Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 129: Crimes against Life: Forced to keep working in the Sex Industry

This blog is a follow up on:

Day 128: Crimes against Life: Struggling to survive – become a porn star!


On the subject of Money as motivation for why people become involved in porn, I watched 2 documentaries today:

Dark Side of Porn 04 Death of a Porn Star
images (1)This documentary is based on the life or Lolo Ferrari -  labelled as the woman with the largest breasts in the world’ (artificial). Lolo had body dysmorphic disorder which meant that she constantly looked for ways to improve on the shape and size of her face, lips, body and breasts –as she was never satisfied with herself. In short once she got married, her husband served as her agent – from model to stripper to short lived porn star- all based on her fame for her large breasts. In the documentary you basically see the battle going on between her mother saying that it was the husband that was responsible in the end for her death (which they thought was a suicide but 2 years after initial autopsy a second autopsy cast doubt on it being a suicide) and the husband, who claimed that Lola’s path of self-destruction was due to abuse from her parents when she was young.

Loloferrari020122The documentary basically highlights both parties portraying themselves as innocent –saying that it was Lola and either the husband or family that caused her downward spiral to the apparent suicide. Nowhere in the documentary does anybody take responsibility for what happened and for who Lola became. What I want to highlight about this documentary was the opinions given by the Psychiatrists who discuss body dysmorphic disorder as well as the plastic surgeon who mentions that the plastic surgeons who assisted her to constantly have more surgeries done until she in the end looked like and I quote her mother ‘a monster’ –did in fact more harm to her than good.

images (2)So what I am emphasising here about this documentary is the fact that nobody understands that one can criticise this woman for her decisions, but unless one understands how society contributes to the overall design of body dysmorhic disorder –as all the image related ideals we create for woman and men – we will never sort out the problem – because right now how males and females are obsessed with ‘how we look’ is all forms of body dysmorphic disorder which we all generate and participate in creating all the time in our own homes where we teach young girls and boys about acceptance in the form of what they dress and what they look like. So this extreme case of ‘Lolo’ is only emphasised because it stands out – nobody wants to talk about the global problem that exist within most young people today – and that the porn industry exist because so many people are creating abusing, illusionary, capitalistic/consumerist driven ideals about our image and worth as sexual objects both within society and marriages.

The second point here – is that no matter what the psychiatrists and plastic surgeons say about the harm done to and by this Lolo character that was created – the point is we will not be able to change the porn industry and how people get sucked into it – if we don't understand how the money system works – you are not going to change people going into the sex industry for ‘easy’ money if you don't change Capitalism and how people have to survive within our current money system.

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The second documentary:

Me and My Slaves (The Dark Side of Porn) 2006

This documentary follows the life of a ‘sadomasochist master’. The documentary follows this man for a year, where he shows the presenters insights into his life, his dungeon where he tortures people (for money) and the behind the scenes insights are revealed into why this man chose to do this. Now the interesting direction that this documentary takes is that the man says that he wants to eventually towards the end of this documentary quit what he is doing – however you can see that towards the ending of the documentary he reveals that he does not really know what he will now do for money, as he has no particular skill sets as he has been doing this for 25 years already.

So, you can see how this man struggles with his own inner demons as he wants to stop what he is doing because he is starting to connect the dots between his own abusive sexual past of rape etc, to his choices over the last 25 years to be a ‘paid’ sadomasochist. The battle ensues as he is torn between his financial future and basically having to now step into the uncertainty of what he will do for money, and his moral or conscious fight with his choices which were all – as he reveals throughout the documentary in anyway based on being abused sexually.

Now that the picture becomes more clear to him, he wants to step away from inflicting pain on others to cope with his own rage at being sexually abused, but the reality of the situation is that he will now probably have no other job and he even mentions that he will probably loose everything. Towards the end of the documentary you see him packing up and selling his sado masochism tools and equipment, thus revealing that he is truly biting the bullet so to speak and letting go – but again one does not know how it really ended – would he in time simply go back to what he has always done financially? Will the fear of not being able to provide for himself in the system, eventually drive him back to reliving his choices of inflicting abuse based on abuse? Is this really the life choices anybody would want for themselves – is this truly living?

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