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Day 186: The Paranormal Series part 41: The difference between Energy and Breath 2

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"Therefore what I am referring to here - is one of the points that Mykey also mentions in the interview - where human awareness always actually does know what we are doing to ourselves - but we don’t use awareness to change what we are doing. This in itself obviously indicates the addictive nature to what exist within us as our energy systems - which we do not want to change…"

Now to get to the main point of the interview - Mykey was referring to Energy versus the breath. I drew a line showing how energy systems have developed into a beliefs system that no matter what energy is real and energy is 'who we are' and that if one were to address energy systems and patterns within a human that is not what is best for all - you will be crucified for your blasphemy because you are indirectly spitting in the eye of god. Therefore we do not question the invisible guy in the sky and we also don’t question the invisible energy reactions in the human.

Therefore while on the topic of the difference between energy systems, which as I have now covered is considered 'who we are' and breathing - lets walk an example of both to see what is it that we really are. Ok - energy -as I have explained above - most will describe all forms of energy currently in our human understanding as 'godly' or cosmic'. But - is energy really who we are - this is always the debate between spiritualists and myself - where I have on many occasions had light workers and spiritualists getting quite angry with my blogs or vlogs because from my perspective light workers and people who 'follow energy' of the mind are Elitists - people who have their basic needs seen to and now have the time and privilege to dabble in energy systems - while making it sounds as if the ones out there trying to merely survive are 'doing something wrong' from some cosmic perspective that they too are not 'taken care of' my some god or cosmic intervention. Talk about turning the tables - to actually not consider that our money system is at any given time only able to provide jobs and money and opportunities for so many people, and therefore many other factors come into play for a large group of people to live on the bread line or in poverty and therefore to diminish the actual reality of how we allow people to starve to death - because we justify their fate in some invisible energy/cosmic sense - is to me the true evil in this world. Therefore I indicate that if you really want to 'change the world' or call yourself a 'light worker' or humanitarian', surely one must considered how this reality really functions and not the illusion of energy through which obviously we are not able to feed people and stop the current behaviour of the human and systems of the world such as your economics systems. If this were so- with millions of light workers focusing 'daily' on changing reality through invisible forces - would there not be change already?

Waiting for invisible gods and energies to sort out this reality - It is like giving little children permission to decide the fate of millions of beings - where they can decide that invisible little fairies living in some cosmic realm - either likes you and will send you food or they don’t. Crude analogy but that is basically what it comes down to. Even your most level headed person, that I have come across will have a religious mind set when it comes to things like suffering, starvation etc. Even if the person does not claim to belong to a religion, there still exist a construct of religion in their mind (the realm of invisible things) - where invisible forces are responsible for those dam poor sods that cant feed themselves. You will always hear the excuse of 'well shame they should just find jobs - really what jobs - invisible jobs? Or 'well they are just not trying' oh ok so the millions of people who end up in low wage shitty jobs for their entire lives because there are obviously not enough decent income jobs for millions of people in one city - you are saying… they are just not trying enough? Is that invisible fuzzy logic you are using - where you get to make things up and that makes the situation of the world 'ok'? So again invisible logics fuzzy bubbles in the sky - where basically any reason made up by the capitalist mind as to why suffering and abuse in our current capitalistic system is ok, 'because 'we said so'. This again also comes down to the 'I think therefore I am 'crap. Where because we as humans believe we are at the top of the food chain due to our apparent 'superior intellect' anything that comes up in our minds is absolutely proof of its 'rightness'. Again I suggest that we get off our high horses and realise that the only reason why we believe ourselves superior to other life forms is that we use physical force against other life forms if they don’t let us have our 'superiority' Therefore we have categorised and forced animals and nature into roles that we want them in, and if they don’t go into those roles, we shoot, kill, enslave and maim them...

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