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Day 133: The Paranormal Series – Ghosts and Demons Part 3

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Day 131: The Paranormal Series - Ghosts and Demons Part 1

Day 132: The Paranormal Series – Ghosts and Demons Part 2
“Now, this is where I know most ghost enthusiasts will kick up a stink and complain to me that many ghost hunters will actually attempt to assist the ‘ghost/demon’ to ‘go to the light’ so to speak. But you know what? This is like saying to the room full of children – ‘its ok, don't be scared, go through that door over there, I have read in an old book written and rewritten by humans who are known for fabricating stories and inventing ‘knowledge’ to control people or to drive/impulse/manipulate the human for profit - that what is behind that door is ‘nice’. The fact is many ghost hauntings and possession cases re-occur and that the exorcist and demon hunters don't ACTUALLY know ‘what is behind the door’ (the white light) but are trusting sources from books – where they themselves have never actually been able to look behind the door …. So would you do that to a child? So for example when I had my ‘aha’ moment where I experienced shock and shame at my antics – what I realized was that firstly ‘why would a God allow beings who at the moment of a traumatic/confusing/angry death clinging to their bodies or homes or objects –why would such a God punish them by saying ‘well you wanted to stay there so weh…’”
If you have ever watched ‘ghost hunting/paranormal investigator’ type documentaries, then you will know what I am talking about. As I said before I have watched many documentaries/ghost movies and ghost hunter videos on youtube etc and a while back in preparation for this series, I went onto Youtube and watched some ghost hunter type documentaries to have a fresh view on how paranormal investigations are being done as of late.

1987 Paranormal Investigator

2013 - Paranormal Investigators or Rock Band?
The first thing that I noticed was the difference between ghost documentaries now and what they were like about 10 years ago. The emphasis back then was filming and documenting paranormal activity. Obviously I am not referring to the intentional creation and spreading of falsified ‘paranormal phenomena’ on the internet, but simply stating that the difference between what was filmed and presented many years ago to what is presented now is that back in the day the emphasis was on the paranormal. Now the emphasis is very much about the ego of the paranormal investigators and the entertainment value. Let me walk you through an example. The first ghost hunting series that I attempted to watch, was filmed by a group of 4/5 young men, each one looked like he had spent allot of time at the gym and spent plenty of time before filming gelling and prepping their hairstyles.

Then they opened their mouths and this is where my jaw dropped, because it become like a scene from a rugby player’s locker room, all of them preparing their ego’s for some big attack that is about to take place between themselves and this disembodies soul. As they started walking through the haunted location, the presenters themselves appeared to go into more and more of a possessed state as they started shouting challenges to the ghost/demons who occupied the building and each one’s threat to the ghosts was out done by the next.

For example they would shout things like ‘common, move something dammit!, is this all you’ve got, I’m not scared of you, show me what you’ve got!’ Now the demon/ghosts probably took one look at these Johnny Bravo looking characters and either left of thoroughly would have enjoyed the egotistical male energy that was oozing off these lads. So by the end of their tour through this haunted location, the 'Johnny Bravos’ were thoroughly disappointed by the no-show of the ghosts after they shouted so many threats and promises. If demons and ghosts were to roam those halls, I bet you a million dollars that they were not as inactive as the ‘hunters’ thought they were and would have been sapping their energy and probably encouraging the ego’s to extremes.

So this left me with the distinct impression, that these lads had absolutely no interest in the fate of these ‘souls’ but instead were there to chase things, and show off their ‘fearlessness and skill’s. Even though I had reached my limit with all the ranting and spearing, I decided to carry on and watch another episode. Again these lads with their well gelled hair and matching ghost hunter t-shirts set forth through the next haunted location, where it did not take long for the lad in front to start yelling threats and obscenities as the ‘demon/ghost that they suspected haunted this location. He even went as far as saying to the ghost/demon ‘common we know you hurt the people who use to live here… you think you are so brave, why don't you attack one of us and show us how big and brave you really think you are.’ Obviously at this point I am wondering what performance these lads are going to produce, because obviously if they are pushing for the ghosts to perform, either one of them is going to be attacked or they will have to fake an attack to keep the viewers interested.

I continued watching to see what would transpire, and true as bob a few minutes later one of the strong body builder looking Johnny Bravo’s start screaming like a girl clutching his face. He claims that ‘something smacked him in the face’ which is obviously what they had been waiting for, however what got me giggling was ‘how he reacted’ – screaming and cussing and carrying on as if he was upset by what this demon had done. I am thinking, ‘but wait a minute you were threating and pleading with this ghost/demon just a  few minutes ago: ‘why don't you attack one of us and show us how big and brave you really think you are’ and now that the demon'/ghost has done exactly that you complain and act as if you were completely innocent in the whole thing?

So that is just one example of the strange logic of the ghost hunter. I mean getting back to my example in my previous blog, of us watching a room full of hungry, lost, distraught children and getting a kick out of watching them run around in circles crying; This example of the Johnny Bravo ghost hunters is taking that example to the next level where you would actually taunt the lost, frightened children and make them cry even more. I mean we see examples of animal abuse on the internet/television where people will for example catch wild animals like bears and tigers and then put them in cages and poke them with sticks while the hunters drink beers and film themselves – this is the exact same thing.

I continued to randomly pick ghost investigative videos on Youtube and continued to be perplexed at the obvious level of self interest and the tactics used by the investigators to ‘up’ the level of entertainment value. Each ghost hunting team had its own technique – because unfortunately even for those who were genuinely interesting in documenting paranormal activity – their ratings would be influenced by whether the viewers lost interest or not. For some this did not matter, as they posted their videos regardless of how many views they got and during the investigations very little if anything would ever happen. This to me was more accurate in terms of the real time discovery and documentation of paranormal activity. For some there was action every 10 minutes, which obviously reeked of fakery. Unfortunately as with our taste in movies and music, one thing that stands out the most about the entertainment industry is definitely not the story or the music talent or the lyrics, it has become about the viewer/user, wanting a specific experience and the music/film industry has to cater for the human experience. That is why the movies we are seeing for the last 7/8 years are all the exact same story lines and the focus is always on the same factors such as sex, relationship dynamics, love, money, deception, etc. Same with the music industry  - as Myley Cyrus said herself after being interviewed about her rather strange performance a while back  - she admits that she can make crap music and crap music videos because her fans will always be there.

Getting back to the point why I am doing this blog series, I realized that I was participating in the industry that traps animals in cages and pokes at them with sticks for entertainment. At Desteni, we have been researching the existence of ghosts and the paranormal and I suggest if you are interested in this subject matter – to please follow this link to our demonology website where you will find the video and transcriptions of our series done on Desteni and Demons. From this you will be able to get a better understanding of the approach that I will be taking with this blog series. I am not supporting the existence of ghosts, I will however be walking a series of self understanding and self forgiveness on how demons/ghosts use to exist and how myself and other ‘paranormal enthusiasts’ continue through the mind to create paranormal experiences.

Next I will be walking each of the interviews that we did on Eqafe where it is explained how ghosts use to exist and how people experience paranormal events now – thus I will be exploring my own ‘quantum mind mechanics of paranormal events.’

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