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Day 131: The Paranormal Series - Ghosts and Demons Part 1

For those who have watched or read my experience with Demon possession, with know that I have a long history with exploring the unexplained, ghosts/demons, the paranormal and I have dabbled with Wiccanism and Paganism. If you have not read/viewed my history – you are able to find my documentation here:

My process from there to understanding myself, my possession and demons:


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So the reason why I wanted to walk this blog series is as follow: I have always been a great fan of ghost hunting/paranormal investigation stories/movies/documentaries. Like any ghost hunting enthusiast – I would experience an absolute thrill each time I could sit and watch a documentary on youtube or watch some scary movie about ghost hunters exploring/investigating haunted location – or some movie about demonic possession - where my heart would beat a little bit faster as I would wait in anticipation for some proof of life beyond death or to get a glimpse into the activities of some invisible force. I had an insatiable thirst to see or experience ghostly phenomena and I was absolutely fascinated by the intricacies of the mere existence of a thing like a ghost – ‘who are they, what are they experiencing and what are they capable of?’ Now these are the questions we ask ourselves, as ghost hunting enthusiasts, but what we are really experiencing is thrill seeking and the desire to understand more about life after death. For myself, I not only viewed the documentary/scene/video that I was watching from a thrill seeking perspective, but I always wanted to understand who or what do we become when we cross over – for us to become demons/ghosts bound to a person, location or object.

My fascination started after my father’s death – where I realized that I could actually sense and at times see an outline of him in my home. This I initially connected to a simple fascination with my father and the questions that were left unanswered after he died. Therefore I was not really sure if I was really seeing/sensing him or if my underlying fears and desires were the cause of my experiences. I felt lost without him and I also felt guilty for him dying – because I connected his heart attack to him having to much stress which caused him to have the heart attack. This burden I carried with me for many years until I discovered Desteni and was supported to let go of the guilt, the fear, the dependency , the inherent desire to be with my father and to slowly learn to give myself back to me and live my life.

To be continued…

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