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Day 70: International Crime Research: Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and Sociopaths Part 7

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The Serial Killer Mind:
The Case of Jeffrey Dahmer

My Self-Forgiveness will be based on the main points taken from the following article:

The Case of Jeffrey Dahmer: Sexual Serial Homicide from a Neuropsychiatric Developmental Perspective

In the following Blogs, I walk self-forgiveness on Sex, Porn, Child Pornography and Masturbation.


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Sexual Serial Killer

"The identification of AD as a decisive factor in the genesis of sexual serial homicide in the JD case may well represent a psychiatrically, criminologically, and biologically relevant paradigm of substantial heuristic and practical value because it may provide a unifying explanation of sexual serial killing behaviors that integrate neuropsychiatric, behavioral, and developmental levels of organization for at least a subset of sexual serial killers. Arguably, the foremost advantage of the proposed pervasive developmental disorder paradigm for serial sexual killing behavior is that it may provide a central insight into the specific psychological causes for serial killing in association with specific underlying neurobiological events.

In contrast, most typologies for the causation of serial killing behavior strongly rely on sexual motives as well as a need by the perpetrator to control the victims. Egger addresses this issue when he states, “It may simply be (as the author is beginning to believe) that the serial killer’s search to gain control over his or her own life by violence and sex and to control and dominate others is the central and causal factor in the development of the serial killer”."

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing sexual motives to exist within me, instead of a physical sexual self expression.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this motive to exist within me, through which I use the media as pictures, gestures and empty promises, to lure me through my Mind's energy addictions - into actions that are not one and equal to the physical's sexual expression.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the indoctrination of my mind with images of sexual acts, combines with sexual energies triggered through backchats (inner conversations) that were created by me to specifically generate massive amounts of sexual energy - as I see these images, whereby I become possessed by my permission, through my own design.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself when I become aroused through this sexually charged mind system, to blame advertisements, movies, porn stars and the media -whilst still holding onto this system design within me, within the recesses of my secret mind - where I refuse to let go of 'my precious design' while all the time proclaiming to not really be responsible for these desire that I act out, while possessed by and through my own design.

I commit myself to stop the addiction patterns, that form once I attach an energetic value to a word, picture or gestures.

I commit myself to remain stable here as breathing, one and equal to my physical reality, as I see, realize and understand that it is not the physical that is causing me discomfort and pain - as it is my minds relationship to the physical, through which I have imposed a system design which triggers in time with how I programed it to be, while injecting my energy systems onto the physical body.

I commit myself to realize that nothing is gained by forcing this physical body I have to become subject to my mind-relationships, and therefore I commit myself to learn about how my physical body in fact functions within sexual self expression and from there to walk as the physical in realigning myself here as my cells as they interact within oneness and equality to all aspects of the physical.

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