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Day 74: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 1

This past year, one of my Psychology undergraduate subjects was 'Social Psychology'. As part of this Blog series I will apply self-Forgiveness on all te Personality-Character Designs within 'Social Psychology, which have all been accepted as 'the way we are' and 'human nature' - where not even within Psychology or these Psychology textbooks, is mention ever made, that these accepted Personality-Character designs are actually the foundation of how we Live and become Abusers of life on this planet.

Thus far I have been walking the Series on The Character Design of Serial Killers, where I draw a comparison between the Mind of 'Serial Killers' and the Mechanics of the Mind of your average 'Human'. I decided to walk the two series' parallel to each other, which is actually quite specific, as walking the 'Social Psychology Series' will indeed assist in connecting the dots between the Psychology of a Serial Killer and the same Mind-Mechanics of 'The Human' as Abuser of Life.

"Social Psychology: The Scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior and thought in social situations."


According to the Social Psychology Textbook Heuristics are "simple rules for making complex decisions or drawing inferences in a rapid manner and seemingly effortless". You get the following types of Heuristics:

1. Representativeness Heuristic: "a strategy for making judgments based on which the extent to which current stimuli or events resemble other stimuli or categories" (Social Psychology 46). An example would be meeting a person for the first time, and noticing that her clothing style is rather conservative, neat and orderly - and through this you connect her clothing style to other people whom you have seen wearing the same thing, and from this you try and assume who this person could be and the profession he/she follows - therefore conservative, neat, orderly could be school teacher, librarian, business manager. The extent to which we take this 'association-program' exists within the confinement of associating values to people and things and accordingly also programming into this association all kinds of judgments as likes and dislikes. Take this one step further and you are looking at the human as an example or an organic robot, where we program all new events and experiences into our Mind according to predetermined values. This is how we categorize our world, not according to how things are, but according to energy system - wherein we assign values to people and things, based on how we experience ourselves in the presence of these predetermined values. For example in the case of 'school teacher, librarian, business manager' - the labeling effect included basing our own judgments into these labels, as mentioned previously according to how we experienced ourselves when around 'school teachers, librarians, business managers'. This would mean that when we are meeting a new person, and make the connection according to his/her way of dressing, speaking or their life style - and we allow this automatic program to 'kick in' and through this automatically react by 'making a decision about the person' we are directly allowing ourselves to not experience life and each other and this physical reality as it is, directly by observing this as they are - but we filter through pre-programmed likes and dislikes.

If one observes the world today - this heuristic is seen everywhere as we judge each other according to what we wear, where we went to school, the economic bracket we live within, the type of car we drive, our choice of lifestyle, our physical characteristics, career etc. In the background we have from young been indoctrinated into believing that who we are is dependent on how we speak, look and appear to others. Therefore the consumerism market plays on the fact that from young, people are projecting their self worth into and onto other 'things', 'concepts' and 'people' such as celebrities and our accomplishments and 'status' in life. Within this nobody questions whether this is truly what is best for man, because everybody who teachers this projection of self through things and people, have come to accept the consumeristic nature of our existence. Even when realizing that Capitalism thrives from this human internal battle, through selling us through whatever means possible, our 'self-worth and 'self-acceptance', we go as far as supplying instant justifications that we are doing so to keep 'the economy supported'.

Most act according to this Representativeness Heuristic through the belief one grew up within, that self is and has always been dependent on others. That is why religion is shoved down our throats - even if one considers that a child is born not knowing of gods and things like beauty vs. ugly - but soon is indoctrinated into all these beliefs and made to live it, or is reminded that self will not be acceptable to others and that you will 'go nowhere in life' if you dont 'fit in'. I remember from my own childhood experience, my mother tried to support me within her own frame of reference by always reminding me to walk tall, wear nice clothing, do not chew my nails and dont swear so much'...or you wont meet a nice man who will want to marry you. Here we as the parents are copying the 'representativeness heuristic' style of programming that our parents designed us into as young organic robots - and we merely repeat the cycle - not once asking ourselves whether this is really what we want to be - a de-manned version of man, separated always into billions of personalities seeking 'self-value' through the 'experience' (energy) of self through the eyes and words of others.

Next I will walk examples of the components of the 'Representativeness Heuristic' Character/Personality in the Mind, consisting of the dimensions of Fear, Thought, Imagination, Backchat/Internal Conversations, Reactions (emotions/feelings) and also a Behavioural System.

For more information on the Character Dimensions:

Thought Dimension: "Here, the Thought will be the ONE point that would activate the Representativeness Heuristic Character. The Thought can be in the form of an image/picture and/or Memory/past experience that would relate to activating the Representativeness Heuristic Character.

Thought as Image: Myself wearing old, frumpy clothes with ugly hair.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the Thought as image/picture to automatically come up within my Conscious-Mind of me wearing old, frumpy clothes with ugly hair, that I in this forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how I am in that moment accepting and allowing ONE THOUGHT coming up automatically within my Conscious Mind to determine, define who I am in my relationship to myself.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that i made a decision when I programmed this image into and as myself, whereby I now deliberately set a trap, so to speak for myself as a picture that 'comes up within the mind' whereby I fall into this old trap, in which I go down the same road of emotions, feelings and physical behavioral changes, and within this

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to therefore, limit myself to a picture that in any given moment may come up and sieze my mind, from which point I allow myself to be taken directly into the other pre-programmed dimensions, whereby I am limiting myself into and as a pre-designed reactive state, all based on value systems I have imprinted into and as this one image.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to imprint into this one image the value system of 'ugly, not worthy and should be ignored, which were all value system I allowed myself to think about other people, which means that in that moment as I thought that about another, i gave permission to this value system of judgment, whereby I condemn myself and others to this energy system, which i trap myself into as a slave to this design.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that this energy value system i imprinted into and as this 'image' is not real, and only exist as the ugly nature of the human Psyche that exists for energy and therefore,

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed this energy system to exist within me, even though in self honesty I am able to see, realize and understand that by sheer connotation, this system is abuse to myself and other and I therefore delete it from myself as I realize it does not serve anybody or thing in this physical reality and has always only served the ego, which harms Life for its own embellishment.

I commit myself, that when as as I see this image in my mind as a thought that is already in motion, that is about to trigger me into my pattern, to stop participation in the Thought, by taking a breath, letting go of any energy-physical buildups, and to remain here within my physical body.

I commit myself that when I am faced with an image of myself in a photo or mirror and at any point a thought moves in relation to what I am seeing, to stop, breathe and remain committed to supporting myself within physical practicality, to direct my decision about for example clothing etc, always in relation to what is practical and supports the physical body.

Imagination, Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head, Reaction, Behavior and Fear Dimensions to follow...

 Baron R, Branscombe N, Byrne D. Social Psychology. Boston: USA. 2009. Print.

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