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Day 148: Living by the principle of what is best for all part 2

Day 143: From Criminal to Principled Living
Day 144: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 1
Day 145: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 2

This blog is a continuation from:
Day 147: Living by the principle of what is best for all part 1

“At times I fought the world system, where the ‘darker’ character in me would come out and fight and cuss and blame ‘society’ and religion and my parents etc, blaming everyone for my locked in feeling where I wanted to just be left alone to do my own thing, but was always being contained by either a lack of money or societies rules. Then I would give into the perceived pressure, and realize that to survive in this world I had to work and to survive, so within this I ‘chose’ to follow an interest which was healing and the art of understanding the metaphysics of the human mind and body and how energy worked. So I studied Kinesiology, Reiki and Energy healing, but all the while I felt constantly overwhelmed by depression – something that I inherited from my father, but which also existed as part of my pre-programmed design to give up on myself and exist in conflict my entire life…”
So years ago as I mentioned in my previous blog, I started on a very superficial level, becoming aware of what people were doing/experiencing, and what Society was doing that I could see was not what is best for everyone. I could see that something was wrong with the money system, with the rules and values of society as being in contradiction to itself  and how religion and family values were for example based on avoiding fear and supporting class, and entitlement. What I did not understand at the time, but started investigating once I joined Desteni, was who I was as equal within what I saw in others.

So after joining Desteni, I worked with myself for a long time, investigating my own pre-programmed designs and my genetically inherited traits, which I accepted as who I was, therefore defining and limiting myself into a being whom I knew for years was stuck and afraid and angry. I did not know how to assist myself – but it was in this questioning that I ended up asking the questions that got me here. In this blog – if you have read my previous blogs – you will notice that the direction I have been taking with exploring the mind of the criminal has always been to not separate criminals from ‘normal people’ as we would be so presumptuous to call ourselves, but to draw the parallels within the Designs that exist in ALL humans to varying degrees.

serial_killers_bannerFor example I would draw a parallel between the consciousness Psyche and Design that exists within the Serial killer as someone who’s design is focussed around specific patterns of possession, anger, fear, desire for control and desire for power etc. Then I look at these same design points that exist within myself and ‘humanity as a whole’  - and how we exist in society supporting each other’s designs, to the extent that we will continue to justify why it is ok for us to have people harming each other, without really at any point stepping in and stopping any and all forms of abuse – even through to political, family, religious and societal levels. Therefore I explore how we all allow each others to get away with harming and abusing because if I allow you to do what you want, you will do the same for me. And that is the biggest resistance that people face when reading or hearing the words in the principle of ‘Living by the Principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all’.

That is why one will find that the thoughts that come up inside oneself is always ‘why should I change what I think, what I believe,what I do, what I allow inside myself and in my external world – others don't do it’ or ‘but I am also just trying to enjoy my life’ or ‘but this is how god made me’... That is why in all societies we only draw a line on abusing if lives are lost or a ‘law is broken’ and laws are designed only to stop the obvious crimes – however the same type of crime could happen in a family environment – but as a society we continue to exist around each others lives – where behind closed doors abuse of all forms continues to exist. Most forms of abuse are not even seen as ‘abuse’ it is seen as the right of the parent, the right of the politician, the right of the police or law maker, the right of the land owner, the right of the business owner, the right of the capitalist, the right of the child, mother, father, priest, friend, husband, wife, individual etc. ‘Freedom of choice’ is always used as the statement that is supposed to end all arguments/perspectives against our individual lack of self responsibility – why our internal worlds do not require cleaning, because it is our right to freedom of expression what is within.

In Psychology we touch on some of these practices that are actually realized as not being what is best for us such as ‘condemning someone because of a different belief system, bullying a child because they wont accept the same religion as the parent, victimising someone in the community for being gay/lesbian, attacking someone's character online because of their hairstyle or life style preference, society victimising/targeting a minority group which stir reactions and fears due to their different way of living. These are but a hand full of examples among millions of events that happen every day in millions of house holds and communities all over the world. Where people are enforcing their personal belief systems, ideologies, values and ways of thinking onto others and for most of these situations as I mentioned above – they are seen as justifiable by the rest of society under the banner of ‘protecting society’ or ‘your family’ or ‘your way of living’.
to be continued…

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