Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 172: The Paranormal Series part 33 - Demons vs. Angels part 20

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"when I would ask them about why 'they' allowed this person to come into my life, they would answer that - and here things get even funnier - that it was because of my specific role in the 'design of heaven'. One day I am again angry and frustrated and hoping that somehow my guides would help me to change things by telling me what to do or by miraculously being able to change my reality from some greater 'scheme of things'. But again the guides tell me that my suffering up to this point had been a very specific part of what was to come in my spiritual training and that now was the right time for me to be told what this special 'spiritual path' was, as they could see that I had dedicated myself to my spiritual life and was at peace one could say with the fact that I would never really fit into the 'world system'."

So, with the boyfriend things carried on. I had introduced him to my spirituality and he decided for the most part to participate in Wicca as well, and obviously this created a great 'hope' in me, a positive feeling that perhaps things would change. Perhaps the guides would be able to intervene and assist him to sort out this dark side of himself- this madness.

Time went by and nothing changed. As I mentioned in previously blogs the guides mentioned to me one day that they had been preparing me for the beings that would be arriving to take over my spiritual training. So on this particular day that they opened up this point to me, they explained to me that there existed a hierarchy of spirits in the heavenly existence between God and the humans. By God what they meant ofcourse was not a big guy in the sky with a beard but more the life force which was responsible for and created everything. They explained that this Life Force or as some would call it 'God' created actual beings that would represent him in a form that could work with and communicate with humans.

Each form for example represented an aspect of 'God' and each form was a combination you could say between a human and God - therefore the God force or life force was placed into a beingness similar to that of a human spirit. These were called 'Gods'. Then underneath them so to speak you had your guides and masters and such beings who existed in the heavenly existence. Guides for example were human beings who had crossed over and after many years of dedication to the work of 'Heaven' and 'God' these souls would become guides to help humans.

These guides came from various different religions, so for example they explained that they were Wiccan guides who specifically worked with Wiccans who summoned them and asked them for support. Therefore each guide would be placed with a human according to where they were in their spiritual 'path' so to speak or according to their religious choosing. In the end - as they explained it - the guides knew that all of it eventually came together to create one point as Life, but that different religions were created based on how people perceived different aspects of Life and that the guides were there to work with a being according to how they were developing specific aspects of themselves - which would then be based on whichever religion the person chose to work with. For the humans who were more receptive to 'everything' they would obviously draw guides who would assist and support them in expanding their knowledge. But it was not the purpose of the guides to push or influence a human before they were ready because the whole point of 'spiritual development' was that the human was responsible for developing ourselves.

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