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Day 145: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 2

Day 143: From Criminal to Principled Living

Day 144: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 1

To come back to the point of utmost potential and how this related to what I have written above; therefore children as myself is/were constantly bombarded by the mind’s survival mechanisms, whilst at the same time the parent is through words and mannerisms believing they are protecting the child, but what is happening is that the child is being impulsed and programmed to also like the parent survive based on fears and energy patterns.Therefore as an example, a parent might have grown up believing that for woman to survive they must appear feminine and thus attract a man with money and therefore she will have a value (money will allow her to get married which equals value and thus further produce children which again gives her value). For example, at some point I remember wearing something which caused my mom to frown and say ‘that is not very lady-like’. In that moment my mom was triggering her belief system of survival as I explained above in relation to surviving in this money system and according to the role of a woman as ‘child bearer’. This is not living our fullest potential, because you will notice it is merely a fear driven belief system which limits a woman to a label, so that we can become those value systems within our minds and once we believe this about ourselves we have ‘value’. So in the end we become energy experiences of say for example ‘valuable’ or ‘a mother’ or ‘needed’ or ‘a woman’ and therefore we are merely energy – which is determined by actions and behaviours that fuel our thinking about ‘who we are’.

Therefore, years ago when I started learning about what is behind what we as people say and do – I saw that nothing was really relevant because I could show how most things that came out of my mind had some other explanation behind it – either a fear or a desire or some state of mind which in the end would allow me to experience myself as an emotional energy such as ‘fulfilled’ for example ‘I “feel” fulfilled when my partner tells me I am beautiful’.  So for me – looking back at my childhood when I worked with what utmost potential means – brought up many memories of moments when my parents/siblings/peers/teachers/influential person, thought they were guiding me through actions or words to become my utmost potential in this world – but really it was actually just to live the limitation which we have all come to accept ourselves to be in this world – whether it is for example to sexualise ourselves for our survival, to live according to a belief system, cultural or religion ideology or to avoid fear, disappointment or loneliness.

When I realized that as humans we do not live or understand what it means to live our utmost potential due to ideas and beliefs we inflict upon ourselves as the physical – I started looking into my own history, my own beliefs about who I am and aaaalll the ideas existent within me about what I should be living. I first addressed ideas I learned from my parents, then I looked at my own pre-programmed designs – meaning the thought constructs that were automated to me, programmed into my DNA as the personalities that I would become, my mind and the physical behaviours and designs that I would experience as my body. From there I looked at what values I accepted about myself from what I have taken over from society, celebrities, music, movies, religion etc. In the end I saw and realized that obviously one can really expand yourself into any direction you want – unless of course you allow a belief system of the mind to come up and tell you otherwise. Referring back to the first point about potential I spoke about above; obviously something to consider is that there are for all of us certain strengths which we are ‘born with’ and weaknesses – and as I have learned weaknesses one is always able to assess and practically work with, meaning to see where one is able to strengthen ones weakness.  This does not mean that we will change all weaknesses into strengths – if one has broken an arm or a leg thus leading one to have a weakening of that limb – one is able to do physical exercises to stabilise and strengthen that limb – however the reality of the situating is that the particular limb/organ might always be different or weaker than the other limb  –therefore one is always working with practicality – to not create far out ideas either that we are invincible and will magically change our reality. This is a physical reality with physical matter – where certain consequences change how physical structures such as the body functions, therefore when I work with myself I always take into consideration how I am able to move myself through a perceived weakness while at the same time obviously being aware of not creating consequences in the physical due to being unrealistic. Therefore I listen to my body.

In the blogs to follow I will be writing about the other principles, which will bring in further considerations around ‘Realising and living my utmost potential’ such as self honesty, self responsibility and self forgiveness.

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Day 144: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 1

This blog is a follow up from:  Day 143: From Criminal to Principled Living
“I commit myself to Live by the following principles and within my writings I will take each basic principle as placed below and write about how I have experienced my awareness/understanding of the principle, how I apply myself within the principle and how I will change that which I am not yet living fully.”

In this blog I will be walking my living and understanding of the first Principle:

1. Realising and living my utmost potential

I remember back to when I was growing up and I accepted certain limitations about myself. Some of these came from statements made by my parents, some were things I saw on the telly, or heard a teacher say or accepted because a friend or sister had accepted it about themselves. You know how children are – they are like sponges – and they are constantly taking in ideas, values, beliefs – you name it, from their surroundings and especially from impressionable characters such as their parents, siblings, best friends and other role models such as celebrities, sports heroes etc. Therefore growing up, a child is always inundated by stimulus, in the form of information – which most adults don't actually even realise they are imprinting onto children.

limited2_nSo firstly, what I have realized about potential is 2 things. There are physical design points which I have grown up realizing has made certain things either easier or more difficult for me to be able to move forward in life. Unfortunately ones potential in the world system is always being measured according to the old stereotypical design points such as skin colour, beauty, height, character, personality, intellect etc. For example I have on many occasions and even today actually, noticed how a woman who is attractive and has blond in her hair – gets different service from men than a woman who does not have these characteristics. Unfortunately, we might have the technology to send men into space and build robots and super machines, but at the end of the day there are still trends and practices in our society which literally come from the time of the cave man. Where men and woman will treat the opposite sex according to physical characteristics. So in the system, ones utmost potential is not some beautiful gift which comes from the stars – and contrary to what reality tv shows would have one believe where occasionally the ugly duckling wins the show purely due to her talent – unfortunately all achievements and gains won within our current societal system – has something to do with the socio-psychological dynamics linked to sex and money and power. So utmost potential in our society – I realized many years ago is very calculated. It comes down to variables – who you are, or what you look like, or your family name, or how much money you have, or which trendy university you went to or which connection you have etc. So utmost potential from the perspective of the world-system exists according to certain rules and laws and dynamics which functions at a deeper consciousness level.

The second thing I realized about utmost potential is as I mentioned above, something that is unfortunately moulded from an early age by our parents and other influential characters – whom mostly don't really even realize to what extent we brainwash and mould our children to become living examples of the reality of what we teach them. What I mean by limitationthe ‘reality of what we teach them’ I am referring to the actual mind-quantum mechanics behind how children develop while they interpret and take in the more subtle aspects of the mind and how the mind-physical relationship exists on a quantum level. As an example a parent might be saying to a child ‘you must believe in god because it has always been that way’. However what the child is picking up on an information, energetic level is much deeper than that. The child is resonantly picking up the parents fears and hopes, inequalities, self-values and the entire design behind ‘hope and sin’ – which exist behind what the parent is ‘saying’. Therefore the child too, will adapt to the thought constructs behind why a parent is telling the child to believe (for example) in a god and from there the child's Psyche so to speak also develops in alignment with how a parent has learnt to indirectly, quantumly adjust and adapt to the dishonesties and fears behind what we do, where we never speak the truth behind why we do what we do, but instead cover what we do with ideologies, belief systems and personalities that make us appear as if we are ‘ok’ and ‘coping’ and actually living our utmost potential, however when one looks inside the human from a  dimensional perspective, what is seen is a very different story. Our children are becoming recycled patterns of fear – passed down from generation to generation, taken on from the parents and peers and other ‘authorities’ – with us not really even being aware of what is happening, because we as I mentioned previously ourselves are not aware of the underlying conscious, subconscious, unconscious and quantum mind mechanism responsible for and functioning as our true nature as the mind.

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Day 143: From Criminal to Principled Living.

I commit myself to Live by the following principles and within my writings I will take each basic principle as placed below and write about how I have experienced my awareness/understanding of the principle, how I apply myself within the principle and how I will change that which I am not yet living fully.

In the bogs to come I will take each point and write about it:

1. Realising and living my utmost potential
Day 144: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 1
Day 145: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 2

2. Living by the principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all

Day 147: Living by the principle of what is best for all part 1

Day 148: Living by the principle of what is best for all part 2

3. Living by the principle of self honesty – to ensure I am pure in thought, word and deed: that my within and without is equal and one. Who I am within is who I am without and vice-versa

4. Self Purification through Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Application – the action of realising I am responsible for my own thoughts, words and deeds, to forgive myself for transgressions and change myself to ensure I take responsibility for who, what and how I am and through this know that I can trust myself to always be honest with me and so others

5. Living the principle of Self Responsibility – realising only I am responsible for what I accept and allow inside of me, my relationships and my outside world and so with this responsibility: only I have the power and ability to change that which I see is compromising who I am, what I live and how this affects others

6. Realising that who I am in thought, word and deed affects not only myself – but others as well and so with Self Responsibility in thought, word and deed – I take responsibility for myself and so my relationships to be Self Aware in every moment and live in such a way that is best for me and so others as well

7. Living the Principle of Self Awareness – to be aware, to see, to recognize my own thoughts and Mind, to be self honest to the extent where I can take responsibility for when I see my thoughts / Mind is not what is best for me / others and commit to immediately take responsibility and change for myself and so for others

8. With taking responsibility for myself, becoming aware of myself – take responsibility and become aware of others in my life, to assist and support them as I am assisting and supporting myself – to give as you would like to receive and do the extra bit every day to see where I can contribute to other’s lives and so my own

9. Living the principle of self trust – as I commit myself to remain constant in my living of self honesty, self responsibility and self awareness, I stand as an unbending trust that I always in all ways know who I am no matter what I face and that in this I know, as proven in the constancy of my living that I will always honour and stand by what is best for all and so best for me

10. Making Love Visible – through me not accepting/allowing anything less than my utmost potential, I support those in my life to reach their utmost potential, to love them as I have shown love to myself by gifting to me my utmost potential, the best life/living experience and show others as I have shown myself what it means to LIVE
11. No one can save you, save yourself – the realisation that the tools and principles of Desteni is the guide, but I must walk the path myself. We are here to assist and support each other in this process from Consciousness to Awareness/LIFE and what it means to live – but the process itself, where you are alone with yourself in your own Mind: is walked alone

12. Not waiting for anything or anyone to take responsibility for me and this world – but that I realise I have created who and how I am in this moment, therefore I have the responsibility to change who and how I am and so the realisation that we as a collective created how and what this world is today and so it is the responsibility of the collective to change how and what this world is today

13. Honouring the life in each person, animal – everything from the great to the small of earth, that we expand our awareness and responsibility to creating the best possible life for everyone and everything and so ourselves

14. Relationships as Agreements: individuals coming together using agreements as a platform to one-on-one expand, grow and develop as individuals in life and living to support/assist each other unconditionally to reach their utmost potential where the agreement is a coming together of individuals understanding what it means to stand as equals and to stand as one

15. Sex as Self Expression – where sex is an united expression between individuals in honour, respect, consideration and regard of each other as equals, two physical bodies uniting in equality and oneness – a merging of two equals as one physically.

16. Realising that by the virtue of me being in this world – my responsibility does not only extend to my own Mind / my own Life, but to the minds and lives of everything and everyone of this earth and so my commitment is to extend this awareness to all of humanity to work together and live together to make this world heaven on earth for ourselves and the generations to come

17. I must in my thoughts, words and deeds – but most importantly in my living actions, become a living example for others in my world that is noticeable and visible when it comes to the potential of a person to change themselves and so change their world. So that more people can realise how we can change this world, by standing united in our self change within the principle of what is best for all to bring heaven to earth
18. I am the change I want to see in me and my world – to bring heaven to earth is to bring into being, into living the LIVING PROOF of a PRACTICAL HEAVEN that can be seen and heard in our actions and words. We are the Living Heaven that must come into creation in this living world.

19. Through purifying my thoughts, words and deeds – my inner becomes my outer, so I bring into creation me as heaven into earth, realising it is not enough to ‘see the change / be the change’ – for change to become REAL it must be a constant, consistent living of me through the words I speak and the actions I live visible and noticeable to all in every moment of breath

20. Realising that my physical body is my temple – my physical body is the living flesh through which and in which I will bring into being and create / manifest heaven on earth as me in my thoughts, words and deeds and so I honour, respect and regard – nurture and support my physical body as I would nurture and support me as equals: my body is me

21. We are the change in ourselves and this world we have been waiting for: and so I commit to dedicate myself and my life for each one as all to realise this, as nothing will change if we don’t change in all that we are, within and without

22. The realisation that for me to be able to change myself in thought, word and deed to the most effective living being that I can be and become – I first have to ‘know thyself’ and so commit myself to investigate, introspect and understand how I became who I am today, to prepare the road before me into self creation of a responsible, aware, self honest and trustworthy person for myself and so for all

23. The realisation that for me to be able to contribute to change in this world – I have to get to ‘know thyself’ as this world and so commit myself to research, investigate and introspect the inner and outer workings of this world and align the systems of today to present and give the best possible life for all on Earth