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Day 150: Living by the principle of what is best for all part 3

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“In Psychology we touch on some of these practices that are actually realized as not being what is best for us such as ‘condemning someone because of a different belief system, bullying a child because they wont accept the same religion as the parent, victimising someone in the community for being gay/lesbian, attacking someone's character online because of their hairstyle or life style preference, society victimising/targeting a minority group which stir reactions and fears due to their different way of living. These are but a hand full of examples amongst millions of events that happen every day in millions of house holds and communities all over the world. Where people are enforcing their personal belief systems, ideologies, values and ways of thinking onto others and for most of these situations as I mentioned above – they are seen as justifiable by the rest of society under the banner of ‘protecting society’ or ‘your family’ or ‘your way of living’.”

So for myself I realized many things while investigating the world and the mind of the individual – our fears, our beliefs, how emotions and feelings work, what is consciousness etc. Within this I realized one key principle which in a way simplifies everything – ME. If I change myself into what is the best human I could be, where I stop looking towards gurus and profits like Jesus and actually change and Live me to be a solid, effective, trustworthy human being, living what is best for ALL – and then if each human does that, then obviously we will put an end on an individual thus global level to all forms of abuse.

Currently we are looking towards and blaming the governments, religions and ‘other people’ for not doing what is best – but can we see how these institutions are merely placed by us as management points and if we decide to live dishonesty, then obviously the management systems are going to manage us within our dishonesty. I mean religion was formed to popecontrol the human, where we were not living self responsibility – so people stepped in and used religion as  way to control people. Really, you can sugar coat religion as best you want to by saying ‘but jesus came’ and ‘I saw this’ and ‘but that happened’ or ‘that book was written by that profit/gods son/disciple’ and ‘that miracle happened’. You are able to justify any pre-programmed event into proof for what one is doing. And religion is an example of us not standing by ourselves, for ourselves as responsible humans. It is a mechanism that holds the human almost like  a backbone, where we do not trust ourselves to act alone for the best of all. And of course if one look at the principles of religion which have all clearly been shown, you will see that the hidden truths behind how the Mind of the human functions – is the foundation from which religions and the same for political parties are structured.

If in my mind  I desire to have somebody take my ‘sins’ away from me so that I can watch porn and have nasty thoughts about others people and deceive people in my business – what better way to do that than create a religion that will explain my weaknesses and take away my sins, so allowing me to continue doing what I was doing, but with a justified, societally acceptable scapegoat and outlet. The same method is applied for religions that condemn, and declare wars, and fight over so called ‘right and wrong’, and to protect classes of people and to condemn people who are different than those of that religion …. look at what exists inside ourselves as we belongs to the religion and you will see the truth of who we are at all times. The rules of a religion shows us the rules of our Minds. The same applies for politics and how laws are created – always protecting those who have an involvement in how laws are made.

Getting back to the Principle – I realized firstly that to be the change of a better human, a better world – I had to be the change – this in itself is common sense, but most who fight this point – do so because what we have accepted as ourselves as the true self that is hidden in our thoughts and reactions and feelings – this true self does not want to change. The true beingness of the human wants to have our special feelings and thoughts and place in the world where we are unique and different and liked and desires and rich and where we can separate ourselves from ‘others’ all the time, so that we can be better and see ourselves as better. This all comes with the territory of the Human Ego, which functions according to ( as I have mentioned before) ‘Energy’. The addiction to energy which is created by the mind within the body, is the reason why the human ‘thinks’. I am not referring to thinking as a practical tool of moving oneself in your environment such as ‘what will I make for supper’ I am talking about the mind that functions in a quantum level for energy as the Ego and Personality – where the thought goes from what will I make for supper – to I must make food that will be low in calories – so that I can loose weight – so that I can be skinny – so that men and woman will like me for being skinny and beautiful and this allows me to ‘feel’ beautiful and acceptable and desirable etc… and now I accept myself. One is able to walk inside the mind like this and see how most of our thoughts are running all the time to work on the deception which has become ‘the human’. Where our existence has become that of living through and for wanting to be special and powerful and unique and through these mind-values we will only accept ourselves.

So you might be asking yourself the question – what is wrong with me wanting to accept myself if I am beautiful? As I have explained above – currently all forms of abuse in this world exists, because we are all busy inflicting harm onto ourselves and others for self interest – about what ‘I WANT’. Therefore a choice always exists, for us to continue allowing this planet to be a foundation for us to grow up into adults where we accept what it means currently to be human, and we too accept our own pre programmed designs which take us down a path of playing a role in the self interest and illusion of what we have created as what it means to be alive. For most being alive means being loved, being appreciated, having material goods, having fun, having money, being free to do what you want, feeling special, belonging, having power in ones life. These statements as examples sound very nice on first view – however I encourage you as I have done for myself to walk these thought patterns deeper into what really goes on behind them, why we have them and what are the consequence in our world and to other people, nature and the animal kingdom, for the individual to be able to experience these ‘desires’ and desired forms of apparent ‘living’.

To be continued...

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