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Day 145: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 2

Day 143: From Criminal to Principled Living

Day 144: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 1

To come back to the point of utmost potential and how this related to what I have written above; therefore children as myself is/were constantly bombarded by the mind’s survival mechanisms, whilst at the same time the parent is through words and mannerisms believing they are protecting the child, but what is happening is that the child is being impulsed and programmed to also like the parent survive based on fears and energy patterns.Therefore as an example, a parent might have grown up believing that for woman to survive they must appear feminine and thus attract a man with money and therefore she will have a value (money will allow her to get married which equals value and thus further produce children which again gives her value). For example, at some point I remember wearing something which caused my mom to frown and say ‘that is not very lady-like’. In that moment my mom was triggering her belief system of survival as I explained above in relation to surviving in this money system and according to the role of a woman as ‘child bearer’. This is not living our fullest potential, because you will notice it is merely a fear driven belief system which limits a woman to a label, so that we can become those value systems within our minds and once we believe this about ourselves we have ‘value’. So in the end we become energy experiences of say for example ‘valuable’ or ‘a mother’ or ‘needed’ or ‘a woman’ and therefore we are merely energy – which is determined by actions and behaviours that fuel our thinking about ‘who we are’.

Therefore, years ago when I started learning about what is behind what we as people say and do – I saw that nothing was really relevant because I could show how most things that came out of my mind had some other explanation behind it – either a fear or a desire or some state of mind which in the end would allow me to experience myself as an emotional energy such as ‘fulfilled’ for example ‘I “feel” fulfilled when my partner tells me I am beautiful’.  So for me – looking back at my childhood when I worked with what utmost potential means – brought up many memories of moments when my parents/siblings/peers/teachers/influential person, thought they were guiding me through actions or words to become my utmost potential in this world – but really it was actually just to live the limitation which we have all come to accept ourselves to be in this world – whether it is for example to sexualise ourselves for our survival, to live according to a belief system, cultural or religion ideology or to avoid fear, disappointment or loneliness.

When I realized that as humans we do not live or understand what it means to live our utmost potential due to ideas and beliefs we inflict upon ourselves as the physical – I started looking into my own history, my own beliefs about who I am and aaaalll the ideas existent within me about what I should be living. I first addressed ideas I learned from my parents, then I looked at my own pre-programmed designs – meaning the thought constructs that were automated to me, programmed into my DNA as the personalities that I would become, my mind and the physical behaviours and designs that I would experience as my body. From there I looked at what values I accepted about myself from what I have taken over from society, celebrities, music, movies, religion etc. In the end I saw and realized that obviously one can really expand yourself into any direction you want – unless of course you allow a belief system of the mind to come up and tell you otherwise. Referring back to the first point about potential I spoke about above; obviously something to consider is that there are for all of us certain strengths which we are ‘born with’ and weaknesses – and as I have learned weaknesses one is always able to assess and practically work with, meaning to see where one is able to strengthen ones weakness.  This does not mean that we will change all weaknesses into strengths – if one has broken an arm or a leg thus leading one to have a weakening of that limb – one is able to do physical exercises to stabilise and strengthen that limb – however the reality of the situating is that the particular limb/organ might always be different or weaker than the other limb  –therefore one is always working with practicality – to not create far out ideas either that we are invincible and will magically change our reality. This is a physical reality with physical matter – where certain consequences change how physical structures such as the body functions, therefore when I work with myself I always take into consideration how I am able to move myself through a perceived weakness while at the same time obviously being aware of not creating consequences in the physical due to being unrealistic. Therefore I listen to my body.

In the blogs to follow I will be writing about the other principles, which will bring in further considerations around ‘Realising and living my utmost potential’ such as self honesty, self responsibility and self forgiveness.

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