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Day 124: The Paranoia Series Part 5: Thought and Cognitive Disinformation

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Day 123: The Paranoia Series Part 4: Consciousness and Cognitive Disinformation

It is so easy for us to always point fingers out there, at the corporations, the media, the governments, them and ‘they’. We have essentially cognitively disillusioned ourselves already by creating a projected idea that how the world exists and the depth of the deception behind how these wheels turn - only occur ‘out there’ by others towards us. Interesting how it is always towards us – but who is doing it if we are always the victims? Reminds me of when one hears/reads a obituary – the person who died was always ‘squeaky clean’, a good soul and loved by their friends, family and community. Most chuckle when we read these, as we realize that the true nature of each human, at the point of death and throughout our lives is never this – and the person themselves during their life would admit that they have secrets, doubts and many points in their world where they fear and lie and hold onto patterns we know do not serve us, but are to addicted to, to fearful of, to let go of. So most humans actually understand at any given time that our inner experience is not so ‘clean’ as our obituaries instantly make us at the time they are written. Each human knows the thoughts that exist in our minds, some see these thoughts towards self and others as a strength that to win over others, you have to think and believe yourself to be better. Others – cringe as the thoughts run through the mind, we cringe as we experience the emotions and feelings that compound one to madness – where you try and convince yourself that your particular personality consisting of daily emotions and feelings are what makes you human – but why is it not so easy then to live in constant jealousy, anger, the need for love, attention and validation.

imagesEven the positive emotions  - one realizes comes part and parcel with having to upkeep the experience to not have to go into the energetic pattern of the opposite polarity – so to constantly chase positive experiences as an experience similar to buying a new flashy cell phone – one is always making peace you could say, with the energy of the opposite polarity which exists because we accepted oneself as an energetic being who is controlled by and dependent upon these cycles of energy as they polarise between the positive and negative. So in essence we have created an outer world that exists as positive and negative experiences – with us in the middle trying to avoid the negative while seeking the positive – this we call life – as we make peace with bad things (the negative polarity) happening daily to billions of beings – human, animal and nature alike –where we hardly flinch (other than reacting inside ourselves for a moment with ‘sadness’) – because we don't see what we are doing – and because we are in the energy patterns as the energy patterns and therefore cannot really feel anything other than the polarity that the moment presents for us  - within our energy matrix.

jealousy (1)So again – looking at what exists in the mind – the question of how and why Cognitive Disinformation exists – is due to those who have mastered Cognitive Disinformation – already understanding how human thinking works. So Cognitive Disinformers are already using a system of the Mind that is Misinformed with regards to the movement of information within the mind and how this is accepted by the being as ‘ok’ and ‘normal’ as thinking and how we then program the mind-physical relationship between how we think and behave. Therefore the essence of responsibility for and of Cognitive Disinformation is to look at the Mind-Systems and how each of us is taught from young - the ways in which to think. For example returning to what I mentioned above –most people say ‘oh I wish I wasn't so jealous’ and yet in thousands of forms all over the world, in all forms of media, entertainment, sport, family, friends, relationships, fashion, the movies, celebrities, capitalism, the value of life between people – here you will find Jealousy as an acceptable exchange between human and human, and human and the physical reality. So we lock Jealousy as an emotional experience into ourselves as how we will respond to others and our reality – in millions of micro ways – and this is just one emotional experience –and yet we don't see that our entire way of living  -exists as all the thoughts, emotions and feelings that we actually on an individual basis realize is uncomfortable Jealousyand harmful. Yet not even in Psychology do they reveal the glue that holds the human existence together – the same emotion and feeling patterns, the same thought patterns that we understand harms us and wish we could actually change. That is because the glue that bind the human to participate in the system – is how the human functions – therefore no matter how the human evolves into a more and more destructive force –what will always be emphasized is how special we are for how we think and what we think – how we fuel emotions and feelings into excessive patterns of behaviour. Therefore to speak about the Human Mind and cause to how and what we allow in this world is seen as taboo – and this in itself by the internet-trolls which we discussed in previous blogs on Cognitive Disinformation – will be protected and people will be hunted down and their internet profile damaged – for speaking of how the human participates in the abuse  -because the Dis-informed uses the Human Disinformation about how we have grown up to be  -to support already existent systems that the Troll/Disinformer wants to protect within the world system.

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Day 123: The Paranoia Series Part 4: Consciousness and Cognitive Disinformation

This blog is a follow up on:
Day 120: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 1
Day 121: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 2
Day 122: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 3

let us take a look at how Disinformation works – how the Cognitive/Conscious aspect of the Human allows for the process of Cognitive Disinformation. Let us look today at the one thing all humans are taught from young – the need to survive eventually within the world and to protect ones own life and what one hold dear against harm. So the following article I will be using discusses why Governments for example get away with Cognitive Disinformation. What interests me, is the Human Consciousness – the ‘Cognitive’ aspect behind why any group or agency gets away with what it does. So the following Article is an example showing us how our own blind trust of authority, those we are told to always follow and believe in will be the ones who will protect us and what we hold dear. In this case for example one can see how the human believe in blind following of authority figures – to protect what is ‘mine’ is the door which opens the opportunity for a group or agency to manipulate people through Cognitive Disinformation:
This blog discussion follows from this excerpt:

The problem

Why Disinformation Works

“Have you ever wondered how the government’s misinformation gains traction?
What I have noticed is that whenever a stunning episode occurs, such as 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing, most everyone whether on the right or left goes along with the government’s explanation, because they can hook their agenda to the government’s account.

The leftwing likes the official stories of Muslims creating terrorist mayhem in America, because it proves their blowback theory and satisfies them that the dispossessed and oppressed can fight back against imperialism.
The patriotic rightwing likes the official story, because it proves America is attacked for its goodness or because terrorists were allowed in by immigration authorities and nurtured by welfare, or because the government, which can’t do anything right, ignored plentiful warnings.

Whatever the government says, no matter how problematical, the official story gets its traction from its compatibility with existing predispositions and agendas.
In such a country, truth has no relevance. Only agendas are important.

A person can see this everywhere. I could write volumes illustrating how agenda-driven writers across the spectrum will support the most improbable government stories despite the absence of any evidence simply because the government’s line can be used to support their agendas.

For example, a conservative writer in the June issue of Chronicles uses the government’s story about the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to argue against immigration, amnesty for illegals, and political asylum for Muslims. He writes: “Even the most high-tech security systems imaginable will inevitably fail as they are overwhelmed by a flood of often hostile and dangerous immigrants.”
The writer accepts all of the improbable government statements as proof that the brothers were guilty. The wounded brother who was unable to respond to the boat owner who discovered him and had to be put on life support somehow managed to write a confession on the inside of the boat.

As soon as the authorities have the brother locked up in a hospital on life support, “unnamed officials” and “authorities who remain anonymous” are planting the story in the media that the suspect is signing written confessions of his guilt while on life support. No one has seen any of these written confessions. But we know that they exist, because the government and media say so.

The conservative writer knows that Dzhokhar is guilty because he is Muslim and a Chechen. Therefore, it does not occur to the writer to wonder about the agenda of the unnamed sources who are busy at work creating belief in the brothers’ guilt. This insures that no juror would dare vote for acquittal and have to explain it to family and friends. Innocent until proven guilty in a court has been thrown out the window. This should disturb the conservative writer, but doesn’t.
The conservative writer sees Chechen ethnicity as an indication of guilt even though the brothers grew up in the US as normal Americans, because Chechens are “engaged in anti-Russian jihad.” But Chechens have no reason for hostility against the US. As evidence indicates, Washington supports the Chechens in their conflict with Russia. By supporting Chechen terrorism, Washington violates all of the laws that it ruthlessly applies to compassionate Americans who give donations to Palestinian charities that Washington alleges are run by Hamas, a Washington-declared terrorist organization.

It doesn’t occur to the conservative writer that something is amiss when martial law is established over one of America’s main cities and its metropolitan area, 10,000 heavily armed troops are put on the streets with tanks, and citizens are ordered out of their homes with their hands over their heads, all of this just to search for one wounded 19-year old suspect. Instead the writer blames the “surveillance state” on “the inevitable consequences of suicidal liberalism” which has embraced “the oldest sin in the world: rebellion against authority.” The writer is so pleased to use the government’s story line as a way of indulging the conservative’s romance with authority and striking a blow at liberalism that he does not notice that he has lined up against the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence and rebelled against authority.

I could just as easily have used a left-wing writer to illustrate the point that improbable explanations are acceptable if they fit with predispositions and can be employed in behalf of an agenda.
Think about it. Do you not think that it is extraordinary that the only investigations we have of such events as 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing are private investigations, such as this investigation of the backpacks.

There was no investigation of 9/11. Indeed, the White House resisted any inquiry at all for one year despite the insistent demands from the 9/11 families. NIST did not investigate anything. NIST simply constructed a computer model that was consistent with the government’s story. The 9/11 Commission simply sat and listened to the government’s explanation and wrote it down. These are not investigations.
The only investigations have come from a physicist who proved that WTC 7 came down at free fall and was thus the result of controlled demolition, from a team of scientists who examined dust from the WTC towers and found nano-thermite, from high-rise architects and structural engineers with decades of experience, and from first responders and firefighters who were in the towers and experienced explosions throughout the towers, even in the sub-basements.

We have reached the point where evidence is no longer required. The government’s statements suffice. Only conspiracy kooks produce real evidence.

In America, government statements have a unique authority. This authority comes from the white hat that the US wore in World War II and in the subsequent Cold War. It was easy to demonize Nazi Germany, Soviet Communism and Maoist China. Even today when Russian publications interview me about the perilous state of civil liberty in the US and Washington’s endless illegal military attacks abroad, I sometimes receive reports that some Russians believe that it was an impostor who was interviewed, not the real Paul Craig Roberts. There are Russians who believe that it was President Reagan who brought freedom to Russia, and as I served in the Reagan administration these Russians associate me with their vision of America as a light unto the world. Some Russians actually believe that Washington’s wars are truly wars of liberation.

For the full article:

disinfoSo what are we seeing in this article – as I mentioned above – the author speaks of a ‘blind faith in what governments represent – because  - after all  - we as the people have allowed ourselves either through the acceptance of this as blind-faith or through the clinging to hope –already accepted that no matter what ‘governments protect the people’. Most people have become aware that this is not the case – however due to brainwashing that we are not able to change the problem – most simply create negative backchat (internal conversations) about governments – and continue with their lives, swearing  and cussing each time we read about government/political deception in the newspapers/media. Other people are not even aware that there is a problem, as for some the brainwashing is so extensive that we do not have the programming consciously to even question that which we see, read and hear. Either way a point exists within the public of acceptance that the ultimate authority will either never do anything to harm ‘the people’ or that there is nothing we are able to do about it.

The other aspect that is mentioned in the article is of course the point of consciously or unconsciously agreeing with what is stated/done by a government with which one has an alliance. Therefore as long as that group/organisation/governments protects me, my family and my life style – I will believe whatever it is they say about another – and therefore Cognitive Disinformation as a brainwashing technique follows the lines of playing on people’s fears of self responsibility, fear of standing up and being held accountable and fear of loosing ones lifestyle or what one experiences a ‘love’ for.

Therefore – what one notices here within the domain of ‘how and why Cognitive Disinformation works’ is because the people/group doing the Disinforming are using that which people trust in and believe against us. This one is able to see for yourself if you do some research into whether any of our governments have ever done anything within the only principle of ‘what is best for all.’ It has always been about protecting power and Money – through fighting over and defending land, resources and the rights to gain that which will give power and profit/money. That is why as I mentioned in a previous blog – the current problems have never been solved even though common-sensically  - they should have been sorted out many many years ago – if even allowed to have come into existence in the first place. So that which we as the public want secretly our governments to protect for us – what is mine’ – is exactly that which they will use to in actuality get us to keep them in power while they also protect only what is theirs – for here the deception starts with knowing that we are all always only wanting to protect our special needs and wants over the rights and protection of Life. So the cycle of Cognitive Deception starts with the individual – what we secretly fear losing and the life style and money we want protected. So even if a few stand up and say we will no longer accept Disinformation and corruption in our governments – how will we change them if they are simply using our fears to protect their fears?


In further blogs we will look at more examples of the Cognitive Human aspect within how Cognitive Disinformation actually functions – that it is obviously – as even our Psychologists and Behaviorists will note – not simply an  external mechanism functioning off thin air –Cognitive Disinformation, as the name suggests Misinforms the Human at our base Cognitive/Consciousness levels – that which we have come to accept as who we are – but don't like it when it is used against us.

So in future blogs I will expand on the solution aspect of Cognitive Disinformation – and will for now highlight what we have noted in this blog – the emotional aspects together with the though processes within the human which make it possible for Deception to occur. The question in ones mind is now –but why can I not protect my lifestyle without being Misdirected/misinformed and manipulated – well lets use basic common sense here:

If one exists equally to all others - where what you have others can have to – then there is no need to withhold anything from others including oneself. If one creates a system which functions on the principles of have and have not – then you are creating fear of not having/fear of loss – which takes the human into the emotional and conscious experience of fear, anxiety and desperation – which has the outflow effect down the line of accepting a system where you have to accept your wins and accept your losses as part of life. This has the generational consequence of people accepting life as possible gains and possible wins and this prepares/programs the human as we enter the system to deceive and steal from others through various Capitalistic Systems – to be able to better gain profit – and this is currently the principles according to which Capitalism functions.

This has the outflow of the system itself which exists of working people earning salaries and bosses all participating in ways to gain the most profit. So what is the Cognitive Disinformer doing but creating a positive view of a particular group/person or organisation while placing another person/group organisation at a disadvantage – which as we noted in the first blog has the outcome of direct economic loss/gain or to ensure an political and governmental wins which will always result in certain groups gaining power over others – which if you use basic common sense and look at how politics work always has to do with protecting money for the select Elite groups.

More on the Conscious aspects of Cognitive Disinformation as we proceed…

Interested in knowing more about how Cognitive Disinformation works – lets look at the ‘traits of a Disinformer’

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Day 122: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 3

This blog is a follow up from:

Day 120: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 1
Day 121: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 2

So to recap on how Cognitive Disinformation functions; it is used by governments, politicians and groups to either justify a specific action towards another country, group or party by stating and publishing for example that the country/group is intending harmful actions and therefore allows the group using Cognitive Disinformation to for example declare war, arrest people, change laws etc. It is also used by groups to create Disinformation about themselves, to create such confusion within the public that they in the end don't believe anything or do not see the group in a negative light, as they either perceive all information to be ‘tainted’ thus allowing the group/organisation to continue with unlawful actions or have creates such a positive view of the group that what is really going on is not questioned. This we see every day in the media where information is used about politicians, corporations/groups to create confusion about what is really gong on – and in the background the group in question simply continues as they were. Another form of Cognitive Disinformation is simply to discredit a group or organisation one does not want to have an impact on the public- and this is for example where Internet trolls as referred to in Part 1 – are paid to create disinformation about groups who could influence/change public opinion – this could either be linked to individuals that belong to smaller groups that simply have a personal belief involved in the group – whom consider their religious views or beliefs to be at threat -all the way to serious corporate funded projects of targeting any internet persona or group that could or has influenced the corporation/organisations ability to continue exploiting the public for power and greed.

As you noted the examples of Historical events around Cognitive Disinformation were mostly centred around political power struggles. On the internet I have myself come across ‘Trolls’ who target groups linked to world awareness who for example challenge world systems like Religion and Capitalism – where the trolls are either paid or direct their actions from the starting point of the Ego to protect personal belief systems and the Dishonest Practices found behind the banner of ‘Free Speech and ‘Individuality.’ For example you might find Internet groups that target and question Capitalism – the function of an internet troll and the websites with which they associate themselves with might either be paid by certain corporations or political agendas to discredit such groups – especially if their influence on the public becomes more substantial. As mentioned previously some internet trolls target only for the protection of their life style and within the personality of the ‘Troll’ one would see that it is an individual prone to aggression, violent thoughts towards others, jealousy and the habit of ‘seeking retribution and vengeance’ on any internet person or group who threatens that individuals ‘life style and internet habits’.

TrollFor example not everybody takes on an active roll in targeting individuals or groups who for example question things like Capitalism, Pornography, the effects of religion on how humanity justifies abuse etc. People might read information of this nature and experience slight annoyance as they react to what is spoken about because the reaction is actually the mind of the being fearing what they perceive they will ‘loose’ if this group was to be successful in the removal or change of things like greed, pornography, religion etc – as the individual depends on the experience they obtain as they themselves enjoy things like ‘having more money than others, watching pornography, and alleviating fear about death through believing in God etc. So firstly the average human reacts to information that could potentially harm their own beliefs and value systems. These reactions are mostly anger, irritations, nasty thoughts, ice coldness (fear) shooting through the stomach, clenching of jaw and fists, defensive words… However as I have experiences and witnessed myself it is the Internet Troll – who within their own personality fantasy design of ‘the warrior’, the vengeful one’ - will seek out and attempt to ‘destroy’ individuals or groups who contradict their beliefs about Life. It is the Ego-driven Internet Trolls who join websites where the specific purpose of the website is a) to talk about and feed each others illusions and ideas about the person/group in question b) to be a source of disinformation – where everybody can contribute truth and lies and mix this and mould this into what the group ultimately wants to experience which is the outcome of anger and the believe that they must ‘act’. c) to then launch projects against the individual or group in question – where the ‘togetherness’ of the forum members creates an illusion that their intention of internet bullying and defamation is NOT against the law and is in fact ok –because there is a group of people believing they are all being done in and therefore it is their right under the protection of Freedom of Speech to target and harm the group/person in mention – from here it allows the group to launch projects intended to harm the group/individual and from this the members draw strength and a point of ‘group-think’ that takes over – feeding the frenzy from lies and half-truths into ‘absolute knowing’.

Next: more on Consciousness and Cognitive Disinformation…

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Day 121: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 2

This is a follow up from:

Day 120: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 1

In this blog we will be looking briefly at the History of Cognitive Disinformation, to show how throughout our History what we as the public perceived and viewed as governments protecting the people, was actually techniques used to gain power for the benefit of the Minority. It has never been about protecting the public – in common sense – you may look for yourself – if this were indeed the case we would not have mass poverty and global situations of extreme suffering in various forms – which the governments claim to have the power to change – yet do not change. Thus – one should take a look back and ask the question – my experience of safety and what I perceive to be a ‘good life’ – is it based on truth, meaning the lifestyle I have become accustomed to – is it what I have always believed it to be – the perfect ‘American-type dream’ or am I living the life I am, but this life has cost others their ability to live the same and this life draws on the enslavement of others?  Do my governments tell the truth when they do something or am I being led down a path of Cognitive Disinformation – when I believe what I read in the news and see in the media?
Let us take a look back at some Historical examples of Cognitive Disinformation. This allowed me to question all information I have been given on behalf of my education system, my governments, my peers  - any person who used lies to get me to stick to the program of how our current World Systems function. For example, was I raised to have a healthy happy life, where I know that my basic needs will be met, and I will not have to fear for my own survival? Yes – I was told that if I go and work in the system I will have this life – and yet this did not happen – and this Lie is perpetuated and sold to ALL. Clearly what we are told is our future – the happy pictures we see in magazines of loving, satisfied people– is for most not attainable – and the current economic system – is more and more using corruption and fraud, as ‘simply the way it is for people to survive and from the starting point of Greed. So – the picture we are sold of a happy healthy life style does not match the outcome experienced by most adults – from the person living on the streets starving to the person drowning in debt. Some have come to see for themselves that there is a big difference between what we believe will be our lives and what we really are living.
I had an interesting experience myself in the last 2 weeks -  I contracted a stomach virus and after vomiting for over 24 hours and seeing no end in sight I decided to go to a doctor. Sitting there is the waiting room, feeling rather bleak, I was yet again reminded of the Cognitive Disinformation that we all are stuck within at all times, as we choose to ignore on a personal level the finer details of our current system. For example – I was fortunate enough to hand the secretary a wad of money and she allowed me to then see the doctor, whom prescribed me medicine – where again I had to produce a wad of money to get. The doctor had pre-warned me that this virus was particularly nasty and that many people had been hospitalised and that if in 48 hours I was not feeling better I should come back. In 48 hours I felt slightly better so I chose not to go back – however the complication after a few more days, with the nausea and vomiting caused me to burn my oesophagus – so I ended up going to hospital with what felt like chest pains about 3 days after my initial visit to the doctor.
Lying there in the emergency ward, I actually started to cry, as I heard people coming into the ward, some crying, some looking very sickly, all being led to beds to be checked by the doctor. I cried after a while because I again was reminded that we were the ‘lucky few’ the ones who were feeling so sick or injured that we could at least go to a hospital for relief/support. What about the millions of people and animals who do not have this luxury? This should after all be our birth right and yet this is something that is taken away for millions of humans and animals alike. I mean, place yourself in the shoes/paws of someone – or look back at a time when you were admitted to hospital – now imagine you do not have that luxury  - you are gravely ill or dying, in immense pain – and you have no where to go. You lie on a bed suffering until you either die or after a long while your body recovers from the illness. Now it reminded me again of the Cognitive Disinformation that we have all accepted as the ‘public/the individual’ on the levels that we completely refuse to see. I mean I can show examples of Cognitive Disinformation as it occurs politically, in history, in war time, by governments and secret groups –where we again as the public have all agreed that ‘those people’ deceived us. But on a day to day level – we completely refuse to see the lies that we all participate in and continue to live.
I mean even in the article excerpt to follow (history of Cognitive Disinformation) - if you look closely you will notice that the author writes about ‘the politicians, the governments’ the ‘usual suspects’ and the ‘usual forms of cognitive disinformation’ – at no point or should I say rarely do i see people referring to the other form of cognitive disinformation that we are subject to from birth as we allow our superiors, our parents and teachers to mould us into who we are now and what we accept within life. I mean – somewhere along the way – we accepted that it is ok for some to have money to survive, such as in my example of the hospital – and that others must just suffer and die. We decided somewhere between the innocence of childhood to who we are now – that it is ok to withhold food and other basic requirements from a  life form equal to ourselves because they do not have a piece of paper (from a money system that is designed to cheat and deceive people out of money at every step). So even if you have money – for most it is still unaffordable to have a decent life style above basic survival.
ST-459-10-62So we speak of the Cognitive Disinformation that governments and corporations subject us to, but then we only mention a teeensy hand full of examples – we don't mention the type of examples mentioned above of training us to believe that some can afford to survive while others cannot. And we all accept this Cognitive Disinformation about life, about who we are – and will even proudly say ‘but I am a good person/christian/soul etc’ while what I allow is the daily massacring/holocausts of millions. We call ourselves spiritual beings, but we will always place money as a currency between life and death.
Therefore as difficult as it is for most to see – Cognitive Disinformation is not only found in the History stories based on Political Disinformation – but in the individual, the public  - our own beliefs, ideas and desires – our individual ‘brainwashing’ which contradict Reality.

So taking a look here at some of the History of Cognitive Disinformation:
Excerpt taken from:
Gale Encyclopaedia of Espionage & Intelligence:



“Disinformation is mostly commonly described as false information created by governments in wartime for military purposes and by totalitarian governments for political purposes in peacetime. Rumors, lies, and other forms of disinformation were made public by the Soviet Union to discredit the United States, the latter being the context in which the word is generally applied. The KGB coined the Russian word dezinformatsiya; it came into the English language as disinformation. The technique of disinformation goes back at least to 1918 with the end of World War I. Disinformation as a KGB weapon began in 1923 when I. S. Inshlikht, deputy chairman of the GPU, then the name of the KGB, proposed the establishment of a special disinformation office to conduct active intelligence operations.
history3Soviet active measures. Soviet active measures refer to the influence operations organized by the Soviet government. These include white, gray, and black propaganda, as well as disinformation. White propaganda was created by the Information Department of the Communist Party and included those publicly identified Soviet channels as Radio Moscow, Novosti, and pamphlets and magazines as well as official Soviet government statements. Gray propaganda was organized by the International Department of the Communist Party and used such channels as the foreign Communist Parties and the network of international Soviet fronts. Black propaganda was prepared by the KGB and included agents of influence, covert media placements, and until 1959, assassinations. Forgeries and disinformation were used by the Soviets in all modes. The first effective disinformation campaign was during the Korean Conflict. This was a major Soviet disinformation campaign that generated media attention. The Americans were accused of going into Korean villages during the Korean conflict (1950–1953) and shooting villagers, or killing them with biological weapons and chemical warfare. In fact, the Soviets used anthrax in Korea to kill men, women, and children, and then blamed it on the Americans.
An attempt is now underway with the Cold War History Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, DC, to counter this account, especially through the work of Katherine Weathersby who discovered that Soviet documents obtained through a Japanese researcher belied these rumors and accusations. The issue re-surfaced in the book United States and Biological Weapons: Secrets of the Early Cold War and Korea (Indiana University Press, 1999) by Stephen Endicott and Edward Hagerman. Endicott was the son of one of the men who helped to disseminate the disinformation campaign, James Endicott.
On September 9, 1982, President Ronald Reagan designated the United States Information Agency to lead an inter-departmental effort to counter Soviet propaganda and disinformation. For an advisory body, the administration created the Active Measures Working Group in 1981 to bring together the information the various agencies held to counter Soviet disinformation and forgery. It served as a clearinghouse to expose such information and it had permission to use classified documents and any other resources that were required to meet this goal. The Working Group was chaired by the State Department with representatives from State, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, United States Information Agency, and the Defense and Justice Departments. The Working Group ended in 1991, two years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
AIDS disinformation campaign. A major effort for the Working Group was the AIDS disinformation campaign, a controversial topic that had basis as a Soviet disinformation campaign. A sensational disinformation story appeared with allegations that the United States deliberately created AIDS in the laboratory to use it as a weapon. The KGB started the story in 1985 with placements in both Soviet and foreign newspapers; by September, 1986, it became a major campaign when an English language paper that actually originated in East Berlin carried the story. "AIDS: Its Nature and Origin," was distributed at the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Harare, where it contained pseudo scientific verbiage, but the only evidence linking the origin of AIDS to U.S. military laboratories was the following unfounded statement: "The first appearance of AIDS exactly coincides with the opening of a P-4 laboratory at Fort Detrick [Maryland]—taking into account the incubation period. This is also indicated by the fact that the spreading of AIDS to the world emanated from New York, a city in the neighbourhood of Fort Detrick. The assumption that AIDS is a product of the preparation of biological warfare can therefore quite plainly be expressed."
vector_development-0404The Soviet disinformation campaign accused the U.S. government of creating the AIDS virus as a weapon against black people and the story quickly appeared worldwide, despite U.S. protests that Fort Detrick, in Maryland, was hundreds of miles from New York. In April 1987, U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop advised the Soviets that if this campaign continued, "direct U.S.-Soviet collaboration on AIDS research would be impossible." The KGB then began winding down the worldwide campaign, but other countries continued to endorse the disinformation. In Africa, stories circulated for years that the United States created the AIDS virus. The U.S. Information Service (USIS, USIA overseas) staff responded with accurate information that countered these charges and defused the situation. In Pretoria, South Africa, and in Lilongwe, Malawi, USIS information was able to refocus the media on AIDS prevention rather than on false blame.
World Trade Center attacks. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, a disinformation campaign originated that 4000 Jewish persons did not show up for work at the World Trade Center on that day. Authorities have not determined the origin of the disinformation, but have concluded that its source was probably from an Arabic region, as the circulated disinformation did not mention the fact that the hijackers were Arabic. This was the first recorded account of an urban legend that has swept the Arab world, and no facts in it have ever been substantiated. The disinformation appears to be based on concern expressed by the Israeli government for the fate of 4,000 Israeli residents in New York, a small number of whom worked at the World Trade Center. Within a matter of days it was no longer 4,000 Israelis who were supposed not to have turned up to work, but 4,000 Jewish persons; then reports appeared that no Jewish persons died on September 11. In fact, many Jewish Americans died in the attack, as well as four Israeli citizens—two in the World Trade Center and two on hijacked planes, according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.”

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