Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 147: Living by the principle of what is best for all part 1

Day 143: From Criminal to Principled Living
Day 144: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 1
Day 145: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 2

Now I walk the second Principle in the ‘From Criminal to Principled Living Series’:

2. Living by the principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all

For many who would read this principle, it might sound too ‘out there’, too ‘far fetched’, like something that only a person into spirituality or enlightenment would write. One’s Mind tends to look at that entire statement and either hit a blank, or react in anxiety at the enormity of it, or simply disregard the Principle as something that is rather ‘impossible’ for a ‘mere mortal to achieve’. Let me walk you through what I realized about this Principle a few years ago:

When I started exploring my own mind, it entailed looking at my own pre-designs, meaning who I had become due to genetics as well as the pre-programmed mind sets, personalities, and general ‘make-up’ of who I was as the baseline of my mind’s existence. Each human has this and pre-programming obviously means ‘pre’ – therefore indicating ones design that is hardwired into you from the time of conception until birth. It is those traits we inherit from the Conscious outline of the Human Psyche together with the traits that we inherent from our parents and the generations before them.

emo_135672_topTherefore one’s ‘pre-programming’ is already in many ways that which makes it very difficult for any person to change, the moment we realize we are faced with a pattern that is not supporting us to be the best we can be as a ‘human’. For example my pre-programming consisted of for example: being a black sheep, being depressed, giving up on life, sabotaging myself and heading into a life of despair and maybe even suicide. I was predesigned to end up being an ADHD Emo/Chrystal child, into black arts and magic, who how_to_be_emo_xlargewould either turn by gifts like intuition and the ability to see the dead into a ‘positive’ life path such as becoming a light worker and choosing to help others as a ‘worker of good’ instead of harming – OR I would have ended up working in a low wage job, with black Emo hairstyle, and a pentagram hidden under my shirt. I suspect that – and this I could do as I walked by life if I had NOT reached this point of change – I see that in the end I probably, if I had gone down the darker personality pre-programmed designs, would have started using drugs or even committed suicide.
downloadAt some stage in my life, many years ago, I dabbled with both pre-programmed designs at the same time. I was working as a Alternative Healer to find ways to support people and animals, while at the same time being a Pagan, who practised magic and dabbled with demons on the Ouija Board. Some years I dabbled more into the occult, the ‘darker’ side of me and other years I would lean more towards the ‘white light worker in me’. Talk about being in conflict over ones pre-programmed designs. At all times, however no matter which direction I leant to – I was always in conflict over my thoughts, my emotions. I was, as most humans are, in conflict about myself and who I was within the world and then who i wanted to be in the world but could not be, due to money and pre-programmed limitations such as inherent depression. At times I fought the world system, where the ‘darker’ character in me would come out and fight and cuss and blame ‘society’ and religion and my parents etc, blaming everyone for my locked in feeling where I wanted to just be left alone to do my own thing, but was always being contained by either a lack of money or societies rules. Then I would give into the perceived pressure, and realize that to survive in this world I had to work and to survive, so within this I ‘chose’ to follow an interest which was healing and the art of understanding the metaphysics of the human mind and body and how energy worked. So I studied Kinesiology, Reiki and Energy healing, but all the while I felt constantly overwhelmed by depression – something that I inherited from my father, but which also existed as part of my pre-programmed design to give up on myself and exist in conflict my entire life…
to be continued

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