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Day 152: The Paranormal Series Part 15 – Demons vs. Angels part 2

The complete 'Paranormal Series' thus far:

Today's blog is a continuation from:

Day 149: The Paranormal Series Part 13 – Demons vs. Angels part 1

Which is based on the following Interview:

Demons in the Afterlife Part 5: The Hypnotic Experience of Angels/Archangels/Guides Vs. the Darkness of the Demons

This Interview is a great start and introduction into the explanation and insights by this this ex-demon (Mykey), into how demons used what was already existent in the human mind as 'consciousness' to be able to do what they did during demonic possessions and demonic interference. For example Mykey (demons name) says the following key point:

"We only always used what was existent in the Mind"

He goes on to basically start explaining how the layers and levels of the Mind is obviously quite hidden from us, and all that we have access to currently is the conscious mind and within that we are even limited. So as an example of what he is referring to - he is saying that we are only aware of some of our thoughts and emotions, not even the faster moving thoughts and experiences. We become aware during our day and within experiences of the thoughts and emotion/feeling experiences that are more predominant. Underneath all that exists within the conscious mind are the subconscious and unconscious mechanisms that lead to the conscious experiences -which would be the end result of what goes on in the background.

These 'background' mechanisms from the conscious mind to subconscious and unconscious would further more include the Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical - where our experiences that we live moment by moment are actually quantumly created, which basically means that one moment such as a thought 'I do not like him' is actually programmed into the mind on a quantum level where the mind is busy with hundreds of 'calculations' and programs using belief systems, fears, ideas, personality designs, memories, desires, pre-programming, perceptions etc - to in one moment insert and create a response system to our external and internal experiences. Therefore, what we believe is self willed, self movement where "I" made that decision to have that thought or make that decision - is in fact shown to not be so.

That is why we say (at Desteni) that as humans, we are not really the directively principle currently of our own decisions and the thoughts, beliefs and ideas that exist in our minds- because we are not currently aware of exactly what 'ingredients' if you will, went into the conscious experience we have. Therefore, what Mykey is referring to in this interview is that the demons could see the time line of events/experiences (ingredients) that went into what wes human experiences on the superficial conscious level. And because they had access to the design layer of our conscious experience - they could tap into these 'elements' or 'ingredients' and bring that to the surface or into expression to be able to express/say/do what they wanted to do.

So for example a demon could be shouting, swearing, and carrying on in all sorts of strange ways - and as we all are aware of - this would mostly in historical documentation of 'demonic possession cases' be viewed as 'irrational and strange behaviour - would which be classified as purely something that the demon is doing to the human subject. However if you actually look 'behind the scenes' you will notice that the demons will merely playing with the machinery/mechanisms (hence the name of our series: 'Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events') that makes up the human mind. Therefore I suggest listen to this interview as it gives insight into developing an understanding of why demons carries on the way they did and that we as humans were not merely 'innocent' subjects to a 'wild, strange and uncontrollable' imagination of a demon - but instead, were the actual machines that made it possible fro demons to do what they did because everything was already existent within us.

Most Republican Voters Believe In Possession By Demons

To be continued...

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