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This blog is based on the next video in the ‘Demons in the Afterlife’ series:

Demons in the Afterlife   Part 4 « EQAFE

  Demons in the Afterlife - Part 4
  'A Demon Perspective of Why the World didn’t Change.’


“in this interview an interesting point, is with regards to why it is that with most demons seeing what was going on in existence, the reality of it all, that we could possess humans minds and that we did not come through and communicate anything substantially. For example coming through and sharing our experience, as demons, in terms of how we came to the demon dimension, why are we in the demon dimension, how did we become demons, what is it like to be a demon and within that the real processes that were existent within human civilisation, in humanity, in essentially only being slaves to consciousness to the heaven existence as energy production machines and systems. So within this there are multi-dimensional points with regards to why we did not communicate or channel through human beings, even though we had direct access and the resources and ability to do so. lets have a look at the points I mentioned first:
One is that us demons who were more aware of our existence, realized that through trying to communicate to human consciousness, in terms of the reality of its own existence in its relationship to physical body and so for the heaven existence it would be futile, because we could see no point of any forms of awareness that would develop if we would share what was really going on.
Secondly that we had from there developed a particular relationship of revenge towards the ‘gods’, the ‘creators’ within the heaven existence in terms of realizing that the only impact we would have, is through creating a direct personal relationship to the gods, to the creators, in terms of intervening and influencing their creations as the human mind…”
What the demon above said, reminds me of your stereotypical demon possession movies – that depict for a moment how a demon would spew insults and ‘truths’ about god, heaven and our human civilisation. If you observe how these movies direct our perception – it always comes down to us forming an idea that demons are merely raving lunatics, crazy beings, bent on destruction. We only see the pain and suffering that the demon causes his/her human ‘subject’, and through this create our opinions that demons are bad/evil, and therefore what they say, even thought sometimes hinting towards truth, is not to be trusted and that in the end we all wish and hope for the girl/person possessed to be saved from their demon.

Movies of course have a big impact on how people perceive this reality. In the movies – we see a combination of sex, drama, violence and the usual elements which stimulate energy reactions within ourselves. Therefore as far as entertainment goes, people most of the time are not interested therefore in really hearing the deeper meanings/insights present in the movie, due to movies existing firstly to entertain. Furthermore we are obviously facing a situation globally all across the board where we are unresponsive to the truth about ourselves and this reality and only want to see or hear that which sparks feelings and emotions and that which does not question our reality. I remember when I use to talk to demons on the Ouija Board, I would be fascinated by the usual demonic rants that most people would consider ‘something from a demon possession movie’. I enjoyed the unconventional way in which demons would simply talk about this reality, about religion, god and humans.

My experience with demons:

The book: What are Demons - Part 1
Shortened version on Video: Andrea's Journey with Demons

Obviously even for me, there were some aspects of my own existence which I would not have changed even if it came from the demons, so understandably I am able to relate to the fact that humans don't respond to what demons say through their human hosts. I myself clung to my own fears and beliefs in and about my life, believing that I was different from the rest of humanity, somehow blessed and special and different. I was really no different from the rest of humanity, because years later when I was in fact faced with a dimensional being speaking to me about the fears I had to let go of, my mind also reacted very strongly and when I had to face the decision of letting go of my own limitation I too chose for my limitation to remain with me.
So, getting back to what the demon mentions in the interview above, in my experience communicating with demons, I could sit for hours simply listening to these sad souls telling their stories about their lives when they were in human forms and how they dwelled in the demon dimension and that this was not life they would wish for anyone. They would explain to me that they did not want to be in heaven because heaven was a lie, they did not want to be stuck on earth either as they were limited to having to use the energy of humans to exist, and therefore as you can imagine if you were to place yourself in their shows, they chose the same entertainment that we as humans choose daily, to not have to face our reality – they too made life liveable for themselves and would do what they did best, be it possessions, quija board communications or influencing people without possession. To a demon obviously, there was no morality. Once you die and in most cases with the demons it would be excruciating or anguished deaths – it changed them. They stood on the other side of death lost, afraid, in shock – just as you would imagine yourself if you had been through a traumatic event such as being raped, blown up, beaten, attacked, victimised.

How I became a demon – Patric

We tend to separate ourselves from demons – even in the ‘paranormal societies’ where we as ‘ghost hunters’ tend to follow ghosts/demons around to understand their existence and why they haunt people/locations, but ultimately we don't really care about why they are in a situation firstly, where they are now demonic’. The question is never asked by ghost hunter/parapsychology how a being in their life time, ended up so traumatised at death that they would end up ‘demonic’. For some beings (and I will add the link here) they did not cross over as ‘demons’ – meaning they did not die in such a way that delved them into a traumatised experience of themselves. Some beings in the old heaven use to choose to become a demon as they communicated with other demons and realised why demons utilised human energy for survival. Some became demonic over time, as they crossed over and realized that everything they were taught on earth was basically a lie – that religion was a lie, there there was no special heaven waiting for them and if in their mind-set up at the time, there was a ‘perfect heaven’ programmed for them (according to the old heaven) if they stood back and saw the heaven bubbles that existed for all belief systems for themselves, thus realizing heaven was just a holding space for souls – this realization of seeing how the dimensions really worked, often caused beings to rebel, in the sense that they would become outcasts themselves from the white light dimensions, where to exist one would have to accept the ideologies of yourself within the context of heaven and ‘god’.

The Creation of Demons – Jack

Aleister Crowley and the Demon Dimensions


Afterlife Experiences and Demonology – Anton LaVey

For more context of the experience of Desteni and Demons and the Portal through which the Dimensional beings in the Interview communicate:
The History of Desteni and Demons

More on the History of Demons/ghost and the current Mind creation of Demons:

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[b]The history of Desteni and Demons:[/b]

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