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Day 184: Self Purification through Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Application

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4. Self Purification through Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Application – the action of realising I am responsible for my own thoughts, words and deeds, to forgive myself for transgressions and change myself to ensure I take responsibility for who, what and how I am and through this know that I can trust myself to always be honest with me and so others

What I would like to focus on in this blog is talking a bit about my experience with Self-Forgiveness and how that fits into the previous sections or writings that I have done, where I had introduced you to the consideration that to change the world we have to live the change. This I do through applying the tools of Writing and within that Self Honesty to assess step by step where I am with regards to my thoughts, words and deeds. Previously I had also discussed the point of 'self-responsibility' - that in actuality one can look to the skies for answers or 'blame' others - but obviously common sense indicates that what is mine is mine - meaning my thoughts, words and deeds are my own. Therefore if one start observing the problems in the world - one will see how each human's internal realities become at some stage manifested into our external realities.

Therefore we literally do not have to look far to find the solutions to 'world problems' because it all started with the human, with how we think and react and behave. So change human instinctual behaviour and you will eventually change the world. So if one for example sets a proposal to implement a new economic system that will function to support life instead of greed and a person goes into fear and anger and have reaction thoughts protecting ones own self interest over the lives of other - then obviously this shows that internally there are dimensions to the human that are not standing as what is best for all. And yet interestingly we will all fight tooth and nail to protect ourselves in saying that we all really do care. We all really do feel empathy and do feel 'bad' for those who suffer? Really? I say let one's internal truth as who each one really is, be the determining factor that will set the stage for how we as humans are held accountable for how our words, deeds and thoughts have always and will continue to create reality.

So what to do once one has realised that one is completely responsible for what exist inside of Self, plus what manifests as our world. This is where Self-Forgiveness comes in. As the words imply Self Forgiveness is where one has realised Self is responsible towards Self for all ones thoughts, words and Deeds - and within this obviously the power to change Self exist with Self - not some God in the sky. Obviously when I say one is completely self responsible - obviously we take into consideration that there are existent within us specific pre-programmed and genetic traits - which have an impact on how we act and think and behave - however again here we bring the point back to Self. Meaning - once one realises that these designs are within us and therefore are us, then again the responsibility and power exist with Self to work on these designs and programs to change and/or stop them. Therefore some pre designs and programs one will be able to change completely, some take a bit longer depending on how integrated they are into physical systems, and some designs one might not change because they have completely become a physical part and when the physical is damaged or changed beyond a certain point - it from that perspective obviously becomes more difficult for oneself to change the original design as it is now physically manifested. Therefore one is able to delete the original program within self as ones DNA - however the physical consequences might still remain.

With Self-Forgiveness - I want to just backtrack one step and again reiterate that the starting point of self-forgiveness is as mentioned previously, bringing all points back to self - thus this indicates self responsibility. As mentioned previously in self responsibility - one will always be assessing in awareness with using self honesty - look at who self is in every situation. Therefore what are my real thoughts, words and deeds. Then in 'taking self responsibility one is stating that one not only realises that one is self responsibly but is taking it. What does this mean - this means you do what needs to be done inside self and in ones living actions to change or become or move the point to the outcome that you see is best - instead of what it is at the moment one realised the problem in ones 'thoughts, words and deeds'. So here as an example the first step in taking self responsibility for ones designs - is to either in writing pull the design apart - meaning you look at all its aspects, all its creational dimensions - so that within this one is able to take responsibility for all parts of the design so that no part is left sitting one could say in the mind design - to be left - to continue creating. For this one can use writing - which obviously allows one to from within oneself almost 'pour' the information outward onto paper - so that one has all the information 'in front of yourself'. This I have found as many have is already very therapeutic one could say - in the taking from within and placing in front of oneself - it has a release point to a certain extent - from 'keeping things bottled' or supressing things or merely not even seeing anything but having the design 'run' in the background. So a lot of clarity is reached by writing things out - especially in a way that allows one to see the design point - or as I like to call them 'puzzle pieces' that make up the point one is working wit.

Now after writing or simply looking at information inside oneself - as one becomes more adapt at pulling information inside oneself (where writing initially trains one) - this is where one takes responsibility and changes oneself in relation to what one is working with through self forgiveness statements. In forgiving self one is not only reading and writing blank statements. In each statement one is really forgiving Self. See how forgiving Self is completely different then just 'writing self forgiveness'. This many people get stuck with - but for each as for myself has been a point of self realisation - where you realize it like an 'aha' moment -oh I am really forgiving myself. As one applies self forgiveness you will experience many shifts and releases in the mind body connections. But realise that in forgiving self one must be willing to a) as discussed take responsibility for ones role within the point you are facing and b) let the point go - this for many is difficult on 2 levels - one is that self has become addicted to the outcome of the problem - for example being angry with self - one does not want to let go of anger because if I am angry I don’t have to experience intimacy with others and then if I don’t face intimacy I don’t have to face my actual fear of rejection etc …

Secondly one holds onto points because of its placement in the design of ones mind and therefore the mind has specific placeholders for each and every part of ones experiences - therefore applying self forgiveness at times one really will be challenged by ones own mind - proof if you look at it that we have always been quite separated from our own minds even - when we described how difficult it can make things for us. Interesting isn't it -shows us that we have never actually been the directive principle of ourselves - because in most cases we will describe an aspect of our mind (for example anger, jealousy, addiction etc) as being to powerful to overcome.

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