' -and therefore generation after generation we are allowing abuse on this planet to escalate. Because - if one look closely you will notice that this is what journalism is essentially about - they do not reveal anything new and in the cases of reports on deception within the world - and these reports are always followed by counter reports and documentaries/investigations of fraud within the governments who use these tainted or falsified events to sway public experience - such as in the case on 9/11, the Boston bombings, Saddam Hussein etc. We as the public never really actually know what the truth is or what the lies are - so we give up and brush it off as 'bad journalism' or 'the dam system' or those dishonest people' - but do not realize that we as the individuals are the reason why these organisations, politicians. corporations and journalists are able to lie to our faces - because we keep accepting the system and even fighting for the system that they protect by swaying public opinion/experiences. Therefore we might react to what is happening within the system, yet obviously the corporations and governments and politicians are not going to change the corruption and greed if they realize that they can get away with it and that essentially the public are ultimately in favor of the outcome of deception.

Therefore as I mentioned previously, the news paper article: if you take a look it outlines the usual facts, opinions and hidden and obvious points of racial blame and out-casting  Nothing will change after this article was written and this is again how capitalism as a flawed system continues to flourish because the individual within the Psyche of ourselves - our mental designs - have come to accept the Money system as it is and for the most part  - will fight to keep the money system as it is. So if you read an article about more and more people being pushed into poverty, and all the the journalist does is assist you in your emotional reactions of annoyance and compounding of the experience of blame towards others - without directing your thinking process towards a solution instead of programming your reactions to apathy  hope and blame - then we sit with the problem we have now where no matter what happens in the world - the human is already brainwashed into apathy.  Ultimately this article as an example, leaves the reader feeling like we need to make the best of our lives within the current system - because corruption is going to keep happening - and here are the people we can blame, but don't bother with solutions, only focus on making yourself HAPPY. Now we have not only become apathetic towards the problem - but we have become better consumers as we are impulsed towards the only outcome after reading such dark material - which is to make the best of what one has - especially if life for others is so tragic. So, in this situation, the  Psychology behind Crimes against Life - is the part that is played through those who present messages in the media and the human as emotion/feeling, mental and energy body on which these individuals/organizations play to keep the system of greed acceptable.

Come join us in discussing sustainable global economic solutions: The Equal Money System and Equal Money Capitalism. Take part in the development of the goals and join us on the forum for discussions:

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Day 115: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 3: Death in the work place - am I ready to take Responsibility?

This blog is a follow up on:

Day 114: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 2: Death in the work place - the solution.

So looking at the issue of work related abuse, death, discrimination and suffering; Obviously the solution would be to change the emphasis of 'Life' from one of survival to that of 'Living'. This would imply that we stop living for greed, placing the majority of lives under constant survival and fear - and we give to all an equal Right to Life. This is of course not something we can actually give as it was and always will be everyone's 'equal right' - however I have found that the  human Ego is so extensive - that for now one has to deal with change as if it is given from one set of minds(mine's)/people to the rest - where we have deluded ourselves into believing that we were not the cause of the problem in the first place and as such are so good intentioned that we will now take the time to 'fix the problem' and 'give what we would like to receive'. Therefore even Jesus' words indicate a lapse in human judgment - where we have to retrain the human who is only for now concerned with self-profit - to for 'god's sake' 'give what you would like to receive' - where we the ones that each live in basic comfort can 'give' this to others because we have decided it is 'the right thing to do'.

The fact that planet earth exists as an equal and one manifestation of the physical - equally creating all resources for the physical as the physical - with no stickers attached to items claiming who can get what - is totally missed by all 'well intentioned humans'. Therefore if one still claims to want to in one way or another control the resources that people get to be able to ultimately determine ones survival over another - understand then that this 'mind-set'shoes that the programming for survival still exists within the individual  and that such an individual is still wanting their life style protected over that of others. This is the foundation from which Capitalism has always functioned -finding new celever ways to manipulate people into believing they are doing the 'right things'  - but when you lift the veil you will see that behind it - there are some receiving rewards like 'better wages' or 'housing projects' or 'charities', while a minority still lives it up in splendor.

That is how I realized that any person or organization that does not want to change the principles of Capitalism to stop corruption and  stop greed but to band-aid the problem with charities and community-development-projects - is still existent within the same deception behind how ALL of us protect the Money System. Is is simple - one is always able to use the basic maths - if a solution is not truly what is best for all - then it is not what is best for all. This inherently finds its way into how we function in this world and is always coming from the point of Fear - fear of loss - fear of not feeling special - fear of not having more - fear of not seeing myself as better/bigger/more if I am the same as others.

So the question to be asked before we even continue with the Capitalism series - is: 'who will I be if I am the same as everyone else - if everyone else has the same food, drinking water, house, car and opportunities in life that I have?' Would I feel relieved that we have finally stopped abusing each other and the planet  - or would I again go into competition with others and find a way to sabotage life for all? This I found, is the first 'mind-trap' where people go into justifications and reasons why a new Economic System will 'never work' - where the excuses usually exist around 'others will deceive' and what if 'others wont work equally' or 'what if others' use the opportunity to again deceive people' - I found that if the excuse of others comes up such as 'I wont change because others wont change' - it exists within each human because it is each one that is deceiving - therefore people do not want to change full stop and the excuse of 'others', or 'communism' or 'loss of freedom of choice' is always just an intelectualised ways of saying 'I like the world the way it is, thus far it has worked out for me - and I am really not that concerned over the suffering of others to ultimately do something about it'. This is of course never the person lying dead under a 9 story collapsed building. It is always the person fortunate enough to have the internet to argue for the limitations of Capitalism - therefore I have found that the comforts of Capitalism, always leaves one wanting to protect what you have - and thus we never consider the ones that suffer - and we would never consider walking in their shoes for a one day let alone a life time. Therefore I have found that placing the responsibility with the ones that are alive, that can make a change - that can democratically voice themselves and stand for a practical change - these are the people who say 'no, I prefer it when buildings collapse on 'those' inconsequential workers, I didn't know them so why do I care'. Funny things is, if you and I were told tomorrow that we will go and work for minimum wages every day for long arduous hours, in a condemned building that can collapse at any moment so that they Elite can wear Tommy Hilfiger jeans -what would we say 'lead the way?' I don't think so, and yet the dichotomy is that the ones left to the suffering and not given that choice - they are simply made to do it. Do we not consider for a moment that each of the people suffering in abusive labor situations also wanted to Live?

Life is not a commodity that only a few get a Right to and common sense shows - of one look at the time line of how Capitalism is becoming more corrupt - eventually as we are already seeing - more and more of the working class will in fact be affected by Capitalism. We are already seeing how more and more families are thrown in a life time of Debt, how more and more people go without a decent meal, how more and more people suffer through the cold winters of Britain while the Royal family gets flown all over for their entertainment - how more and more people die from horrible painful diseases because the medicine to assist them is withheld.

I have also noticed that the human (as I have done myself) only learns and changes when things get to tough, to bad, to unbearable  -so are we headed towards absolute suffering for most? You do the Maths. If each person who dies after a life of simply surviving - gets to look back at their life - what do they realize about their lives - did it actually have any purpose? Did they get to live or did they Live to serve the Lives of others? How many who die each day - did so at the hands of corruption and greed? How many who die painfully each day - did so only for the entertainment of a few? How many who die each day did so - so that their own family may continue living in absolute poverty and a minority of the rich got to be even richer? These are the questions I suggest each ask themselves and place ourselves in the shoes of those for who it is definitely to late.

Further Reading -
Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation
"The Equal Life Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that focus on Redefining Human Rights to Result in Rights that Produce, at an Individual Level and a Global Level, a Result that is Best for Every Individual in the World; instead of having Multiple Different Organizations trying to do something, acting like Charities, being Controlled by the People that Donate to them - this is One Organization that Handles All of it and it’s Not a Charity. That means: We are Not Dependent on Donations. It Functions like a Business and is thus Self-Funded to Make Sure that there is No External Corporations that has a Say in Policy, firstly and secondly, because the Human does Not Like Donating unless they ‘Feel Bad’ about something. What we are doing is Producing the Ultimate Good so, You do not Get Donations for the Ultimate Good - and therefore: Donations is virtually Non-Existent within the Equal Life Foundation, with Very Little coming in that format.
It is a Non-Profit Organization, because it’s Protecting the Income to Not Go to Any Individual, but to Remain Within the Organization so that it can Focus on its Core Intent, its Objective to bring about a Constitutional Human Rights Dispensation that is Best for Everyone on Earth.
The First Fundamental Human Right that the Equal Life Foundation Promotes and Underwrites is that: Every Individual, Every Human Being has an Equal Life Right. That means: the Life You Have is Equal in Each One at the Point of Birth. That which Separates Man from Man is What Happens After-Birth once your Education starts for instance or your Environment Influences you, your Parents Influence you or the System Influences you - then You Start becoming a Separate Individual and are Taught Not to Respect the First Point that Makes your Existence Possible, which is Life. Life - that is the One Thing that is the Same. You cannot say: “One Person Has More Life than Another Person” – that Life, as a Life Force, is the Same in Each One and thus is the First Fundamental Right.
The Second Fundamental Human Right is that: Each Human Being is Made-up of Substances that is Given Freely by the Earth, so to speak - dust, water, clay, All the Chemicals and All the Parts that Forms the Eventual Physical Body. The Resources on Earth that are Available are also Freely Available. Therefore, All Resources on Earth, Fundamentally, as a Human Right - Belongs to Everyone. It is simply to be Managed in the Best Way to Ensure that Everyone that is on Earth Actually Receives the Support to make it possible to have a Life that is Worthwhile with Dignity and Happiness, in Peace and Harmony. Having Resources Controlled for the Individual Benefit of a Few is Nothing less than a form of Dictatorship and it is Disregarding Basic Human Rights in Every Way Possible.
The Third Fundamental Human Right is that: Every Human, Fundamentally, Requires Food to Exist, Food to Have a Life on Earth and therefore, Food (which is primarily, actually, a Substance that is Produced by the Earth for Free, to a degree - except for the Human Labour part) - Food is the Third Basic Human Right. Without Food, Nobody can Exist. The very moment Food becomes a Scarcity that is Used for Control, one Actually Produce and Change the Human into the Behavior of a Slave-Master Relationship and there exist No Human Right in that Relationship.
The Fourth Fundamental Human Right is a Fundamental Right as well, because the Human cannot Exist without Clean Water. Thus, Water (also freely Provided by the Earth - except for the part of Purifying it, which is the Human Labour part) - is a Fundamental Human Right that is Not Possible to be Negotiated, Sold or in any other way Used to Diminish Another Human Being. To Do such things is In Fact Human Rights Violations and a Crime.
The Fifth Fundamental Human Right is that: Every Human Being Requires a Place to Live, a Roof over their head, a Home, a House. The Human is Not Designed to Live out in Nature. The Human Requires a particular Known Way of Protection: a House. Housing is Not Negotiable when it comes to Human Rights, there is No Way that Anyone that has a House can Claim that their Right to a House is more than another and that they have a Right to Allow Others to Sleep on the Streets or to have No Place that they can call ‘Their Own.’ Thus, a Home You Can Call ‘Your Own’ is a Basic Human Right, which is part of the Fundamental Nature of the Human Being, the Actual Human Nature which is: You need Food, you need Water, you need a Home.
That brings us to the Sixth Fundamental Human Right, which is Education. Education is the Way with which the current Division is Created on Earth and How the Justification of the Abuse of Human Rights are in Fact Done. Education is What Creates the Human as it is Now, that Creates what is Now called ‘Human Nature’. But, in fact, the Nature of the Human is that: the Human can be Educated and this Education, Fundamentally, must be Based on What is Best for All - considering the Human Rights Equally for all; thus Producing an Understanding, From Birth, on How to Coexist on a Planet with Limited Resources, yet We are All Here.
Thus, it is a Violation to Allow Education to take place in a way that Justify Abuse in any way whatsoever, because it is a Known Fact that the Human will Become the Result of their Education. This is in fact Used and Abused Extensively by Those that Benefit from Being in Charge of the Education of the Human through Media, Education (Schools and Universities), Religions, Entertainment, Consumerism; as All the Systems that Now Educate and Manipulate the Human - simply Do So in Violating the Most Basic Human Rights, Justifying Why these Human Rights are Apparently ‘Not Valid’ and that the Only Valid Human Right, currently, is Profit, Ownership and Master-Slavery Relationships - all kinds of things that is in No way Actual Practical Human Rights or Fit in with the Very Nature of the Human being as a Physical Being.
The Seventh Fundamental Human Right is: the Right to Have a job, the Right to Labour, the Right to Have Access to the Means through which the Ecosystem, the Economy is Managed, which is the System of Distribution of Resources on Earth. Without such means, one Creates a Master-Slave Relationship and there are No Human Rights within that Relationship. Therefore, a Basic Human Right is a Job, Employment, being part of the Ecosystem so that one can Receive from it as you are giving to it. An Ecosystem is a Give and Receive, each one Participates by Giving Their Labour so that they can get/receive from it the Result of the Labour. Within that, there are Different Skills and Skill Levels that are Relevant to the Current Genetic Dispensation that has been Accepted – so, Some will be More Intellectual and some Less Intellectual. The More Intellectual will find More Interesting or Effective ways to take Substances from the Earth and Create New Products that can Benefit Everyone. Others will be Less Effective with that, but More Effective with Physical Labour and therefore: their Genetics will Support Physical Labour.
Identifying the particular Skill one has to Contribute to the System, the Ecosystem, the Economy obviously is Relevant, but At the End of the Day - The Right to Receive from the Ecosystem an Equal Measure Is a Basic Human Right as Part of the Basic Human Nature of a Physical Being that finds Themselves on Earth. Thus, Violating it as it is being done at the moment through the Current Systems that is being Utilized, Controlling it through Controlling the Education Systems so that nobody can Realize what they are Really Actually Allowing and Accepting on Earth - is Criminal at the very least.

This is but the Beginning parts of the Basic Human Rights that the Equal Life Foundation represents. You are Invited to Participate in both Specifying Considerations of these Human Rights and to Assist in looking at Practical Solutions, Practical Ways within which we can Bring about a Dispensation on Earth that is Based on the Physical Human Nature that is Defined by the Human Rights of Each Being that Find themselves Here on Earth. To so Ensure that This World Become That which is Best for All, to Investigate and Bring to an End the Misnomer that is currently being utilized and claimed to be ‘Human Nature.’
Human Nature is Not a Mental Condition, it is a Physical Condition. The Mental Condition can be Understood if one do the Research and See how Easily that can be Controlled to Bring about all these Violations of Basic Human Rights. All of this research is also done by the Equal Life Foundation. We already Have Solutions on How to Sort out and Bring to an End this Violating Human Nature Ideologies that’s being Imposed through Education – and to with these solutions, bring through an Approach to Education that is Based on the Actual Functionality, Mechanics of the Human Mind/ Body/ Spirit Relationship so that one can understand How we have Created this Mess on Earth where there are Currently No Basic Human Rights Whatsoever. Human Rights Doesn’t Exist Yet. The Human Rights that’s being Professed to Exist = that’s Not Human Rights as that Only Protects the Rights of the Masters, that only Protects the Rights of Those that Violates the Rights of Every Human Being Here on Earth.
Join us, Become Part of a Solution. It is Time we Face our Creation Here on Earth, which is a System that Violates Every Day, in Every Way - the Rights of Every Human Being. Even Those that are Masters are being Violated by Themselves, because they are in fact Not Acting Like a Human, but Acting like Someone that has No Understanding of What Human Rights Actually are."


Basic Human Rights and Crime (Part One)

Basic Human Rights and Crime (Part Two)

The Equal Life Foundation page:

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Day 114: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 2 Death in the work place - the solution

This blog is a follow up on:

Day 113: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 1: Death in the work place.

"MUMBAI, INDIA — Global clothing brands involved in Bangladesh’s troubled garment industry responded in starkly different ways to the building collapse that killed more than 600 people.
Some quickly acknowledged their links to the tragedy and promised compensation. Others denied they authorized work at factories in the building even when their labels were found in the rubble. 
The first approach seems to deserve plaudits for honesty and compassion. The second seems calculated to minimize damage to a brand by maximizing distance from the disaster. Communications professionals say both are public relations strategies and neither may be enough to protect companies from the stain of doing business in Bangladesh.
There have been several deadly disasters and fires in Bangladesh’s $20 billion garment industry in the past six months. A factory fire killed 112 workers in November and a January blaze killed seven. As a result, experts say, possibly the only way retailers and clothing brands can protect their reputations is to visibly and genuinely work to overhaul safety in Bangladesh’s garment factories.
“Just public relations is not going to do it,” said Caroline Sapriel, managing director of CS&A, a firm that specializes in crisis reputation management.

Minimum wage: $38 monthly 
Over the past decade major players in the fashion industry have flocked to Bangladesh, where a minimum wage of about $38 a month has helped boost profits in a global business worth $1 trillion a year. Clothing and textiles now make up 80 percent of Bangladesh’s exports and employ several million people.
Yet the country’s worker safety record has become so notorious that the reputational risks of doing business there may have become too great — even for retailers and brands that didn’t work with factories in the collapsed Rana Plaza building or the Tazreen Fashions factory that burned late last year.
“I don’t think it’s enough any more to say, ‘We’re not involved in these particular factories,’ ” Sapriel said. 
Many clothing brands were quick to distance themselves from the five factories that were housed in Rana Plaza. The building, which was not designed for industrial use and had three illegally added levels, collapsed April 24.
Labels found in rubble 
Benetton said none of the factories was its authorized supplier, although Benetton labels were found in the rubble. Spain’s Mango said it hadn’t bought clothing from Rana Plaza factories but acknowledged it had been in talks with one factory to produce a test batch of clothing.
German clothing company KiK said it was “surprised, shocked and appalled” to learn its T-shirts and tops were found in the rubble. The company said it stopped doing business with the Rana Plaza factories in 2008. It promised an investigation.
Wal-Mart said there was no authorized production of its clothing lines at Rana Plaza but it was investigating whether there was unapproved subcontracting. Swedish retailer H&M, the single largest customer of Bangladeshi garment factories, said none of its clothes was produced there.
The Walt Disney Co. in March responded to publicity from last year’s fire at the Tazreen factory, where its branded clothing was found, by pulling out of Bangladesh production altogether.
A few come forward 
Only a few companies, including Britain’s Primark and Canada’s Loblaw Inc., which owns the Joe Fresh clothing line, have acknowledged production at Rana Plaza and promised compensation. Loblaw’s CEO said there were 28 other brands and retailers using the five factories and urged them to end their “deafening silence.” 
Companies downplaying involvement in Bangladesh’s factory safety problems may be counting on the short memories of Western consumers, who tend to focus on price and may not even check where a piece of clothing has been made. But that’s a risky strategy, said Rahul Sharma, public affairs executive with the India-based public relations firm Genesis Burston-Marsteller. 
“Reputation is built over a long period of time. But to lose it, it can take seconds,” Sharma said. 
Sharma said that if he were advising any retailer doing business in Bangladesh, he would recommend swift action in the form of a concrete plan to overhaul the entire industry, working with government, factory owners and labor unions. 
“They need to send out the message that they are addressing this problem — and then they need to actually do it,” he said."

 Following up on the previous blog with examples of tragedies in the work place - considering for myself as I am sure you have done - whether I would find this type of living acceptable for myself or others - I answered NO. Look for yourself at the reason and purpose of 'working' - for the 'working-class' it has become an ABSOLUTE point of survival without it you are pretty 'screwed' and within it you are still limited to a life of survival depending on the job you get and the debt bracket you find yourself in. Either way - life on this planet - has unfortunately become about supporting those who have money to make more money. Therefore the rich are not the ones to die in these tragic accidents - because they send the working force as cheap labour - cheap lives - to do literally 'the dirty work'.

All other aspects of our lives are then also controlled for one outcome - profit an greed. Therefore most are unable to afford health care, a comfortable life style, sufficient nutrition, clean water, a decent education etc - all the things which the human physical (and animal) body requires to sustain its Life.

This becomes the next question then doesn't it - why do we value our own lives so much that we would go into extreme forms of fear - at the idea or picture of our lives plummeting into such disastrous circumstances - all for the purpose of making a few rich -and yet we do not consider that others also do not want to DIE and/or live in suffering and misery? Therefore we see here another example of the Human Psychology behind suffering - we accept that suffering is a 'natural' part of life - which indicates Mental Dysfunction from my perspective - and then we wil actually within our society 'filter' who we believe should we selected - before us (please 'god') - to be placed in these situations of suffering and abuse.

For example - all humans secretly believe that it is ok for those who are suffering in these minimum-wage slave labour situations to be there and also secretly believe that there is a divine plan by some cosmic foce why it is happening 'to them' and not me. Again looking at the Mind-set of the serial killer, mass murderer and one prone to violent crimes - as I covered in previous blogs - we can draw a parallel here between the Psychotic Mind Set - of taking the lives of others and inflicting suffering for 'my survival and pleasure'. This is the common denominator between all who stand by and allow abuse to others - so that 'my self-interest/freedom of choice' is maintained. Why else would we all firstly as society accept the harsh living conditions of a large portion of the world population and then SECONDLY and most curiously - we will defend the same system that are responsible for the suffering of millions - by a) fighting to keep the same system because we dont want others to have what we do and even b) threatening any new system that works towards the removal of all corruptive/life abusive systems - to work with the implementation of Life-Supportive Systems...

Further reading:


Bernard Poolman - What the FAQ - Equal Money System

Life Review - The relationship between Fear of Death and Money

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Day 113: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 1: Death in the work place.

In the following series I will be exploring some common sense insights and considerations into the Psychology behind the crimes against Life, that occur within and due to the Capitalistic System -which has become the one system - we all have to live by, cannot avoid - but suffer the most within - through our lives from the moment of birth until we die. In the blogs I will explore various avenues/dimensions of ur Capitalistic System, to show and share the direct situations of Abuse that could be prevented if we as Humanity came together to change such a system - however - no matter how much Abuse and suffering happens every day - humanity will not and does not consider changing the Capitalistic System. Instead as I have noticed most support the system and wil even defend it vigorously as if we have been brainwashed into believing that no matter how bad it gets - we do not and will not question Capitalism - as if the Earth itself was created with Capitalism in place - and not simply a man made creation, created with so many flaws and inconsiderations, which are now allowed to run automatically on our behalf with the majority of beings on this planet, crying out in pain and suffering each second of each day - indicating that Capitalism itself has been the biggest Holocaust - the biggest form of Mass Murder known in the History of Mankind - and yet strangely enough - nobody cares?

Why is this allowed to happen, how did we get to a point where we decided that Hitlers Holocaust is absolutely unacceptable and to even speak of someone like Hitler without hate and content, will result in internet attacks and questions to your Humanity - and yet that which kills and maims and tortures the most individuals to date - Capitalism - is not only left to proceed with its destruction on Life - but is never questioned by the same Humans who claim to not agree with Murder, Mass Murder, Rape, Child Abuse, Suffering, Holocausts, Victimisation, Starvation, Animal Abuse etc... but if it is done in the name of a system that we could change if we wanted to - but seem to not want to change - then it remains 'ok'. How did we do the maths?

So in the blogs I will share crimes against life by Capitalism plus the Psychology (the psyche of the Human) behind why we say we do not support Harm - but continue to support Harm. The question is, why do we keep turning a blind eye?

I start this series with a recent event in the news:

Daughter’s agony as she discovers her mother is among 230 dead in Primark factory disaster while rescuers fight to save survivors screaming in the rubble

"Bangladeshi rescue workers are continuing their increasingly desperate for survivors in a collapsed clothes factory building where workers made cheap clothes for Primark.
Hundreds were killed when the eight-storey Rana Plaza in Savar on the outskirts of Dhakar collapsed yesterday, the day after cracks were seen in its walls. The death toll continues to rise and currently stands at more than 230. Forty people have been pulled alive from the rubble today.
There were agonising scenes of grief as relatives lined up to identify corpses laid outside a local school building. One woman screamed in anguish as she reached out to her mother, pulled dead from the heartbreaking scene of destruction."
-40 people pulled alive from the rubble today after building collapse which killed more than 230 people
-Police said factory owners appeared to have ignored a warning after crack was detected on Tuesday
-Workers tell how they were threatened with the sack if they refused to go work after seeing the cracks
- Charges of criminal negligence have been filed against the building's owner."

We tend to look at these pictures and feel a pang of fear, anxiety and it sickens us for a moment - the thought moves through our mind 'oh shame those poor people' and then we might consider our lives, our safety in the work place and the safety of our family and close friends when they leave for work in the mornings - And that is pretty much it. Have you noticed as I have, that no matter how many gut-wrenching pictures people show of horrible tragedies that happen each day, each second to people, animals and the planet - nothing happens, nothing stirs within the human other than shallow emotional reactions and further thoughts of fear around 'hoping this does not happen to me or my family. Other than that - have you noticed that other than developing all sorts of Fear thoughts and reactions within the Mind - and holding onto religion and Hope as a means of alleviating the Fear in our minds in relation to what 'could happen to us', to 'our families' when we leave our homes for the day - NOTHING -no action, no words, no changing of anything - why? Why have we detached ourselves from this reality and yet we have such an extensive Fear of this reality - as these events unfold each day? Firstly, we acknowledge that these events are very real and very painful and could cause the end of ones life. This drives us, as I mentioned previously to heightened fears about our world, ourselves, our children and others - as we live in constant worry and Fear about what 'others' could do to us. However - we do not stop to question why these things happened, and then when faced with the simplicity actually of why these things happened, most humans - as I have noted for myself turn tail and run in the opposite direction. Most will then deny that the underlying cause is in fact the underlying cause and will make up all kinds of excuses once faced with the reality of why the underlying system that was the direct result of such a tragedy is still ACCEPTABLE and OK - though the agreement of Mankind.

So here I draw a parallel between the two points I mentioned in the first section of my blog - we just dont care enough. How did we get to this point? Do we notice that something is off with our Empathy and our Humility -that we shed tears for Movie stars, but do nothing about real Suffering? Another example of our pre-selected system of 'caring and love': If a parent is faced with a child molesterer wanting to take their child - the pattern will do whatever they can, even threaten their own safety to ensure that the child remains safe, is never harmed and the child molesterer will be hunted down and prosecuted. However when it comes to Abuse to Life on this planet for the Self Interest of Man - then we choose and protect the Self Interest of the Individual with the biggest voice over the Rights of the Individuals that are harmed - such as in the case of Corporations and the fundamentals of Capitalism that we as Society - the Consumers and the ones that support those who implement and control the System. We are the ones allowing the Abuser not only to continue - but we will smile and agree and even reason - as to why this Abuser has all the right to do what he/she does. As long as it is not me and my family being harmed - as sad as it is this as we have come to see - has only resulted in ALL humans existing in FEAR ALL the time - because we actually know and understand - that if those people could die in a collapsed building - what prevents me from dying tomorrow on my way or at my workplace? God, aliens, hope, my lucky charms, some cosmic plan? Here I will not yet go into the Illusions and Delusions we use to Cope with these constant fears and understanding of what might happen to us - you know those coping mechanisms like religion, drugs, entertainment etc. If you look inside the Mind of ALL humans equally - you will see individual Fears around the what' if's - where each human smiles and puts on a brave smile as we leave our door. We all have the exact same fears of death, fear of survival, fear of being hurt - and yet we all Lie to each other and claim we are not in Fear - that we are protected because we are lucky or god loves us or we paid our way to our place in the world and therefore Greed and Deception cannot take our lives...

Myself for example - I ask myself the question - would I want to go to work tomorrow and Die in a horrible accident - willingly - knowing that cheap clothes can be sold to the public - which allows the Wealthy Elite to become richer - ABSOLUTELY NOT! - and I challenge any human to place ourselves in the shoes of the person who dies for someone else MONEY - for GREED - so that the minority may experience ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE and WEALTH. Would you trade shoes with every being that is harmed in every most excruciating way each day on this planet in the name of the capitalistic system - the system that not only is the only way we have chosen to Live currently but hold each of us - by choice prisoner to this system of 'Life', 'Death' and 'Struggle'.

To be continued...

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