Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 209: Obedience to Authority

In this blog I will focus around the following content: "Obedience to authority figures and the Milgram experiment''

What this experiment shows is obviously the uncertainty that we face every day when it comes to Self-Authority. This is due to the fact that every day we are either abdicating Authority to Automated Mind Programs such as our feelings, emotions and reactions (in the form of thoughts), or we are given direction by governments and higher authorities. So within every persons day-to-day existence, we think and believe that we are our own authority as a 'beingness' - meaning that the thoughts and emotion/feelings reactions that 'come up' from within us - are us - meaning 'who I am'.

We do at some stage however question our own reactions, motives, beliefs and decisions in life. For example have you ever gone through an experience such as jealousy or a fit of anger, only to later or even during, realise for yourself that you don’t want to be 'like this', you experience the discomfort of being in the experience more than a gratitude for having had it. We have all faced this experience to some degree, and most of us face this every day, where our rationalised 'normal human reactions' -trigger a red flag inside of us - questioning who we are and why we react the way we do.

For some, these can be very obvious experiences such as jealousy, depression, anger, hopelessness, victimisation, the need for approval, need for love, desire to belong, desire for happiness through materialism, addiction etc…. Most of these more obvious examples stand out and at some stage has most of us wondering why we are experiencing ourselves this way.

Some then go down the road of questioning 'who or what did this to me'. We are usually left confused as we don’t know why we would be drawn time and time again automatically to these experiences. We question our gods, our society, but rarely do we question ourselves, our innate programming, our minds. Usually before a person questions themselves, they go into complete denial. There are very few who are brave enough, so to speak to say 'hey wait a minute I did this to myself'. So we will turn out backs on basic common sense - which is that if it exist within me and I participate in it - then of course it is by my Authority that these experiences come up and continue to exists. Mostly we will say that it is 'who we are' to have these experiences, or that they are 'how god designed us'.

This is usually where we hit a complete standstill when it comes to finding and applying ourselves in solutions, because as we have all noticed, the mind is automated at producing instant firewalls when it comes to questioning God/our creation/authority. So whatever religion and societal moral-code one chooses, it will always come down to a battle between ones own Authority as real Authority and the automated belief systems that have been our Authority since child hood.

This for many of us is a difficult road-block to face. Making that decision to no longer give self-authority away to something outside of ourselves, because on an innate level we believe and exists purely as automated response systems by the design of consciousness. We think and feel automatically and justify our internal existence as 'normal'. What we don’t realise is that if we do the basic maths we will see that there is a lot to improve on with regards to the 'human condition' and that once again repeatedly placing 'Self' outside of Self' onto newer methods/philosophies, is obviously not the solution. Therefore, no matter what method one chooses to support oneself to get out of the rut in your mind, choose one that assist you in seeing and becoming your own authority, to not merely move in circles.

The hardest part I have noticed about learning how to become my own Authority - as the religion of Self Construct. Meaning - to face ones own religion - which is all of our beliefs about our self and the world (self religion does not only apply to a god or deity). Interestingly we will find that our body and mind as programmed into each other on a quantum level, will decline quite ungracefully ones attempts to break away from the programming, which is the standard template of consciousness to become self authored (self authority). This literally causes a meltdown or short-circuiting of ones basic programming. What happens next is that, because we have become the automated systems of consciousness as our individual personalities, obviously initially when the mind kicks in and says 'ehm no you don’t get to be self authority' what is going to happen - the 'you' as the little bit of awareness inside the mind and body will literally be in a war against a mega power, so to speak. It is like a small college football team going up against an international football team. Firstly, everybody will secretly laugh at the mere notion of this, because everyone will probably rightfully so assume that the college team will not stand a 'chance' against an internationally strong team. Therefore more often than not a mind set exists already within the team members themselves, that they won't make it, therefore their performance on many levels will suit and match the idea/belief. This one could call a self fulfilled prophecy.

I have experiences this myself when I first started walking the tools - I had to really pay attention to my self talk, and this is something that you might pick up for yourself when you start writing/exploring self-change. The self talk that comes through if and when one falls on a point is that 'I just cannot do it'. As an example - when I work with people on the Porn and Masturbation Addiction group on Facebook - the most common first or second statement by new members is 'I just cannot stop masturbating' or 'I have tried stopping this addiction' it just does not work.

This is the same as that moment in the Milgram experiment where the tester asks the person being tested to shock the other person. The person doing the shocking (testee) has a moment to consider if and why they would shock this person with increased voltage. In their mind a million things circle the drain. They start thinking about the reason why they did this, for example to get money, they start considering that if they left the experiment they might not get paid. The might start accessing hidden authority issues and anger issues, which on a quantum level if not understood will filter through to a justified decision such as 'well this is just a test after all', but comes from much deeper information lines, based on ones internal unresolved issues and personalities.

Therefore in the moment that the person gives the shock they have doubted themselves and answered themselves in a way that makes shocking another person justified. This is how our abdication of Self Authority works currently - there are so many variables involved in us reaching a decision that by the time the decision is made -we don’t get to see what happens in the background - all of the layers of quantum information programed into us from when we were children to date. That information will move so fast that the average person definitely does not see it, simply because we have never been told it exists and secondly we therefore do not see the 'problem' that exists behind it, and therefore do not slow ourselves down to understand what happens behind the scenes - the makings of each decision, each thought, each experience.

So in the end what boils up from inside which appears as conscious thought - as related to the example of the Milgram's experiment 'testee' to the example of the porn addict is uncomfortability, resistance and uncertainty - but the automated response which is the real self authority that steps in, will give the final direction. This is where we watch the porn or shock another person, or watch other people starving or watch pain and suffering with indifference or watch in a half daze as we get swept up in some emotional possession such as anger or jealousy…

So, what has been cool for myself on this journey of discovering my self authority is that I really enjoyed for myself and enjoy it now when I see people take that one step of claiming and becoming their self authority. Where a week before they could not move on for example an experience or an addiction, and then this week they proved to themselves they are able to for example not click on the website link that takes them to a porn website. Inside of them a battle existed over the current authority and themselves - a small bit of self awareness and self determination that is literally having to stand up to a massive machine which we call 'The Mind'.
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