Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 156: The Paranormal Series part 17 - Demons vs. Angels part 4

Today's blog is a continuation from:

"In the next part I would like to also address personal experience with regards to what Mykey mentions when he speaks about 'people following the energy' which is why we have 'spirituality' because this definitely related to me as well as the point he speaks about when he says that demons could change their vibrations so that of the same energy as beings that came from 'heaven' - I have an interesting story to share there as well."

So in the previous blog I mentioned that I would like to share my own experiences around 'following the energy' -and by this I am not only referring to the positive 'light worker' type energy, but also the dark demonic energies.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I always moved around and within polarities when it came to spirituality - depending on my mind set and what my current economic situation allowed. For example if I was in a stage/state in my life where I was trying to make a life for myself, I would go after the positive energy (which I will speak about more further down). Then as things would crash and I would find myself yet again bored with my life or afraid or angry then I would swing towards the negative. Heck - looking back now - I remember finding a balance between the 2 points and living both - lol. Yes, I would play around on the Ouija Board talking to demons about how bad life is and how everything sucked - while my profession was a Kinesiologist and 'healer'. This obviously happened, as I have come to realize because I was (as most are) in conflict about who I was and how I was living versus what I wanted to be.

So I am now going to take a look back at how I designed these 2 different energy-polarity personalities. My earliest memories of starting an interest in the Paranormal was probably already around the age of 8/9. It started with me watching tv shows like 'Sightings' and 'Ripley's believe it or not' which peaked my interest in the unknown, the bizarre and the unbelievable. From there I started buying books on ghosts and the paranormal and definitely developed a fascination leaning more towards ghosts/poltergeists/demons than UFO's and the rest. I remember the feeling now - it was always in the centre of my chest - this energy which if I could describe it was 'macabre', 'anxious' and 'mysterious'. The anxious energy specifically related to 'the unknown', in dealing with or coming into contact with things 'out there' that were invisible and I did not know when or how it could interact with me. I supposed one could say that those were typical childhood interests in anything that peaked an interest and stimulated the imagination.

I also recognise the energy as being that of 'curiosity' and 'intrigue' - where as a young person my mind was obviously being trained by my parents, society, teachers and my religion to not have and develop common sense or to even really ever know or stand within the truth of things - but to be an observer in life or 'that which gives life meaning' - meaning have you noticed how we as humanity value that which supports the lies we hold onto and therefore if anything is being faced - the mind will have difficulty grasping the straight truth, as it will filter what is happening through how we are programmed to deal with reality? For example (for those of you thinking huh?); as children our parents think we are pretty dam stupid. They tell us bald faced lies about god and money and love and how the system works and about fake human values etc… As a child we often question these values and norms - because as they say 'the mind of a child is innocent' -which essentially means the child has initially not been trained to bring up bulshit filters to filter the truth of situations -and therefore will directly ask questions. The parent/caretaker/adult will mould the perceptual abilities of a child and in some religions and cultures even abuse children verbally, physically and emotionally - until the child beLIEves the same mumbo jumbo as the parent.

This is Brainwashing ladies and gentle man - at its best. And here we tend to vilify groups - where we call them 'cults who brainwash people' - but this is exactly what happens to children in almost every house hold. The child is not born believing in invisible gods and worshiping money over all life - they are taught this by the parents and society. Literally the parent takes a child's fresh, clean, blank mind and washes through it with knowledge and information that have absolutely nothing to do with this physical reality and which harm the physical reality extensively. To give you an example: a child is not born beLIEving that little blond girls are prettier than girls with brown hair - this is brainwashed into children to prepare them, as the adult had to do to become brood-stock to be picked by the strongest man with the most stable income to provide for her so she can make babies (sounds crude but hey when the shoe fits…).

Children are not born believing that an Allah or a Jesus or a Satan sits somewhere above (or below) them watching their every move, punishing them at random times if their bad (or good?) behaviour and removes all responsibility fro them just because 'they worship' and thus allows them to participate in a world where cause and effect is the law, but because of 'beLIEve', cause and effect apparently does not touch the religious . Children are not born believing that animals are there for us (created by the invisible dude in the sky) to do with as we please. I could keep going with examples, but I think you get what I am saying...

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