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Day 180: The Paranormal Series part 36 - How Demon Possession works part 2

"In relation to how the demons would utilise these fear programs - is obviously back to the original point I made above about why demons grunted and groaned and screamed and flopped about and bulged their eyes etc etc. The demon is accessing the exact sounds and pictures the baby/infant programmed into themselves and therefore by the demon 'accessing' these exact 'trigger points' they would push the being into their fear - which would result in a massive charge of energy - which is the pure raw energy that the demon would then feed off of. That is why in so many demon possession movies, we have to scratch out heads at how the demon carried on - perceiving that it is the demon that is crazy, tormented, lost - but in fact the demon itself is quite fine and aware of what it is accessing (triggering within the human)."

*Firstly please note that when I refer to 'demon possession movies' I am not saying that what happens in Demon Possession style movies is factual - most of what happens in demon possession movies is Hollywood over exaggeration- however some of what appears in these films are based on historical facts. Obviously for those interested in demonology - you can Google historical events of demon possession - to stick 'to the facts'. 

Therefore you will notice in demon possessed cases that the demon will a) make specific sounds b) contort the body c) speak in weird languages or d) swear and cuss and insult people.

Also they did not only, as we all know trigger the fear of the person they were possessing - they were also triggering the subconscious fears of the people in the room. So here the demon would for example pick up on morality issues around sex and society and religion etc. Thus by observing the subjects belief systems - the demon would know how to best trigger their fears - by bringing to the surface all the hidden dimensions of how this individual has been programmed.

That is why the demon will trigger for example fears, suppressed anxiety or anger about sexuality -which is why one would see so many religious people being triggered by demons. Here of course various religions would argue that the reason why demons attack them is because of their true faith in God, and therefore the demon is trying to spite god etc etc. No, the demons were merely accessing the individuals fear systems, which come through strongly in the religious. Consider the following: The split that happens inside a young person when they are taught about religion - is where the person creates a mental connection to some higher being and thus in the mind splits themselves (to explain this loosely) where 'who they are' as 'Self' does not exist - because they are taught to exist as part of a connection to a higher being or force. Therefore instead of remaining as one complete being (which is what we are) the mind of the being places parts of itself separate into and towards this 'cosmic/godly' belief system - therefore in essence we separate ourselves from ourselves with regards to many parts of ourselves.

This is all created by the parent or religious institution teaching the young person to fear large parts of themselves, life and 'the world' - and therefore to place their trust and love, self direction and self decision making into the 'god' part of their mind - which obviously is perceived as an actual 'god/cosmic force' in the sky, but it is really just a construct placement in the mind. The parent/religious institution then teaches the child all the words and pictures and feelings through which to create this separate construct in the mind -which again is perceived as being something separate, out there, in the sky type of thing - but if you slow down the mind you will notice even though it feels like it is going out a bit and searching or reaching 'outward' towards some force, it is still inside itself - obviously or else one would actually experience yourself leaving your body and moving away from your body - which would not happen as the being/body would then die as the mind extracts itself from the body. There are people that would then claim they are in fact able to astral travel or move from their body - I suggest listen to the following interviews for more contextual info:

Seeing Dark Shapes/Figures (Part 1)

Seeing Dark Shapes/Figures (Part 2)

So, back to the point I was referring to above about the Fear that resonates in one from childhood. This was an interesting point, because I can definitely relate to this. Have you ever noticed yourself walking into a room and seeing an object in the room, or a colour, and you start feeling an anxiety or uncomfortability slowly coming up from your solar plexus? Have you ever met someone and as they start speaking, or you see a specific facial expression or behaviour or a change of tonality and you start feeling a slight anxiety around the person? We would come to a conclusion - which is again the mind protecting itself - where we would 'decide' as a 'thought' that comes up that there is something about that person, or room that is off, or that you felt uncomfortable around the person or uncomfortable going to that friends house or to that party etc. From here we make conclusions that it is the house or the venue or the place or the person that is 'off' - and one will even find reasons to say this by pulling on things that happened that one could use as justification.

Ghost hunters are especially good at this - where the specific personality design of a ghost hunter' will pick the hobby of ghost hunting to go and experience their hidden fears - by 'feeling for ghosts' and feeling for 'energies'.

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