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Day 144: Realising and Living my utmost potential part 1

This blog is a follow up from:  Day 143: From Criminal to Principled Living
“I commit myself to Live by the following principles and within my writings I will take each basic principle as placed below and write about how I have experienced my awareness/understanding of the principle, how I apply myself within the principle and how I will change that which I am not yet living fully.”

In this blog I will be walking my living and understanding of the first Principle:

1. Realising and living my utmost potential

I remember back to when I was growing up and I accepted certain limitations about myself. Some of these came from statements made by my parents, some were things I saw on the telly, or heard a teacher say or accepted because a friend or sister had accepted it about themselves. You know how children are – they are like sponges – and they are constantly taking in ideas, values, beliefs – you name it, from their surroundings and especially from impressionable characters such as their parents, siblings, best friends and other role models such as celebrities, sports heroes etc. Therefore growing up, a child is always inundated by stimulus, in the form of information – which most adults don't actually even realise they are imprinting onto children.

limited2_nSo firstly, what I have realized about potential is 2 things. There are physical design points which I have grown up realizing has made certain things either easier or more difficult for me to be able to move forward in life. Unfortunately ones potential in the world system is always being measured according to the old stereotypical design points such as skin colour, beauty, height, character, personality, intellect etc. For example I have on many occasions and even today actually, noticed how a woman who is attractive and has blond in her hair – gets different service from men than a woman who does not have these characteristics. Unfortunately, we might have the technology to send men into space and build robots and super machines, but at the end of the day there are still trends and practices in our society which literally come from the time of the cave man. Where men and woman will treat the opposite sex according to physical characteristics. So in the system, ones utmost potential is not some beautiful gift which comes from the stars – and contrary to what reality tv shows would have one believe where occasionally the ugly duckling wins the show purely due to her talent – unfortunately all achievements and gains won within our current societal system – has something to do with the socio-psychological dynamics linked to sex and money and power. So utmost potential in our society – I realized many years ago is very calculated. It comes down to variables – who you are, or what you look like, or your family name, or how much money you have, or which trendy university you went to or which connection you have etc. So utmost potential from the perspective of the world-system exists according to certain rules and laws and dynamics which functions at a deeper consciousness level.

The second thing I realized about utmost potential is as I mentioned above, something that is unfortunately moulded from an early age by our parents and other influential characters – whom mostly don't really even realize to what extent we brainwash and mould our children to become living examples of the reality of what we teach them. What I mean by limitationthe ‘reality of what we teach them’ I am referring to the actual mind-quantum mechanics behind how children develop while they interpret and take in the more subtle aspects of the mind and how the mind-physical relationship exists on a quantum level. As an example a parent might be saying to a child ‘you must believe in god because it has always been that way’. However what the child is picking up on an information, energetic level is much deeper than that. The child is resonantly picking up the parents fears and hopes, inequalities, self-values and the entire design behind ‘hope and sin’ – which exist behind what the parent is ‘saying’. Therefore the child too, will adapt to the thought constructs behind why a parent is telling the child to believe (for example) in a god and from there the child's Psyche so to speak also develops in alignment with how a parent has learnt to indirectly, quantumly adjust and adapt to the dishonesties and fears behind what we do, where we never speak the truth behind why we do what we do, but instead cover what we do with ideologies, belief systems and personalities that make us appear as if we are ‘ok’ and ‘coping’ and actually living our utmost potential, however when one looks inside the human from a  dimensional perspective, what is seen is a very different story. Our children are becoming recycled patterns of fear – passed down from generation to generation, taken on from the parents and peers and other ‘authorities’ – with us not really even being aware of what is happening, because we as I mentioned previously ourselves are not aware of the underlying conscious, subconscious, unconscious and quantum mind mechanism responsible for and functioning as our true nature as the mind.

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