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Day 61: Education Fraud Part 22 – Medicalization of the Education System Part 10 - Self-Forgiveness on 'Professionals involved in the medicalizing process' Part 3

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 - It has been argued that, in the United States, educators have come to embrace ADD/ADHD and drug therapy as a result of decreased access to the use of traditional educational social controls of physical discipline and student expulsion or suspension (Kiger, 1985)

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define education as a system of controlling children's behavior and thinking

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that children are not yet capable of understanding self responsibility.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to expect people to exists within certain morality parameters, set up by and through people who have not yet self honestly looked at the design of emotions, feelings, memories, reactions and the general nature of thought and how it influences people's behavior - but then to expect children to grown up within this structure of human psyche that has over time proven to be unstable and ineffective - as we can see by the consequential outflow that has become 'an ADHD child' or a child with Cognitive/behavioral Difficulties.'

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself, even though the proof is here that we do not yet grasp the design of the Mind and we do not yet fully comprehend the consequences of the current accepted way of Mind-behavior called Consciousness and 'Human-Thought - to continue giving such power to the current Psychology and Education Systems, which clearly do not yet have a grasp on why the human has become increasing violent, unstable, unpredictable and emotionally volatile - but instead to place generation after generation of children through the same brainwashing, simply because those were the accepted ways of preparing a young child - the same as what we were subject to.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the Education System to stand as the responsible party that is apparently above reproach, when clearly the system of Education is flawed as we can see - as the human more and more disregards others and the physical reality in the name of inner energetic experiences based on self interest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as parent to simply allow educators to use drugs to control and manage my child's behavior, instead of realizing that they do not have the answers and that they too are trapped in political agendas behind why human nature is exploited and controlled for the personal gain of minority groups, who profit from the fucked up nature of the human.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not stand as self responsibility and to act out abusive behaviors towards my world and others - which then manifests as the education system having to implement control measurements in the form of physical punishments.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the behavior of the child to be so rebellious and reactive to its environment/rules/expectations, that after a while the education system has to place a ban on physical punishment in schools, indicating that there is a maladjustment in how the humans behavior develops, due to the imprinting of images through media, television, the internet and the examples that are set for children through the behaviors of the parents and the rest of society.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to wait until the education system has to ban physical punishment in school, forcing teachers to turn to drugs to control children, due to the fact that I as human, as parent have never considered what we have become as the human as the way we think, behave, speak and live - whether it be in secret or in the open.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not really care about what happens to the world, about what I participate in, what I do to others, what I say about others, what I think/believe about others or myself - but when my child starts behaving in the exact same manner of not caring and not wanting to stick to society/parental/morality rules - then I go up in arms and subject the child to drugs and punishment, as I simply repeat what was done to me by my educators/parents when I was a child, instead of stopping and changing all of these patterns as they exist by taking responsibility for myself, my world and how i prepare my children to be fully functional beings, considerate of themselves and other as Life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the current education system which controls what we teach children and how children must understand the world and live in it - which comes directly from the control of the human into accepting the current world systems of money, into which they will be walking into, in order for them to survive.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this control of the information and development of the children into organic robots that compliantly accept the system, no matter how much abuse is directly and indirectly caused in the name of money and greed - while at the same time leaving the parents and educators with little, restricted or no solutions as to how to direct these conflicted, outward/reactive behaviors - all because those who control human behavior for money understand that to allow further friction within society, ensures that the false leadership and authority that currently exists, will always be depended upon, as humanity believes we require the sciences and governments to solve our problems for us - because we have never considered self-responsibility and self honesty.

Therefore as the parents refuse to take self responsibility for who they became, what type of world they create and then what their children became - the outflow of that is a world in peril, with Capitalists profiting from the conflict, fear and need for outside forces to control human behavior.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as educator and parent, to refuse to see that my child - is representing the next generation of the human race which is not the living image of what is best for all, but mere characters surviving according to the ego - as each human tries to be famous and have their special experiences, regardless of the cost to other lives. That is why we are seeing children expressing themselves in ways that irritate and concern the parent - however if the parents were to really look at the child's behaviors - they will see that the child mirrors what they see at home, on television, on the internet and around them in the world.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this cycle of perpetual bullying and lack of self responsibility from the child and adult to continue in ever increasing cycles, where children are behaving more and more 'outwardly/reactive' and the 'authorities' are proclaiming that there is less and less educators and parents may do about the behavior - other than of course supporting a multi billion dollar drug industry that keeps the population addicted, dependent and believing the human is 'flawed'.

I commit myself to develop a world system that removes money-determined research/policies and implementation of living standards - to a system that firstly exists to support Life, where the 'systems' that currently exist will purely be there as support foundation from which information is drawn and life-support-modalities can be designed according to.

Equal Money System - Education Goal:

 "Education in an Equal Money System will prepare Each Human to become a Self-Aware, Responsible Part of the Human Race that lives a fulfilled and Extra Ordinary Life of Excellence, Happiness and fun. Equal Money will Ensure that every Citizen is Effectively Educated to Live in Harmony with Plants, Animals and the Environment in General."

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