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Day 163: The Paranormal Series part 24 - Demons vs. Angels part 11

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"So with all religion one is able to see how and why one walks this religion and wears it like a cloak. What does it do for you? Why do we create this 'cloak' which protects us, hides us, changes us and gives us rules to live by? Why do we externalise ourselves into Religion instead of us being the directive principle? Is it because without religions man would fall apart? Does religion first show us the diversity of the human mind fucks, where as I mentioned previously religion allows the human our self interest, where we create self interest of 'WHAT I WANT' and our religion allows us to explore and justify 'WHAT I WANT' because no one can argue with me if I say that my god wants this or god gave it to me, or 'but the bible tells us so.' I mean golly gosh who is going to argue with a god? So this is our way of justifying how we want to live life and then we throw religion in the face of any person who argues against us. You cant pick a fight with god now can you? (not saying I believe god exists, merely drawing a parallel between the idea of a god exiting in ones mind and what this means in totality for human behaviour). For me it was also a matter of 'feeling loved' through 'belonging' and through the words that came through either in books or on the ouija board.' All of the above where some of my reasons for the religion/belief systems I chose…"

Therefore getting back to the point of people asking the questions about what I say and me using this opportunity to answer those questions. The question I am answering here is continuing from above, where people say 'well you cannot use a Ouija board and be a wiccan.' Really? If one removes your filtering system and the limitations you have set up inside yourself as J and I did - and you change your starting point inside yourself of what you accept and what you don’t - then is that not just the formation of yet again another religion of spiritual practise? I mean J decided when he started playing on the Ouija board and his guides came through to protect him while talking to spirits, that this is a great way of communicating not only with the dead but also with his guides. And as he explained it - his guides saw it as a great method too. Therefore he decided he was not limited by 'how others practise' - and will expand himself within his 'religion' to include that which he sees is useful and fun. Obviously this for him was a matter of trusting his guides and that that they could protect him and he trusted what they told him. This would obviously be different from person to person, where one does not veer away from 'normal practises' if one fears 'what is out here' or you do not trust yourself or your religion enough to step outside the barriers as set by others before you. Therefore, I am showing that all religion and spirituality is simply 'made us stuff' - and sometimes one would get it right and sometimes one would face problems - but is this not how everything we have in our world came into existence - because somebody went out there looking for it, exploring, asking the questions and testing?"

The next type of question that has come up before, is whether I am supporting Wiccanism over other religions? What perhaps did not come through clearly in my previous videos and/or writings, is that the whole reason why I am sharing my past, is to show how I walked a path of self realization. This does not mean that I realized myself in some religion, spiritual context. I realized ME. This means that as I worked more and more with my own mind and 'how the human mind functions' and it was shown to me how I have made the decisions I have made thus far - I realized that religion and belief systems specifically only exist in the mind and even though aspects of it are based on reality, still the fact remains that religion and spirituality are constructs that support the mind of the individual, meaning the thoughts that move in your head only - that little bubble on the top of our necks where the brain is - that is where thinking happens - and that is where belief systems and religion are created and participated in.

Therefore what we believe exists out there as reality, are merely in fact only in the bubble of our minds. And the mere fact that one 'believes in something' indicates that there is no physical actual basis to what one is saying, and that one admittedly is saying I believe in information that is found in books and in the minds of others and in my mind and because I don’t know how things work physically and I have no control over the physical - I have to exist in my mind as 'beliefs'. For example I am able to hold a coffee cup in my hand therefore I did not have to believe in coffee cups. Religion takes a few physical events and actualities and combines it with belief, which is information made up in the mind about how things are and how things work. And this is of course where things get very dangerous and very delusional - because we fight wars, hurt each other, our children, ourselves and the animal/nature kingdom because of beliefs. Ouchie.

So, getting back to how J and I started delving more and more into magic: What really got us going the one time, boy oh boy. Ok so J's aunt and cousin were disdained by the fact that he was gay and a wiccan. Where his mom and dad and sister (who all lived together) would be more accepting about his 'ways' - these other family members were not so 'kind'. So, the one day J phones me and says that he had gotten into a huge argument with his aunt and her daughter. He said that they had apparently verbally attacked him about his spirituality and called him a weirdo and lazy and so forth. That evening I visited him and we decided to 'cast a spell' on them so that the 'harm' they did to him would come back 3 times to them. Two days later they receive a phone call that the aunt and her daughter were driving to town and were in a car accident. So, you can imagine what went through our heads as he shared the news with me. We connected this event to the spell that we had cast, and this confirmed our ability to perform magic...

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