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Day 187: The Paranormal Series part 42: The difference between Energy and Breath 3

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"Waiting for invisible gods and energies to sort out this reality - It is like giving little children permission to decide the fate of millions of beings - where they can decide that invisible little fairies living in some cosmic realm - either likes you and will send you food or they don’t. Crude analogy but that is basically what it comes down to. Even your most level headed person, that I have come across will have a religious mind set when it comes to things like suffering, starvation etc. Even if the person does not claim to belong to a religion, there still exist a construct of religion in their mind (the realm of invisible things) - where invisible forces are responsible for those dam poor sods that cant feed themselves. You will always hear the excuse of 'well shame they should just find jobs - really what jobs - invisible jobs? Or 'well they are just not trying' oh ok so the millions of people who end up in low wage shitty jobs for their entire lives because there are obviously not enough decent income jobs for millions of people in one city - you are saying… they are just not trying enough? Is that invisible fuzzy logic you are using - where you get to make things up and that makes the situation of the world 'ok'? So again invisible fuzzy logic bubbles in the sky - where basically any reason made up by the capitalist mind as to why suffering and abuse in our current capitalistic system is ok, 'because 'we said so'. This again also comes down to the 'I think therefore I am 'crap. Where because we as humans believe we are at the top of the food chain due to our apparent 'superior intellect' anything that comes up in our minds is absolutely proof of its 'rightness'. Again I suggest that we get off our high horses and realise that the only reason why we believe ourselves superior to other life forms is that we use physical force against other life forms if they don’t let us have our 'superiority' Therefore we have categorised and forced animals and nature into roles that we want them in, and if they don’t go into those roles, we shoot, kill, enslave and maim them. "

Ok so to get back onto the topic of energy versus breath. Am I able to stop my heart from beating -no. Then the question is would I want to stop my heart beating or my lungs breathing - no because then I would die. So what we know is that the physical is self sustaining separate from our intervention and if we were to interrupt the physical and it dies or is damaged then we no longer exist or are no longer able to function as we would like to. Energy on the other hand - one is able to stop and energy does run out. For example have you ever realised that you were getting angry with someone but that your anger was misplaced? And in that moment of realisation due to your awareness of what you were doing - you stopped the energy of anger? Therefore what does this show - that energy is not constant and eternal - it can be directed by us - by our beingness. One more example before I 'explain' beingness. Right now you are able to create an energy experience for yourself - such as thinking about a holiday you always wanted and from within your body as you go through all the imaginary images of what it will be like and you start feeling the excitement etc - now an energy build up in you - but a moment later the energy runs out. Same as with consumerism, which functions according to 'energy' - you will go into an energy high when you start thinking about buying something and the whole day you are exited, going to the shops -you heart might be beating faster, there is a lump in your stomach, it is all you think about - you feel a buzzing in your body. You purchase the item and you feel 'high' and exited, and you get home and you play with your new toy for days you are on it and happy and content…. And then a few days/weeks go by and the energy runs out and the item is just another 'thing' in your house and then one start looking for the next 'item' or experience to make us feel something inside. This is the nature of energy. And this is why - if you use common sense - spirituality and religion was created -so that we will always have a point we are able to turn to, access in any given moment that will raise/increase our energies and give us that 'special feeling' - which is an energy. So does this mean all of humanity is already addicted to drugs - and when the physical cannot handle the high energy that constantly is mined from the body and it starts to fail then we have to go on drugs and then we are again addicted to drugs. So if we point fingers at 'drug' addiction who are we really pointing at? We are all already drug addicts.

Depending on ones specific personality design, you will either turn to consumerism and main stream experiences for your 'energy' such as partying, clubbing, specialising, etc or one would turn to things like health, sport, fitness or spirituality etc -where one will 'become better' at what you do and 'follow the practice' because the original energy one experiences ran out and now one has to proceed along to have more energy experiences - as that which is 'new' to the mind generates energy.

So in this interview Mykey places emphasis on our beingness which is that part of ourselves through which we question what we do - that part of ourselves through which we are able to observe what it is that we are doing - not the reactive personality that is 'doing' - but that calm common-sensical 'consistent' 'stable' part of self that sometimes comes up and allows one to clearly see without 'energy movement' what it is that one is doing. Ever experienced that? Well that is our beingness - and no it does not come from some spiritual energy body. Remember we have now already discussed that the energy body only sees energy systems. The 'seeing that comes with awareness comes from….. the physical body - that part of ourselves that is consistent, here as the life force which is 'Substance'. If one is 'seeing' with awareness what one is doing, creating, participating in - and a shit occurs when one goes out of seeing here 'direct' to an energy experience where one links specific values and beliefs and ideas again to what one is seeing then what do we know - we have gone into the mind back into the energy systems.

So this for us who have been working with 'self awareness' through the tools of writing, self honesty and self forgiveness - takes practice. It takes discipline and diligence - and sometimes one 'thinks' you are seeing within awareness what one is doing and then maybe a month later you look back and you realise that instead of sticking to the basic practical physical points of what is here as the actuality of each point - one might have shifted into an energy system. This takes practice and one simply allows oneself to reflect back on ones life and day through writing or self introspection - to see where was I in my day to day decisions.

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