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Day 98: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Why does Separation and Inequality exist?

I was reading Day 4 of the Heaven's Journey to Life Blog, and decided to share my perspective - specifically in relation to the following section:

"What one will Find with the writing of self-forgiveness – is that realisations as solutions to self/this world open up within/during the writing of self-forgiveness.
We have as human beings always been waiting for solutions to the problems/consequence creations of the Mind and the World, when with writing self-forgiveness – one will realise that we’ve in fact been waiting for ourselves. As one write self-forgiveness, self-forgiveness is the action of the decision made by self to take responsibility for self, and in taking/giving/gifting self with that responsibility – one become equal-to and one with the “problem”/consequence creation, making the statement: “I am taking responsibility for this problem/consequence creation as me”. In being/becoming the “problem”/consequence creation one will as the “problem”/creation see/find/realise the Solution.
We’ve only created problems/consequences within ourselves and this world because we’ve separated ourselves from the responsibility and directive principle of what we create in our Minds and this world, and in that separation from our creation – we have not seen/realised/understood the solutions because all we’re seeing/have become is the “problems”/manifested consequence.
Therefore, self-forgiveness is the process of no more accepting and allowing separation from self’s creation as the Mind and this World, but walking the process of self-forgiveness as taking self-responsibility as self as the Mind and the World that has become the ‘self’ as ‘self’s creation’ self has accepted and allowed self to separate self from.
Realise you’re the solution – join us in the process of self-forgiveness, so that we can change/transform/stop the manifested consequence our creation as ourselves as the Mind and the World has manifested for self and this existence as a whole due to our accepted and allowed abdication of responsibility and the power of directive principle as we’ve accepted and allowed our self-separation, so that we walk/live the solution to/as all as equality and oneness..."

What I had found when investigating the current World Systems that create situations of Abuse for Life on this planet, was that no amount of looking outside of myself at those that I could blame - would really stand as a solution, a way forward - here, let me explain why. For a long time- many years in fact I had observed and pondered about why we as humanity are able to look at all of the abuse that exists due to profit and the survival of the human according to monetary survival - and how we are able to stand by and watch others being subjected to suffering and pain, so that we can have a system that provides 'scarcely', for the rest of us.

I then after allowing myself for a long time to simply be shocked and appalled by the images of abuse, realised over a few months of actual looking behind the veil of hope and hopelessness, who it is that is actually responsible for why we as humanity are able to allow immense suffering which escalated yearly, so that the rest of us may scrape by in fear of not being able to pay our bills. At which point did I as a human abdicate my self responsibility as the one that actually gives permission to this Abuse System and how did I do it?

Initially my reaction was one of 'No - I dont actually abuse anyone and besides how am I supposed to stop these large corporations from abusing people, animals and the planet?" - now most people are able to relate to this statement - we as humanity have all at some points faced the questions - where we ourselves ask ourselves 'how can I live in such a world?' and the answer we provided as justification and means of coping, is and always has been 'that it is beyond me', or 'was not my direct doing.'

I was encourages to look beyond the comfortable reasons why I am not responsible, to actually investigate deeply the reality of acceptance. Acceptance is a funny thing - it is clearly here for us all to see, and yet every single one of us, will make excuses for what we accept as humanity and will even create a division between what we really accept and give permission to and 'ourselves' - as if there is a magic button we all keep pushing each day to create a separation between 'we' and what 'we give permission to'.

So as a simple example - I looked at the Psychology of the human currently - what words and languages do we all use like a tribal understanding of giving things a value that takes away the reality of it and just makes it 'numb/null/not so". For example - and this is how I realised the truth of myself: If I continue to support - not just by remaining silent, but through vigorous debating, and defending - the existence of the capitalistic System - then I am directly saying - I am alright with:

  • Child trafficking,
  • animals abuse
  • Spousal abuse due to monetary dependance
  • death due to not having health insurance
  • starvation
  • wars
  • famine
  • corporate theft
  • unemployment
  • illegal trade
  • greed
  • abuse of the elderly due to disgruntled staff and mismanagement
  • rape caused by sex industries pushing fantasies of rape for profit
  • rape caused by the division between male and female due to females not being able to provide for themselves
  • genocide
  • terrorism due to political agendas over resources (greed)
  • political agendas
  • the destruction of the planet/rain-forests/oceans etc
  • families without homes
  • people dying from the cold because of excessive electricity bills
  • drug abuse due to pushing drugs for greed
  • drug abuse due to life stress over money/survival
  • household abuse due to tension over money
  • constant fear of survival/not being able to pay my bills.
  • depression and suicide due to fear of not having money
  • death rates linked to people becoming ill due to job losses and stress over not having money
  • deception
  • product redundancy
  • overproduction of food which goes to waste which places more stress on production/farmers/profit
  • abusive trades developing more and more due to greed and the need for people to survive
  • oil running out
  • pain and illness due to people not being able to seek medical attention
  • Political mass murder and manipulation.
  • Kidnappings
  • extortion
  • consumerism


This is obviously a VERY short list - of things I could type in two minutes. What I realised as I removed the veil, the separation I created between the me and what I accept as my world systems - was that if at any point I said 'yes I want Capitalism' - then I also have to realize I say yes to all of the above (and then some). There is no way to separate the two. And in relation to the above article excerpt - I realised that this was saying something rather sad about me - where did I change as a child for me to see images of rape, torture, war, fear, death, pain etc and make it ok? Then if given an alterative to the current capitalistic system or asked to help develop a sustainable solution, and I still said 'no I prefer capitalism' then I am still saying " I prefer those things to happen to those beings, then give up what capitalism does for me"

This fear came up within me a few times- of apparently loosing the benefits of for example being rich - which i traced again to the energetic addiction of for example 'feeing more important than other people'. Each justification and internal dialogue that came up turning me away from 'doing what is best for all' and stopping the Abuse - I could immediately identify the fear behind any excuse I had - the fear of not feeling special, the fear of not looking better than others, the fear of being normal, the fear of just being me, the fear of others also beings special, - god.... how ridiculous - that we will in the wink of an eye sell out our whole planet - just for those ridiculous, transparent, temporary experiences,...

jesus once said - 'Do to others as you would have them do to you' - but I see that in our world if Jesus was here, he would be subject to Capitalism just like the rest of us, and if he was in a situation of for example freezing to death because he could not pay the exorbitant electricity bills while Kate and William are globetrotting all over the world to be oogled for their apparent 'royalness' - and Jesus asked me 'my friend can you not help me - 'sorry dude I love you but I looove Capitalism more'... Life has become this cheap unfortunately.

Please join us in investigating the adjustment of the values and principles of Capitalism into a system that Supports and honours the expression of Life:

I suggest watch the following Documentary: 'Obey'

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 97: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use Part 2

This blog is a continuation from:

Day 96: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use

The next part of the Documentary focusses on the drug users, who get together, take a drug like ecstasy, and allow themselves to spend an evening of conversation, and allowing themselves to experience closeness and a new found comfort with those on their company and with themselves. This type of drug use, allows the user to develop self intimacy and self expression, where the drug allows them to let go of fear and inhibitions and be more open and expressive. Here one would classify drug use within the same context's of using it to either heighten or suppress experiences for the user, allowing one to step out of one Mind-Personality suit, so to speak - to for a few hours experience that which you are not usually able to give to yourself.

Obviously, there are various reasons why people take drugs - the main contexts that one is able to see stepping forth though, is that the drug connects to the users mind and changes, suppresses or heightens certain mental aspects for the person on their behalf, this obviously depends on the chemical compound i.e. the purpose of the drug.

Each drug user will give a reason for using the drug, and that reason is how the person defend their use of drug. If one then look behind the reason, which is usually the beautiful things like 'expression' spirituality and heightened levels of consciousness' you will see the cause behind why people use drugs. The causes are for example depression, anxiety, Fear, wanting to forget, Pain, Worries, Suppression of Emotions such as Anger, Jealousy, to alleviate the discomfort around poverty and lack of money to purchase what others have etc..

The drug user and the drug culture will always stop at the Reason given for using drugs, and for most the trigger points of using specific words like spiritual enlightenment or opening oneself up to having a good time - is the universal triggers within each, to continue allowing and accepting these Chemical-Mind Relationships -because within most human beings a desire exists to be able to escape their mundane experience in Life, and to have the happy, joyous experience. However, by providing a Chemical crux from which people can skip ahead to the desired outcome, nobody really wants to look at the actual causes.

Therefore as a society, we have come to accept the causes of suffering and discomfort - as part of 'Life' and therefore we have all fallen into the marketing trap of consumerism of -buying the apparent solution to the discomfort. However, as any person is able to see , it is not the solution to the problems, for example if human beings have over the last 60 years become increasing addicted to the experience of 'Energy; existent within and as polarities of happy and sad - then this in itself shows how we will accept life situations where people endure sadness/abuse in life, and that the cure is to seek happiness. Nobody has ever changed the value systems of our Society so that these Polarity systems no longer have to exist. Consumerism functions according to these Human-Polarity Systems, therefore those who study how the Human Mind functions, will not reveal that they understand the problem and that there are solutions to these Self-Abuse Systems - instead - because everyone is dependent on an income, we all Lie to the consumer, selling them the product which is always about accepting hardships/pain/suffering and then participating in whichever drug like consumerism, entertainment, drugs, sex etc until the 'bad experience goes away'.

So if one were to peal the layer of any drug habit one will go one step back to the reason given, then if one take a step back from that you will see the actual cause. This cause, if directed effectively within our society would mean the end of this entire Abuse pattern with it's 'cause, reason and solution'. However the human as a consumer of Energy is already addicted to the energy experiences which are used by corporations to ensure our daily consistent participation in the Capitalistic system. Even if it is something as strange as forcing somebody to find money somehow to be able to feed your physical body after somebody else claimed ownership of the natural resources given to all by the physical by the physical. Under the laws and values of Capitalism, we have designed these very strange laws and rules, such as 'no health care, then you can suffer and die' - and yet everyone has accepted it because those who direct and manufacture these strange laws do so according to the Human Mind Systems of Energy Addiction - and that is why the populous follow whatever the governments and law makers and corporations throw at us, because they are always triggering our sense of survival within our Energy Dependent Mind Consciousness Systems.

I watched a fascinating documentary today called: "Obey' - which gives an effective overview of where we are at on the world, who directs what and where are we headed. I suggest watch it.

So getting back to drugs and the causes of drug use, no matter what the 'drug' is. If one look back for example at the two scenarios I extracted from the documentary, you will see that the main concepts around drugs use - the 'prettifying' of why people use drugs are always words like 'Love', 'enlightenment' 'enjoyment', 'bliss', heightened consciousness', the universe, 'oneness', 'letting go', cleansing', 'pleasure', 'comfort', 'courage' etc. Just like the description/explanation in the documentary 'Obey' the actual causes behind why any human entertains and distracts themselves within these fake realities, is really to cope with Life as we have come to accept it. Behind the pretty concepts like Oneness and Love, really exists boredom, fear, anger, jealousy, loneliness, fear of survival, etc. Mostly it allows the being to quieten their Mind, to be able to go into a Mind Reality where all is well, in fact there it looks like the universe and you get to travel amongst the stars and visit parallel universes and you gain access to knowledge not previous known etc.... an interesting journey for the participant who is drawn away from the conscious awareness of THIS physical reality into a Alternate Mind-Reality that amazes the Human, drawing them back, time and time again to the next drug experience. The Mind is very good at providing symbols, pictures, information and experiences with the guidance of course of the these Mind-altering chemical.

The causes are those aspects of our current reality that no person, that I have met thus far really, actually wants to face or even change. In the documentary they also speak about this point quite clearly - where most people understand that to go against the systems that cause the suffering and discomfort which are the real reasons behind why we do what we do such as the use of drugs, and the obsession with entertainment, celebrities and the self image created through the media - to go against these 'causes' could cost you your comforts in Life and your health and safety. We are constantly bombarded with images of America etc bombing countries that dared go against the ultimate force - and we constantly see CNN-type images of protester beings shot, set on fure etc - and how their choice of 'standing' mostly costs them their lives - and within the quantum Mind (how the mind really functions at a quantum level) we process and decide to not 'fuck' with these system that could discriminate and hurt us if we stepped out of line. Each person just wants to actually live a nice, fun live and therefore the idea for most of giving that up to be a revolutionary or an activist, seems like... hard work and potential pain and suffering. So, why bother - it is not my generation that will see the end of this debacle we see unfolding before us.

To be continued...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 96: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use

I am currently watching a documentary by National Geographic - a series on 'Taboo topics' and the first episode is on 'Drug-Use''. The documentary focusses on presenting various perspectives on the use of drugs from the different types of users to 'professional opinions' defending the cultural and new age view of drug-use.

The first scenario that the documentary investigates is that of the Sanpedro cactus pilgrimage, whereby groups of 'experience-seeking' people are led into the mountains by a guide or 'Shaman' who directs the taking of and specific contextual experience while on the drug. The ritual around the use of the drug is said to have a cleansing and spiritual effect, allowing people to purify negative energy or to delve into a heightened state of consciousness, thus reaching higher states of understanding and clarity about themselves and their path in Life. The drug serves as a hallucinogenic, while the shaman directs the process. It is believed that without 'faith,' one's body will not experience the effects of the drug. The ceremony is believed to take the users into a 'spiritual realm', where the shaman assists with the process of insight, clarity, healing and cleansing. The effects are similar to that of LSD and the Shaman decides who within the group are ready to take the drug and how much.

The effects vary from person to person and for some the experience is rather intense. It is believed that the spirit of the user is then able to leave the body, thus cleansing the body of 'troubles'. The Shaman claims that Sandpredo allows him to see inside the users, allowing him to direct the specific cleansing and healing process of each. The Shaman then discusses the point with the person, directing them to understanding and clarity. During the 8 hour high, the users go between exhilaration and tiredness and this apparently assist with the effect of the drug on the user. At dawn the users return to their lives within a new belief of themselves, a new found understanding and focus within the possibility of a new life. An example is given of a man who believed that a curse was placed on him, resulting in his once successful business failing within a few months - after his Sanpedro experience, he was able to 'release' the curse and his business returned to normal...

To be continued...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 95: International Crime Research: Cyber Bullying, Hate Speech and Defamation

In a recent article in a magazine, I read about some cases of Defamation on Social networks like Facebook and the court cases connected to it. Having used various social networks like Facebook, twitter and Youtube myself and having drawn the attention of Hate Speech, I am quite familiar with the types of Hate Speech and Cyber bullies out there.

In today's time, most countries are justifying Hate Speech under the banner of 'Free Speech whether it exists as part of an actual law or simply the principles of the website itself on which the Hate Speech/Cyber Bullying/Defamation takes place - which allows for people to say what they want to whom they want.

Therefore we are seeing a trend of basically allowing people to walk down the street with a gun taking pot shots at people - this is the same as allowing Cyber Bullies or for those more familiar with Social Networks the 'Trolls' to fire random shots at random people through placing their words on Social Networks and public forums.

The basis from which this abuse is allowed is that these websites/forums/channels or network exists for the sole purpose of allowing a group to make claims and participate in discussions about other groups or individuals. You will find general social networks like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook etc claim they protect the rights of the individuals by watching out for general forms of abuse such as child pornography, hate speech etc, and then you have websites/forums which exist for the sole purpose to defame other people.

This in itself allows for and exist as the platform from which other more serious Internet Crimes like Hate Speech can 'brew' into potential and actual threats against the safety of a group's internet profile and income. What I have seen on the Internet myself are 'safe places' for 'Internet Bullies' to pick a subject or context according to which they are allowed to Defame and target other individuals. The line is drawn legally, where these acts are called 'Freedom of Speech' - and this is currently where, these gun-wielding individuals get away with defamation.

For example, according to the American laws around 'Hate Speech' - Hate Speech is protected under the protection of 'Freedom of Speech', unless the party involved is able to prove that Hate Speech could or has led to potential threats or actions of harming the individual/group - where it is indicated that the target for example really believes that due to the Hate Speech being harboured there could be a real risk towards the group or person in mention.

This is basically saying, that even though by principle on the internet we allow people to harm each other - the person who's reputation is already being harmed, has to prove that there is a potential of a 'physical threat'. Therefore 'Freedom of Speech' is acceptable as the nastiest most despicable mouth shooting. Freedom of Speech exists on the principle that for too long has the human as our expression and speech, been suppressed and now the only way to no longer suppress the human in an attempt to delete the past, is to allow for complete non-responsibility and verbal injury to others. This is the era of 'allowance,' until of course it borders on the potential of physical harm. Ones internet profile for example, whom to many is the platform from which they run their business and personal lives, means nothing to the governments that protect mouth shooting - because if one take a closer look - if one allow violence to harbour within the minds of 'the individuals' then it is so much easier to get away with acts of violence from the governments/politicians - because the agression and violence being bred and cultivated on 'hate sites/social platforms' is able to then find expression through things like actual physical wars, political violence, protesters being shot, terrorism, government strike forces, torturing etc, stricter laws etc. Therefore the governments do not claim responsibility for allowing the human to breed hateful thoughts towards each other, and instead place the responsibility back with the individuals who clearly by now has shown that we are less that capable of directing our own thoughts and words towards each other.

All of these 'Hate sites' and forms of bullying/defamation/hate speech, indicates to all, that the human is revealing to all how untrustworthy we are of life. If the words and conversations between these 'Hate Speakers/Defamers/Bullies are anything to go by, then it is clear that they would cause harm to others if they found a legal gap or opportunity to do so. In my research into communicating with various individuals who have been targeted by these 'Trolls' on the Internet, they express that they have received Death threats through messages on these social networks and through emails. Therefore, the question has to be asked, what is the invisible barrier protecting the angry hateful individuals towards their subjects? When do these invisible barriers break, as the internal fuelling of hatred eventually overflows into Physical action?

We are seeing for example many examples daily in the news, of people who are more and more 'lashing out' in the moment, meaning they are faced with a situation that upsets/angers them and they go to the point of physically expressing their rage, due to the accumulation of months and months of consistent hateful/vengeful thoughts towards any person who might anger them. Therefore I have noticed, that these Social networks where any form of Hate Speech/Defamation/Bullying is taking place, is in fact a platform for the designing phase of potential harmful actions, such as what we are seeing unfolding daily, as reported by our newspapers.

Again, most who read this, will argue that they have the freedom to express annoyance and fear and judgment towards a group that they perceive/believe as being harmful to the public, and that is it not them that will or could ever go out and actually harm someone. Interesting though that we are seeing thousands of cases of Mind Possessions taking place daily, and this is increasing yearly. One only needs to monitor Internet news sites, to for yourself, as I have done, do the basic maths and see that Violence and strange physical Abusive actions leading to the harming of others, are increasing. To add, interestingly enough if one were to look into the Psychological make-up of the individuals who act out his/her rage/anger/sadness/fear/possession in that moment, one would note the same internal conversations that compound into the decision to harm another - and these Psychological processes are the same as the conversations that any person has who joins a website to be able to mouth-shoot at other people.

From the investigations I have done into these 'Hate sites' and the individuals who participate in Defamation/Hate Speech/Bullying on 'normal' social sites like Facebook or Youtube/Twitter - you will note a pattern within the individuals actions and Behaviours on these websites. They will as a hobby (hence the title given to some as 'troll') make it their business to go about making hateful, angry, abusive statements towards others. It is not just a matter of one or two reactions to seeing for example a picture/video of animals being tortured - and expressing anger/fear/reactions in that moment - these individuals who have made it their Hobby and interest in Life to Bully others through what they are able to type on the Internet will seek out content that irritates them and allows the to simply 'express'.

Now if one look at the personality of for example a serial killer or mass murderer etc, you will notice an interesting thing as well - that these individuals are mentally also 'fine tuned' to seek specific violent images and outlets, which they will focus most of their activities around, as they search, hunt and with increasing specificity implement their secret harmful act towards others. This has an outcome of harming the individual and thus giving the perpetrator a specify release and experience. For each individual it is different - the feeling of righteousness, the feeling of empowerment, the feeling of control' - and in the mind of the perpetrator it will sound viable - meaning - there will exist numerous justification and reason why this action is the right one. If we find out that a murderer has killed someone, the public and prosecutors as 'why?!' - the killer most often with an air of righteousness will answer 'because I could', or 'it felt right', or 'it was my duty' or as many serial killers/unabombers/mass murderers/terrorists have explained 'he/she/it was evil' or 'god told me so' or 'it was the voice in my head' or ..'I did it for my country'. The public and prosecutors will shake their heads and judge this individual as 'completely crazy/psychotic - and condemn such an individual to an absolute punishment or even the death sentence...

So, what does one do if one group or individual attacks another group/individuals through Hate Speech, Bullying or Defamation to the point of creating/spreading false information and fabrications, with the intention of causing that individuals harm, be it eventually physically (as many such people have later admitted on these hate sites they would like physical harm to come to that group/individual) or through harming their internet profile? Why is this different to the Psychopath who listens to voices in the head, giving false information about an individual which then motivates the killer/abuser to act?

We tend, as society to put blinkers on when it comes to what are the consequences of allowing Hate Speech/Bullying and Defamation - we tend to see it as harmful 'Internet shenanigans', and some might even go as far as protecting the abusers by saying 'if you can't handle the internet, stay off it (yes this was an actual comment I found on such a website). Thing is, if we start drawing the lines between what happens, who participated in creating the abusive outcome and what words and internal motivations were used -we will more and more, as I have seen - start realising - just like a police investigator who has to follow the clues and draw the lines between pieces of evidence - to get to the reasons and people involved in the crime - that we have to start investigating the Internet crimes that are happing quite silently I might add 'in the background'.

We are now more and more seeing people taking action against groups like Facebook etc - and even though this has not yet turned the tide on the laws that protect abusers, we are more and more seeing rules changing on these social networks out of fear that indeed someone could be harmed and in cases where the claim makes it to court we are seeing judges expressing more and more that Internet Bullying/Hate Speech and Defamation is something that now requires more attention and adjustment within the laws, due to the vast amounts of cases coming their way.

The age-old justifications used by those who's hobbies it is to bully others, is that they 'know' that what they are accusing the individual/group of is 'true' - but common sense indicates that unless they go and investigate the individual/group for yourself or were an actual witnesses to the events - they are not able to claim that the information gathered through 'hearsay' and assumptions, are valid. This is one method I have noted, that is used without shame on such websites, the twisting of information to create a hype, to create a flow in the conversation - as the creation of lies and rumours by misrepresenting information and targeting of groups based on Fear and Prejudice. Therefore the new era for example of Hate Speech and Internet Bullying, is to create fear and prejudice based on existing societal fears and the fears contained around past events. It is the same old pattern as saying 'all black people are evil' - by spreading Hate Speech and Defaming someone's name by using information you have not investigated thoroughly - is the exact same witch burning tribulations as we have seen in the past - only now violence and hatred is justified, under the pretence of 'protecting the public' and 'freedom of speech'. As a suggestion, take a good look at who is doing the protecting? What is the general way in which the individual or group goes about gathering and sharing information to 'protect others' -here one one will see whether an individual/channel/group/website or forum is indeed standing within a practical principle of changing and stopping world abuse, or are they themselves only Abusing because nobody is stopping them.

What does one do if you find yourself being Defamed/Bullied or subject to Hate Speech? Let's first take a look at the definition of each:

Definitions and Examples of Internet Victimisation, such as Flaming, Denigration or Dissing, Bash Boarding, Defamation of Character, False Accusations, Rumours and Cyber Bullying:

Definition of Hate Speech:

INTERNET LAW - Internet Hate Speech (

"Hate speech is a term given to expression which is offensive, abusive intimidating, harassing or which incites violence, hatred or discrimination. The term also includes prejudicial action against a group of people on the basis of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. The escalating use of the Internet has coincided with a rise in hate speech (Hate speech propagated through the Internet does not enjoy First Amendment protection)."

How to report Abuse on Social Networks such as Facebook and Youtube:

Facebook (links to information and Report Pages):

Tools for Addressing Abuse

How do I report inappropriate or abusive things on Facebook (ex: pornography, hate speech, threats)?

How to Report Things

Youtube: At the bottom of the Abusers Channel Page you will see a button calle 'Report' - this will allow you to select and report firstly what type of abuse it is (eg, hate speech, bullying etc) and then you will get to a page where you will select the abusive comments made by this channel on their own channel comments and by placing Comments on other peoples channels (towards you). Here you are also able to select Videos by this user that contains Hate Speech/Bullying etc against you. You are also able to report individual video, by looking for the Flag Button (picture of a little flag) where you will also select the type of abuse and you might be asked to write a reason.

*shenanigans  plural of she·nan·i·gans (Noun)
  1. Secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering.
  2. Silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 92: International Crime Research: Mass Murderers Part 6: Mass Murderers for Fame and Self-Interest Continued

This blog is a continuation from:

Taken from Wikipedia: (
"A notable motivation for mass murder is revenge, but many other motivations are possible, including the need for attention or fame..."

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a picture to exist within me of a perfect life, a perfect world, without considering how this 'perfect world' is to be created.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this picture as imagination to exist within me, where I will blissfully ignore how this physical reality functions and how the money system works for me to be able to live what I believe to be my idealised Life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a monetary system, which provides 'an idealised or comfortable life' - which functions according to exploitation of resources and life on this planet, to provide 'idealised lives' for those who have money.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that it is justified for me to continue existing within a system that Abuses Life, for me to have my comfortable Life, as long as the expense is not experienced by myself or my family/friends.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this system to continue existing even though at times I do experience the negative consequences of hardship within capitalism, indicating that I am use to a life on this planet of abuse and hardship.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that for happiness to exist, it is alright for suffering to exist.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to follow fame and specialness of the individual, while ignoring the consequences - whereby we create a world of conflict and internal struggles as we allow ourselves to abuse each other through harsh words and abusive deeds/concepts/ideas  -as we abuse ourselves to fit into idealised concepts.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to chase fame and specialness so much that I will follow the energy of specialness to such an extent that I will watch as another's life is harmed/destroyed, while having a choice whether I am willing to stop this, but never doing so because the reward of the happiness energy wins every time.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this energy of wanting to be famous and special in the eyes of others, to be so overwhelming that even if in the media I read/hear about the consequences of how our choice of living and our value systems has on the planet and life thereon, I will always use the backchat/internal conversation of 'it is ok' to justify why I should continue following the energy experience that 'serves me' as 'individuals freedom' over the wellbeing of others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to only allow myself to experience the images of abuse through emotions and feelings, which is a temporary energetic reaction, that dissipates/stops ater a while, leaving me numb to the reality of what beings go through in the world systems,

for example:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing such things as minimum wages and slave labour, where people have to submit to living stressful, painful lives as they are forced into having to work for minimum or no wages, in a Capitalistic System that provides entertainment/lifestyles for the rest of us, at the expense of these individuals.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the abuse of animals, in the entertainment industry, clothing industry, cosmetic and food industries - all so that I may wear items and participate in 'concepts' - that have no practical consideration to the being suffering - as long as it makes me feel good and provides me with the energy experience of 'happiness'.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the porn industry where woman and children are forced into these abusive life styles either against their will (drugs/kidnapping/extorsion) or for minimum wages (in a capitalistic system where if you dont have money you starve) - while not changing or standing for the changing of such a system at all, because that would mean stopping corruption and changing the money system and the system of sex addiction - which I am not willing to do, as that would mean not living out the exact point of greed/addiction and personal-interest depicted through the reasons why we allow such atrocities.

I forgive myself within this, for 'separating' myself from these industries by saying 'nobody makes them do it' when in fact I am making them do it  - as the consumer of the products that are made in accordance with these systems that uses the lives of the innocent to provide a service in exchange for wealth - therefore the point of greed exists to create abundance no matter at what expense.

therefore as a mass murderer - I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to tacitly agree to abuse and suffering and the killing of beings on this planet, due to all the world systems, that at any given time function to bring me personal self-interest and happiness - while not once standing up to speak up or act in accordance with changing these systems, to not longer accept and allow such abuse.


I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that in looking at why I have always and will always justify any form of abuse in order for me to live on this planet and have my happiness and personal-self-interest - I am no more than the things I accept and allow - therefore I have become a mass murderer and abuser of life, lying and deceiving to continue protecting the same systems that have always provided me with the addictions and needs I proclaim are my right to Life/freedom of choice.

I commit myself to show that if one really stand up for and 'against' any form of abuse - you will not settle just for emotional pictures and reactions to the abuse, but will always question why the problems have not been solved.

I commit myself to write out any and all forms of justification, to its origin- as to why abuse in my name still exists and why I believe that profiting and personal gain is in any form accepted and allowed by me, to write out what the excuse is and what this really shows about the person/individual group who writes/speaks it.

I commit myself to show that there is always a choice to be made about what we accept and allow, and that it might not 'seem' an easy choice to give up and change the world systems, due to our addictive nature, however the only choice if one says you do not support abuse, is the choice of changing it - and this always comes down to sustainable solutions as what is best for all - it has no 'grey area' to allow still for some to get away with self-interest/freedom of choice over the lives of other.

therefore I commit myself to show how if one claim to stand up 'against abuse' but in any form shortcut the steps or processes of how abuse is to be ended once and for all - that the self honesty within that is always still the choice for abuse to continue so that one has a comfortable life within ones true value systems,

I commit myself therefore to question my own value systems  and the value systems we as society have given to the world system such as money, to identify directly what are the real value systems, and how to change them to 'what is best for all'  - which will have the outcome of stopping abuse.

Please join us in our research into identifying how to change the value systems of Capitalism to that which supports Life: