Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 200: Writing a Blog part 9

"I suggested that she immediately note down in the form of a tree structure or flow chart what points she already knew about her subject. From this she could create a 'skeleton structure' to place into some sort of structure the information that she is already aware of as well as using this to now start the research process into getting a fuller picture of the subject you are dealing with. This 'structure would allow her to keep tabs of what she will be walking as blogs throughout the series and at any given time you are able to slot in new pieces of information that reveal themselves as you do your research."

Now you have started for example a tree structure or flow chart to assist yourself initially to lay down a basic foundation of points you have already seen you would like to discuss in blogs. This structure will allow you to at any given time as you go about your research slot in new topics you would like to discuss in future blogs. Interesting when I started studying Psychology one of the first module lessons consisted of simple tools to use throughout our studies. It is here that they showed us how to create for example tree structures and flow charts. This came in very handy throughout my studies. Here is an example of a 'tree structure'.

As you will see this is a very basic structure where I started pulling together points about capitalism. This is just an example to show how creating a basic structure for oneself allows you to first 'off-hand' just slot in what is off the top of your head, and from there you start researching more about the subject you want to explore - slotting in more topics as you go along. Other people may have different suggestions, so you may even think of emailing or messaging a person who's blogs you enjoy to ask them how they have gone about learning to blog and what if any structure do they use in their blogging. Some blogs might be simple and only require writing, whereas others such as writing about world problem/solutions might require more detailed research and preparation.

Next step as I indicated before is to start researching your subject. Here you are looking at the Internet or books. If you are using the Internet be aware of the difference between people's opinions and what is more substantial such as physical facts and research documentation. There are numerous websites that will present opinions, gossip and 'conspiracy theories'. So look out for the source of someone's information - try and draw your information from sources that are credible and sound. It is easy to get lost in a sea of information on the Internet that has been filtered from 'truth' to opinion/belief.

First Blog

I suggest in the first blog within a series to do an introduction on the topic you will be writing on. This way you prepare the way for what its is you will be discussing and why most importantly you have decided to address this subject. Often people who write blogs tend to forget who it is that we are speaking to. We are writing for ourselves yes, but the fact that we are placing these blogs on the internet means that we want to share our process with other people, therefore most importantly don’t forget that you are speaking mostly to people who have probably never considered your point of view. Or if they are familiar with the subject or your point of view, then still consider that you are wanting people to be at ease with your information, don’t assume that they will 'get it'. From my experience I have found that often if you throw one chunk of hard to grasp information at people with complex lingo, then more often than not people come back with questions and/or remarks. This also results in people attacking that which they do not understand, or simply ignoring it because mostly people don’t care to do their research lol - therefore if you loose them half way in, they will simply close the page. People do not want to work hard to read your blog - that is after all why we have the internet to make things more accessible -which results in the 'fast-food mentality when it comes to information sharing. So people want to get to a website that soothes the mind, meaning the information is clear/understandable and structured. I have found this myself, where due to questions on my blogs and vlogs I now see areas where I should have started right at the beginning, instead of speaking to people as if they already grasp parts of what I am saying.

Understanding what it is that you are reading

Sometimes you might come across information that literally boggles your brain. This happens to all of us, especially if one is not use to processing information. The brain and mind simply requires more practice and comprehension and processing of information, so again I suggest to not be put off by this. Take one piece of information and read it and if necessary (this is what I do) do a new google search on the same subject. Sometimes you will find that there are people who write more 'advanced' as they might themselves be an academic or over the years have gathered so much information about a subject that they forget they are sharing with people who have never really studied the subject before - which obviously relates to my previous point!

After you have searched for various descriptions of the subject and you found one that you understand, write it out in your own words so that you can see for yourself what it is that you still don’t fully grasp. You might find yourself reading something and then thinking 'what the hell'? For example you don’t necessarily expect yourself to read up on how does the American Economy function and get it the first time - so split the subject into Sub-Topics and Sub topics within that - taking on each part, writing it out and coming to grips with it.

Have fun with the topic

Remember what I shared in the first few blogs about practise and not creating expectations of yourself that place unnecessary pressure? I suggest see writing as something that you are developing within yourself - not a competition with others - so make it your own. Do it in the way that interests you, or even in a way that you see is missing from other people's writings and explore how to explain this subject/topic yourself in a way that you as the public reader will grasp and enjoy. You could use pictures and links to videos etc. Place yourself in the shoes of not only yourself, meaning being realistic about where you are at and how you process information, but also the shoes of others. Many people scoff at big subjects that they (we all) have come to believe is too much, to vast for us. So if you have taken this first step into exploring the world in blog writing, then you are already one step further. Also remember that one of the reasons why people don’t read and don’t educate themselves is because of the belief that it is too difficult or that we are not intellectually up to it. This is plain and simple brain washing of the masses to keep people thinking we are stupid and not good enough to question the system. Therefore you have dumbing down of the people who accept the system and themselves as workers for the system, without questioning that which we are starting to see does not make sense. So in writing lets explore ways of placing information in such a way that we educate everybody by explaining things clearly.

Looking off the top of your head for something to write about? Either research key points you already have an interest in or read other people's blogs and maybe write it in your own words or write how this particular topic pertains to the country you live in. Perhaps you see things in the blog that was left out or that you wondered about - expand on it as your blog and add a link in your blog to the other blog...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 199: I want my Demon!

Thus far I have been writing a blog series on How to write blogs, but I wanted to just quickly insert this blog, because it is a point that I have been noticing lately and have been wanting to do a blog on - so here goes.

This subject is specifically about the paranormal community - or what I have come to see as a community of people who are not interested in the truth of any particular subject, but who seek entertainment through creating Mental Disorders within themselves. Let look at the general definition of Para-normal which is: derived from the Latin use of the prefix para meaning "outside or beyond" what is considered normal. It is interesting because one definition of para is also abnormal - which ties in with my experience I have been having lately towards and in relation to the Paranormal community. Don’t get me wrong - I use to be obsessed with demons and ghosts myself, and if you had told me 10 years ago that ghosts no longer exist or that I am creating my own feelings of 'being followed by a ghost/demon' in my mind and in my body and that I was creating my own demon possession I would have also laughed in your face and yelled 'I want my Demon'. But what I have noticed lately is that the Paranormal community are not interested much in any form of truth. They want to feel Special through experiencing Abnormal mental states - I will walk an example with you in a minute:

Creating the Abnormal is obviously not limited to the Paranormal community - as this is a human trend -something that through our behaviour and addiction to media and social networks - has become who we are as the way we talk, behave and the things we as humans give value to in general. I mean if you look at the things that people get up to and the things that are out there on social networks through which people get attention from others and how this is just getting more preposterous and desperate; - it definitely shows that in time the 'Abnormal Behaviour' section under 'Psychology' will either have to be expanded on in the DSM classification of Mental Disorders  OR we will have to remove classifications of Mental disorder and call everything 'Normal'.

My definition though of normal is different from what society classifies as normal. The things that abuse Life on this planet in various forms, has become 'normal' ways of 'being' - this is what we call 'being human'. From my perspective to be this is abnormal behaviour if I consider that we as humanity have greater potential that what we are currently living and most certainly what we are heading towards. Therefore to me 'normal behaviour' such as self honesty, self correction, self responsibility and self awareness is normal if I consider what principles I want to live by as a human, based on what potential I see exists for us, instead of accepting the Principles we currently live by as 'Humanity/Society'.

Ok - back to the Paranormal community. A few years back we started the Desteni group and along side that we decided to launch a Demonology website, to share our findings on demonology and the Afterlife. We created a forum and invited people to come and work through what they perceive to be demon/ghost possession/influence and get to the core of the Consciousness connection between 'Paranormal experiences' and the Mind of the 'experiencer'. At the time I was wondering how we will be able to handle the influx of people who are desperate to sort out their demon/paranormal experiences. Alas this did not happen and in fact the opposite happened - the paranormal community ran far far away.

For example - every now and again somebody will come to the Demonology website or forum and ask about a ghost or demon that they think is following them or trying to or is possessing them.

I walk them through a basic explanation that ghosts/demons no longer exist - other than what experiences are created within the Mind of the individual which always has a starting point in some past event/memory - and how the person is dealing with their live and environment. Thus the paranormal becomes the explanation as to why we are having dark thoughts, fantasies, illusions, fits of violence, the constant feeling like something wants to hurt us, depression, possession, the desire to escape their lives/minds, the desire to be special, to avoid real trauma and place the emphasis on trauma caused by a 'dark force' etc…

I then suggest reading/viewing material to further explain my point, and ask the person to come back to the forum when they are ready to start exploring their 'Paranormal' experience. This is where something truly paranormal does happen - the person disappears lol. Never to be seen again. Not sure if it is some vortex, triangle or enveloping shadow, but the person simply vanished. Odd.

Anyway - so in time I realised that the reason why I found it so strange that people did not want to come and learn the tools to become stronger and get to know their minds and how they created internal experiences, is because for a moment I forgot that I too once thought I was very special and unique when I was being followed by a demon. Looking back now of course I realize that in my past I was rather silly about these kinds of things and that my entire desire to interact with demons was an energy thrill that I was seeking, which gave me something to do - but also made me feel mysterious and different. I mean you could create quite a list of why we do the things we do, bit what I have found primarily is that people get a compete rush off of the strange, the exiting, that which gives us a kick - because it entertains the mind which has become more and more addicted to energy - vastly more so over the last 10-20 years.

So what I have found is that the Paranormal community create their experiences as a form of entertainment and in most cases it becomes about drawing an experience out for as long as you can. Therefore obviously it would be rather boring if a person had to admit that they are not demon possessed, but are actually possessing themselves - it is just not the same!

Unfortunately as I indicated above this is not only in the Paranormal community that we do this - it exists in many forms within Society - it is just that in the Paranormal community you can basically create anything you want and because everyone is doing it, people are not really going to question each others motives or evidence. In the paranormal experience you can believe in faeries, or UFO's or shadow men or vortexes etc… the list goes on. In the end what I found is that if one stops the addiction to the energy, then you will find that your mind - should I say 'you' will use your imagination less and less, because this is where the imagination comes in - it creates an image of something which you have read about or are aware of as being 'dangerous' or strange' and produces visions/flashes/pictures in relation to this imaginary 'danger' - and 'viola' from there your mind starts producing reactions and responses physically and mentally to this 'threat/problem'. And obviously if a paranormal event/issue' is caused by repressed emotions and repressed memories - then the mind will project its reactions onto this 'danger' that exist 'outside' of the person. Thus the mind gets to experience the emotions and reactions in relation to the danger, which for most also becomes part of an energy addictive pattern, but without facing the core problem. This mostly happens, because we have never been taught to look 'inside', but that our problems and reactions are due to other people or events. Therefore for the paranormal enthusiast - we are automatically trained to look outside ourselves for an inkling of a strange occurrence which could be responsible for our internal experiences...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 198: Writing a Blog part 8

"Through the years doing policing I was on the one side also investigating spirituality, and therefore I started becoming more sensitive so to speak to the experiences of both the criminal and the victim. But at that stage I did not yet have the skills to 'lift the veil' on how crime works beyond what I had come to accept from what is 'accepted' by society- I remember just feeling really uneasy around certain policing procedures. It was only years later joining Bernard here at Desteni that he assisted me in seeing more of how the system worked and most importantly how to use tools such as research and common sense to assess that which exist in the world. Therefore, that is what blog writing is about - it is not just about placing information you are already aware of onto paper, but a platform to practise tools of expansion within the topic you are interested in. That is why our DesteniIProcess courses are developed to slowly expand a person's self awareness - and the blogs we write about 'world problems' becomes a personal platform from which ones learns about common sense and investigating what exist as the current accepted systems of the world."

Al right - so lets start with exploring what type of blog you would be interested in writing. Seeing as I have been walking my own experience in the previous blogs on how I became interested in Criminology or the study of the 'fringe' areas of Criminology - I suggest we continue with the topic of 'world problems' where I walk you through some structures/suggestions for when you have a topic based on 'world problems and solutions' that you would like to explore. From there we will explore personal journal keeping style blogs where the focuses will be on 'self-improvement/self-help' topics.

As I mentioned in the previous blogs research is the key. This is where many people find themselves getting stuck - because of the *Fear and *Self created beliefs that you have created around the point of writing, explorative writing and the placement of information and ones own perspectives onto paper.

The first question we ask ourselves is 'what world problems and solutions' would I like to address in my blogs? Perhaps you are interested in one particular 'world problem' such as 'world economies' or 'child abuse' or the 'psychology behind consumerism' or perhaps you might find yourself wanting to explore various issues you have noticed, thus practising your ability to expand in research and developing common sense insights. In the end all of these blogs will basically come down to the same structures, the difference will be how far you are willing to go in opening up any particular subject. For example some people are keen on addressing/writing about a subject but once they start reading about it they find that this subject is vast in its history and influence on the world. Some subjects are interconnected to other subjects and thus the fun and the effort then goes into exploring these various lines of information. For example - going back to the 3 examples I gave above as possible 'single: topics: 'world economies', 'child abuse' and 'the psychology behind consumerism'. For those who have already started exploring world system, you might have noticed something - that these 3 topics are already interconnected. How? Through for example our money system. Therefore as one starts researching the world economic system of capitalism, you will notice that many forms of child abuse exist due to a market existing for it - such as child trafficking, child pornography, child modelling (which is a sub topic of child pornography), medicating of children, child entertainment etc… So this ties in with the seller in a capitalistic system using a product to sell to a market to make a profit. Therefore the Life of a Child or a human or an animal is no longer Life, but a commodity for profit and that is how Capitalism functions as per the Principles according to which it exists. Then on the flip side to understand how and why a market exists for something one must explore the 'psychology behind consumerism' - therefore one will start to explore why somebody would watch child pornography but also why people will disregard the Life and the rights or the child for personal self interest (both from the consumer and seller perspective)?

Therefore, as you are able to see everything in the world is connected in some way or another - therefore the fun part about blogging is that we are able to draw lines between points and obviously this is where you create a series around one particular subject.

Therefore, if you realize that a particular subject might be quite big and interconnected - you might face an experience of 'oh no this is to much'. I spoke to somebody a while back who said that they were interested in taking on this one particular 'Crime against Life' which they had noticed playing out within Society - something which on the surface people hardly noticed as a problem (as with most things), however if you look 'behind the scenes' at how this thing came into being, the effects on people's lives and the secretiveness behind its existence - you soon realize the reality of its existence. The person I was chatting with said that they were keen to work on this subject and share with the public what she had seen, BUT as she dug deeper and deeper over time, she started feeling slightly overwhelmed by the vast amount of history, facts and lines of information between this one subject and other world system designs. Therefore where this person before had worked with singular subject blogs or blog that would span over maybe 2 or 3 parts, now she was faced with a blog series that would potentially be massive. Instead of this evoking a sense of enthusiasm within her - lol - it in fact had the opposite effect - she started feeling overwhelmed by the subject and ultimately resistance caused her to not even start in the first place.

I suggested that she immediately note down in the form of a tree structure or flow chart what points she already knew about her subject. From this she could create a 'skeleton structure' to place into some sort of structure the information that she is already aware of as well as using this to now start the research process into getting a fuller picture of the subject you are dealing with. This 'structure would allow her to keep tabs of what she will be walking as blogs throughout the series and at any given time you are able to slot in new pieces of information that reveal themselves as you do your research.