Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 130: The Sex industry and ‘Supply and Demand’

This is a follow up in the Pornography Series from:
Day 129: Crimes against Life: Forced to keep working in the Sex Industry

I watched a documentary called: ‘Date my Porn Star’ – and in this documentary – the emphasis is the experiences of 3 guys who are porn addicts – who get the opportunity to go to LA to meet their favourite porn stars and are taken to various Porn Sets to watch how porn movies are made. Part of the emphasis of the documentary is to show how these men experience the behind the scenes information about how the woman within the porn industry really experience themselves.
The first few sets are ‘normal’ as in the porn stars have sex with other porn stars while they film porn movies. The 3 guys are observed and filmed and asked throughout how they experience themselves. Obviously being porn addicts it basically comes down to them ‘feeling horny’ all the time and being envious of the porn stars.

The last set they go to is slightly different. In this scenario the porn stars have to have endless sex for hours with men who win a competition – in which the winner gets to have sex with a porn star. So these are ‘normal’ members of the public who entered a competition to get to have sex with porn starts – however again with the emphasis being placed on the crude and disgusting – the porn starts don't have sex with only 1 or 2 men  - they have to go on for about 2 hours with various men. This is apparently part of the attraction for those watching it on TV. The one girls was so tired that she collapsed and was only given 2 minutes to go behind scenes and ‘recollect herself’ because they could not stop for her because this charade was being filmed ‘live’. So just like cattle being fed to the slaughterhouse these girls were not even considered. Of course what did I expect from an industry that sells human dignity for profit. I supposed considering the context of it being ‘the porn industry’ of course I was not really shocked to see this. To top it all off, once ‘filming stopped’ the ‘boss’ and the director and the managers all got to ‘have a go at the girls’ so the girls had to continue having sex long after filming stop – simply to of course remain in the business.

The documentary film crew who were filming the 3 men – asked each of them what they thought of this particular scenario. Now the expressions on their faces were a little different because they had witnessed how these woman were being abused for their and millions of other men’s entertainment. No mercy was shown and of course that was deliberate, as the Porn industry specifically exists because people want to experience the energetic charge from seeing the nasty, ugly, rape side of sex. Let’s be honest the porn industry stopped being about sex a veeeery long time ago and now merely exists to trigger the secret mind fantasies in people – whereby the user/viewer gets the highest sexual energetic experience. So the user is directly responsible for the porn industry existing as it does today.

The one man, when asked what he thought of all of this, looked a little less sure of himself than he did on the previous sets. However, you could see the cogs in his brain turning and the addiction personality taking over and finding excuses why he should not have to give up this drug addiction. So he answers ‘well there is a supply and a demand for this stuff you know – it’s basic commers’. So basically to the addict any person, child or animal may be abused because of supply and demand. People of course, obviously do not realise that as long as we have a money system where these woman have to have money to survive, obviously (as discussed in previous blogs) they are going to have to work and secondly why earn minimum wages working at Wal-Mart or MacDonald if you can earn 5 times that doing one porn movie. Obviously – the obvious aspect of it all is that these woman actually do understand that they are selling themselves, allowing themselves to be abused physically and mentally for the this point of survival. Remove that point of survival and most of these woman would not arrive for work. The ones that do arrive for work  (as discussed in a previous blog) – you will be able to trace the time line of their life experiences and their pre-programmed designs to get a better understanding on how a man or woman grows up to love sex so much that they want to degrade themselves physically and mentally for the profit of others – simply to be seen as beautiful or desired and the emphasis that is placed with society and femininity towards ‘sexiness’ and being sexually ‘free’ .

Towards the end of the documentary the man who made the comment about ‘supply and demand’ looked at how these woman were faking their enjoying and battling through pain and fatigue – and said ‘these woman are really not enjoying themselves- maybe this is just a meat grinder for young woman’ . Later at the end of the documentary they interview the man again and ask him if this whole experience has given him some insights and he replied that he realized something's about himself (did not say what it was) and that there are some things about himself that he needs to now look at some more. Interesting – seeing first hand the reality of what these people go through. Unfortunately, this indicates that the tendency exists for people to believe what they are told – believe unconditionally what ones sees on television without questioning, to never observe the abuse that happens in the world from how one participates but rather to continue supporting abuse as long as it fuels the money system.

imageWhat I have realised myself within how I started questioning what I accepted in this reality – was that most of what is presented is the lie – what happens behind the scenes is a very different story because everyone is simply trying to survive and within  this capitalism functions according to the consumer. The consumer is a unit of biological mind systems that require energy through what we experience. Experiences come from what we participate in and all of that is provided for through capitalism, therefore the consumer is always the key to the Money System as it is now and as it evolves. Capitalists always monitor and study trends and trends develop according to the human psyche which as I mentioned previously, exists according to energetic experiences such as addictions which are fuelled constantly through what we see, touch and experience. So as the man mentioned in the documentary – he realized something about himself in relation to the abuse he witnessed – this is a pretty cool step for an addict – because one has to realize that an addict is consumed and possessed- hence the term addicted. So for an addict to have a moment of clarity where you come face to face with the consequences of your choices and participation – is  effective in this case however unfortunate  -as we have designed it so that we only start considering change once we face our consequences. This means (and this you are able to see for yourself) that we have created a world with immense suffering to ourselves, each other, the animals, nature and children –and currently not much is done to stop the suffering. This I have experienced myself on many levels – where I too would not change unless I was forced to, unless the pain or discomfort got to much etc. With the tool of self honesty what I have realized is that one can start considering what is best for all – where one has already done it once or twice and realize we are more than our self interest – and that it is possible to create a better world through self change.