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Day 153: The Paranormal Series part 16 - Demons vs. Angels part 3

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Which is based on the following Interview:

"So for example a demon could be shouting, swearing, and carrying on in all sorts of strange ways - and as we all are aware of - this would mostly in historical documentation of 'demonic possession cases' be viewed as 'irrational and strange behaviour - would which be classified as purely something that the demon is doing to the human subject. However if you actually look 'behind the scenes' you will notice that the demons will merely playing with the machinery/mechanisms (hence the name of our series: 'Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events') that makes up the human mind. Therefore I suggest listen to this interview as it gives insight into developing an understanding of why demons carries on the way they did and that we as humans were not merely 'innocent' subjects to a 'wild, strange and uncontrollable' imagination of a demon - but instead, were the actual machines that made it possible fro demons to do what they did because everything was already existent within us."

And ladies and gentleman - this is why Mind Possession today - still looks, sounds and is perceived exactly as demonic possession - because even when you remove the demons - you are still left with the human mind, which was the basis from which demon possession occurred from and within. This indicates a state currently of 'chaos' and 'reactiveness, where the mind becomes possessed by our internal conflicts. For example, is it not interesting that we tend to blame everyone for how we behave on a day to day basis? I mean switch on the news or simply surf the internet and you will be bombarded by images of humans acting absolutely bizarre, so much so that most shake our heads in disbelief at the wars, and violence and chaos we see. I mean, switch on Youtube alone and you will see millions of videos (and here I am not even referring to news worthy content) of people acting in ways that would depict 'abnormal behaviour' or a form of 'possession' - from bullying, to weird sex fetishes, to stunts designed to embarrass or exhilarate etc. All of these actions would indicate something else is taking over these people, that surely it is not 'normal' for us to behave that way and that is why drugs and demons and society and socio-economic troubles etc all get blamed for our choices and for the more obvious personality and human behavioural traits which allow for these apparent 'external forces' to take control and find expression in the first place. All of this exposes a strange chaotic nature of the human, which over the last few years has been accelerating on daily basis. And yet, it is very interesting that we don’t consider that it is in fact us doing it to and by ourselves from within, where these external forces act as channels which exacerbate the outcome but would not exist without the Mind. This brings us to the point Mykey makes in the interview where the little bit of 'beigness' that once existed as the human-being - has completely been taken over more and more by the Mind. This many would call 'the evolution of Consciousness', which one is able to see merely means the de-evolution (demonised = de-manned) of our beingness as Life in the Physical to 'The Mind' as programs and energy systems called 'Consciousness'.

You will always find us justifying and blaming something or someone else for the actions of all of humanity from the smallest points e.g. 'I am jealous' to the greatest; 'declaring wars, raping, abusing, fighting etc'. What is quite funny in an un-funny kind of way for me, has been starting up the Demonology Website and Forum. When we started it - we expected the paranormal community to respond well to us offering insights into the designs of the Paranormal and how each is able to step beyond self-interest to see how we have participated in creating the current day 'paranormal' and how each within the extent of self responsibility are able to change these types of mind created events to bring a stop to that which we are directly responsible for. Yet - interestingly enough which actually made sense as I reviewed everything a year later - where I realized that people were not interested in getting to the truth of for example why ghosts were left by a 'god' to suffer alone - no - rather people like the idea of ghosts floating around aimlessly for the rest of their existence, because it gives the paranormal enthusiast 'entertainment'.

Therefore what I have found mostly on the demonology forum, when people come ask to be assisted with what they perceive at the time to be demonic interference or possession - when I support them with content that will allow them to realize they are not being followed by some ghost or demon and that the creation and design of their experience is specific to their own Mind creation - instead of people being relieved (which I would be if someone told me I am not being followed by an evil presence that possibly is beyond my control and could really hurt me) - the reaction has instead been that of disappointment, which if you look at the thought behind it is 'nah boring I want it to be a demon'.

In the next part I would like to also address personal experience with regards to what Mykey mentions when he speaks about 'people following the energy' which is why we have 'spirituality' because this definitely related to me as well as the point he speaks about when he says that demons could change their vibrations so that of the same energy as beings that came from 'heaven' - I have an interesting story to share there as well.

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