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Day 8: International Crime Research - Bi-Polar Disorders and Violent Crimes Part 1

Bipolar Disorder and Violent Crime - New Evidence From Population-Based Longitudinal Studies and Systematic Review Part 1
The context and outcome of this study was to identify whether there was in fact a relationship between Bi-Polar disorders and violent crimes. The information I have taken from the website: ‘’, which present an article about a longitudinal study based on proving the validity of violent crimes linked to Bi-Polar Disorder.

Please note that I am not disputing or validating the research findings or opinions of the author(s), researchers or website developers. I am taking the research presented on Crime related topics and using it as a platform from which to support myself through self-forgiveness, to stop the patterns existent within myself, through which myself and humanity have given permission to and designed ‘Crime’ as it exists today. I will also indicate within my self-forgiveness statements the connection between how we as humanity have stopped honoring life and have allowed the existing system and the existence of crime as an outflow of the abuse of life and the fear of survival (money). 

I am busy with my third year Psychology with a minor in Criminology. I served 5 years as a reservist in the South African Police Force and therefore have always had an interest in the dynamic of Crime and Crime prevention. My interest in Life to is find solutions to the problems that we face in this world, by looking at the ways in which we as humanity have separated ourselves from life and how we value Abuse of Self and others over Life. You might ask yourself the question how it is that ‘we’ do this, as all of us simply ‘go about’ our lives on a  day to day basis. In each Blog I will show the relationships between who we have become within ourselves and how we through our accepted self-designs (including our pre-programming) contribute to the design of our reality. What we have come to accept as ourselves and our world is that of Survival as the Mind - which is our Fear, Ego, Likes/Dislikes, Personality Traits, Feeling and Emotion Reaction Traits such as rage, anxiety, the desire for acceptance, desire to be loved, jealousy, comparison, hatred, annoyance, possessiveness, intolerance, greed and the list of human experiences go on.

From a practical Perspective I am always highlighting that within Self which does not support Self, within the context of what is best for all. Therefore as you will notice, Crime by its ‘Design’ is showing us those parts of ourselves that are not supportive of Life. Crime is showing us where we are Abusing ourselves and Life, through accepting ourselves as that which crime represents and shows us - the rage, the hatred, the jealousy, the desire for control etc. Crime as I have realized does not just happen ‘out there’ to other people - crime is a mirror for all of us as it originates from all human experience and exist as an outflow of our experiences we have all allowed to become the director of ourselves.

As an example you will notice that I will be taking on each aspect of how crime develops and brining it back to Self - because each person who commits crime, is doing so from a starting point which originates in the same starting point that you or I would use when we are faced with situations where we are forced to survive as Monetary Survival or Survival of me as My Mind as ‘My Personality’. As you will notice what is happening in this world is a complete disregard for one another, because everybody is to busy fighting for Survival - both as The Mind and for Money. The two points are interlinked because Capitalism uses ‘The Mind’ of the individual as you will see it in its fullest glory all over the news and social media, as ‘My Self-Interest’, to impulse people to participate in Consumerism and the advancements of Capitalism. As the Human we want to defend ‘my Mind’ and therefore participate willingly in capitalism and accepts all the Abuse in the world that goes with it, because Money buys us what we believe in our minds is necessary for us to ‘feel happy’ and to expand on our joy and happiness and fulfillment as it is experienced through the mind, based on the preferences of ‘My personality’. Money also allows us to avoid conflict and Fear by allowing us to buy a life style and to associate with people who allow us to separate ourselves from the horrors that other people have to experience. 

I suggest watch the Documentary ‘The Trap’, which explains the development of Self-Interest at the rise and benefit of Capitalism, and how the human has always been pre-programmable under the guise of ‘Choice’ and ‘Individuality’, to the point where no matter what Abuse is allowed in the name of Capitalism, we will justify the Abuse because The Happiness of Self is everything and Survival is all we ‘know’.

Therefore - to summarize you will see that I will be applying Self Forgiveness for accepting the specific crime for existing in the first place because I have participated, firstly in creating a world where people are driven to having to commit crimes due to Economic reasons. Secondly I will be looking at how I Designed the personality of that particular Crime by looking at myself within the Context of that Design. So for example looking at the Character within the Context of the Blog about ‘Bi-Polar disorder’ and whether it contributes to violent crimes’ (in my next blog). I will be placing myself one and equal to ‘Bi-Polar disorder’ and exploring who I am within this Design. I will therefore be looking at for example, the allowance of Bi-Polar as a pre-programmed design of the mind (more on this later). I will be looking at what Bi-Polar represents as a Mind-Construct or Design and applying self forgiveness accordingly. I will also be looking at how as society I have rejected or blamed or projected onto those with Bi-Polar disorder my anguish, anger or fear about ‘Violent Crimes’, instead of directing Bi-Polar Disorder as the Disorder of Human Nature within myself first - to stop the cycles we are in as humanity as ‘Bi-Polar Disorder’ and what it represents about the human mind. So for each Crime Personality Design, I will be looking at how this Design exists within me and Humanity - and how I have allowed it, feared it and come to accept it as a normal part of ‘being human’. This way - as you will notice I am firstly standing Equal and One to this Design as myself so that I may stop the Design as myself. This by implication means that I am taking Self-Responsibility for each Design, so that in every breath in my life from this moment forward I am no longer participating in that ‘Crime personality’ and ALL the FACETS of it - as it would exist within me. This I will demonstrate within the Self Forgiveness Statements. 

Where solutions to the Crime or Criminological Research has been presented within the text I quote, I will also be walking through the Self-Forgiveness, where I see that the Researchers are not taking into consideration the responsibility of Humanity or Solutions that abdicate responsibility into a modality that separates us as humanity from the problem. Therefore I look at how to find the real solutions to the problems. An  example would be - which you can practice looking at for yourself is to not at face value simply ‘beLIEve what the scientist say is the solution. They are also trapped in our existing Money System - therefore if people commit crimes due to economic reasons - the Scientists will never present the solution as being ‘change the economic problems by changing the money system that forces people into crime’, instead they will propose solutions for the person to ‘adjust and align themselves to becoming more functional - within this existing money system. By encouraging one person to ‘go find a job’ or to ‘find ‘honest’ ways of ‘making money’ you are simply shifting the point as there are always billions of people without an income and billions of ways in which people are exploited within the current capitalist system, simply for the purpose of profit. The Capitalistic System for example by its’ ‘design’ - is designed around greed and exploitation for profit, with shortcuts, redundancy and lies being at the core of the Capitalistic Principle. Therefore the solutions presented to the research will always try and place a bandage over the problem, but the problem will continue to exist always on a  global level affecting billions of beings daily - and the problem is getting worse. Again if you observe most crime committed as an act of ‘The Mind’ of that person - Scientists will never admit that the human is not taking self responsibility for our nature, thoughts, behaviors, feelings and emotions because then, if they brought to light how we should find solutions to the ‘Mind’ experience of the human they would be out of a job .  Therefore the psychologists and Scientists will suggest therapies  and drugs that place the human in an ever dependent cycle on the system and the System of Consciousness, with no regard for placing the being in a position of effective change to stop all current cycles of human nature. Such solutions have never been presented by Scientists, Theorists, Philosophers because the human has been made dependent on and accepting of The Mind as we know it - where we have come to believe that who we are now is all we are and change is impossible or to be feared  -as if losing or changing this destructive part of ourselves will mean the end of us. Stopping what we have become, will not mean the end - it will mean the birthing of Life for all here in our Physical Bodies into lives worth living, where we will no longer be birthing children into this world to repeat the sins of the fathers. 

Finding the self corrective solution within all of this, is why I am walking this blog, to assist and support myself as the World as specifically ‘Crime-Designs’ - to no longer accept and allow myself as ‘Crime-Designs’ and to direct myself through these Mind experiences, to stand clear, within self responsibility, and self direction - to create a future for humanity that truly functions within what is best for all.

Part 2 continues with a look at Bipolar Disorder and Violent Crime - New Evidence From Population-Based Longitudinal Studies and Systematic Review

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