Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 57: Education Fraud Part 18 – Medicalization of the Education System Part 6 - Self Commitment Statements of Parents and Children

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I commit myself as parent to develop my child's ability to function and exist within the physical bodies, one and equal to this physical reality, and to stop creating mind-energy patters which outflow into 'conditions' of the mind, which is inflicted upon the child as we abuse the mind-physical relationship - as has so clearly been seen within how many 'conditions' have already been labeled and are labeled on a daily basis.

I commit myself as parent to stop encouraging any and all addictive character/personalities within myself and my child, as I entertain myself through the value system I teach my child as I prepare them to become that part of me I never got to live/express/experience.

I commit myself as parent t observe and adjust the foods and activities that impulse my child to participate in, in realizing that the child most often simply copies behavior that the parent presents and if I educate myself in the functioning of the Body/Physical and what it requires - then I am able to best support my child.

I commit myself as parent to teach my child the value of Life and what the consequences are if we sabotage Life deliberately or by tacit agreement.

I commit myself to teach my child and myself how to build an effective equal and one relationship with this physical reality, so that none are abused or excluded for the benefit of one group.

I commit myself as the child to see, realize and understand my responsibility towards myself, in taking responsibility for what I experience and how I create these experiences

I commit myself as child to understand how this physical reality functions, and how to support myself equal and one to the physical reality, so that my existence here does not abuse other life forms.

I commit myself as child to understand the consequences of my actions, and to not blame energy or the mind, as in the end I am responsible for myself as I am the living word which becomes the living flesh, therefore to stop the cycles of the past generations which is becoming me as a 'condition', I have to take responsibility for stopping the cycles of the past and to purify me as I exist as the layers of the past generations, in what was accepted and allowed then.

I commit myself as parent and child to stop using the justifications of 'well what else can I do' or 'but this is my life', to excuse away the use of medication to avoid understanding how the quantum mind functions as all the previous moments I allowed decisions, which have now become me as the living flesh.

I commit myself as parent and child to stop using pictures, energetic reactions and backchat inner conversations to keep myself trapped in the excuses that justify why I do not need to stop my behaviors and addictions to energy which becomes ADHD and other 'conditions' of the human.

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