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Day 60: Education Fraud Part 21 – Medicalization of the Education System Part 9 - Self-Forgiveness on 'Professionals involved in the medicalizing process' Part 2

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This blog's self-forgiveness is focussed on the content of the article, specifically the summary provided in

Day 58: Education Fraud Part 19 – Medicalization of the Education System Part 7 - Professionals involved in the medicalizing process.

" - the medicalization of ADD/ADHD was, at the time of the study, far more entrenched in Canada than in the UK in both professional and lay circles. It is not surprising, then, that mothers describe a high preparedness of teachers in Canada to accept the ADD/ADHD label when compared withdescriptions of UK educators."

I forgive myself as parent for accepting and allowing myself to be condition by and through society, doctors ans scientists into accepting the human condition as it currently exists, as a flawed organic robot, which exists as a consumer, fragile and waiting to die, requiring drugs and conventional thinking tied in with the morality code we have come to accept - even though we are able to see generations down the line that who we have accepted ourselves to be up until now, is not the image and likeness of self perfection - but a conglomeration of thought patterns dictated to us, to lull the human into accepting ourselves as needing to be fixed/guided/controlled.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as parent to become and allow the same thoughts within my mind about how I should act, feel, think, believe ad function - as what is considered acceptable by the rest of society - not seeing, realizing and understanding the consequences of simply accepting what has thus far been accepted as 'normal' human behavior.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the condemnation that has been subjected onto and as humanity, as I also allow religion, beliefs and culture to dictate my every move, even though we have proven through time that religious and spiritual people have up until now not been able to change the psyche of the human, and instead hide behind words like jesus, god and the bible to not have to face our own creations and to take direct self responsibility.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to subject my child to this same self-brainwashing as I train my child from young into emotional and feeling addictive patterns - where I myself have come to believe that energy patterns of the mind are who we are supposed to be - without actually considering that the child who is born into the physical did not have all these emotion and feeling behaviors - and that through examples I trained the child to conjure up emotions and feelings within them, by linking these energetic reactions to pictures, words and experiences - thus trapping my child into a life time of manipulating self and other for emotion/feeling energy.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to train my child how to create characters to fit into this world and through this takes away from my child the ability to simply live, here in this physical reality, as the physical, moving and directing themselves here in the body - but making it about adjusting themselves into and as a persona - which comes from a blueprint created in moments through impressions -to fit into situations.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to train my children to accept themselves only if they are accepted for the characters they become, not realizing that these characters I trained them to become are not real - but simply like actors preparing for a role - where the child firstly imprints the energetic experience of the character with the thoughts around why and what the character is - which is connected to what the character will support the child in being able to do in the specific environment the character is stimulated within.

and it is for this reason, that as adult I sit and watch what the media does, what the education system says and what the scientists agree on - what is best for my child - because I have already submitted my thinking and the character creation process I go through to 'the authorities' who claim to do what is best for all - but in essence are only protecting an industry, which is designed to design the human into a functional organic system that requires the mind-system to function. Once the being accepts the Mind to function - we no longer exist in our physical bodies, equal and one to the body and are therefore trapped slowly through time, as we grow up into the mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions and backchat, which create systematic responses that then require of the bing to keep participating in these systems, due to the Mind functioning according to Energy. Therefore after a while, as we can now see happening to our children, the being becomes obsessed and dependent on certain behaviors and patterns, which allow them to constantly feed the energy patterns of the mind

this is why we see children for example becoming highly, obsessively addicted to tv games, cell phones, conversations, gossip, jealousy, fashion, trends, communication, sports, socializing, drugs, alcohol, activities - anything that constantly stimulates the mind to create energy.


we create energy junkies out of our children - and then claim as the parents that we dont know how our children became obsessive and out of control as they stop valuing life and only seek the next energy high - as we see happening more and more in more evolved forms on the internet and news everyday

That is why

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as adult to patiently listen to the scientists and accept any new law, therapy or diagnosis they have for my children, because I have already just like watching and engineer, engineer machines - watched as my children have through my direct participation, been turned into machines of the Mind - where everything that the child does, wants, desires and fears is linked to and because of a system of energy that is directing the child through thoughts to act according to the parameters/guidelines of the system.

If you are not clear on how the Mind is designed with regards to the points indicated above, I suggest read the Heaven's Journey to Life blogs - these blogs are written from the Interdimensional perspective looking into the exact minuscule, exact design of how the mind was created, how we evolve the mind, why we use the mind and how the Human exists paralel to how the current world system functions:

For more information on the Human and our behaviors:

I commit myself to when I start fearing living in the physical body as the Physical, instead of the Mind-System, to stop and breathe and to realize my commitment to Life as myself.

I commit myself, that when and as I become afraid for my child due to thoughts and backchat that starts running about 'how will my child survive in the system', to stop and breathe, and realize that the Mind-System as indicated in my reaction, is designed to survive and that it will use backchat, thoughts and idealized or feared pictures as moments (memories) to capture my attention and bring me back into the energetic pattern of fearing the what ifs, due to me giving permission to the feeling of fear that moves through my body.

I commit myself, when my my mind repeats the feeling as energy of fear, to stop and breathe and realize that the experience is not real and in any given moment I am able to stop the experience, just as I originally allowed the experience to 'come up inside me'

I commit myself as parent to stop judging my child and to stop allowing my own backchat and fear in relation to the system rejecting my child and my child dying if I do not follow the guidelines of the 'experts'

I commit myself as parent to become the director of my relationship with my own mind and body and from there to self purify my own relationship with myself, into a living expression of the physical.

I commit myself to walk this process of self purification, equal and one with my child and to not allow fear and the what if backchat inner conversations, to direct how I support my child's development.

Cool Quote for the day:

"with the Birth of a Child, the Physical Body which is a Quantum Physical Machine, integrates the Mind as a copy from the parents (you can see this with a Feral child where the child is brought up by a wolf, they will copy the Mind of a wolf) - with this happening by the time the child start using the Mind and categorizing the words, pictures, and energy design into a coherent story, which will eventually become the story that is thoughts, words, language, culture, religion, the child is already lost within and as the Mind and the connection with the Original Life Force as the Physical Body is already lost. Therefore, any and all communication within any and all points as Energy, as the Mind, as Spirituality, as Consciousness, is the result of a preprogrammed design, specifically and deliberately placed to Control the Story to be what Heaven wants it to be, and from this, through time, developed our present day media in all its forms - doing exactly the same: as above so below. "


 Malacrida C, "Medicalization, Ambivalence and Social Control: Mothers’ Descriptions of Educators and ADD/ADHD." Publication Date: Jan 1, 2004. Accessed on 8 Oct 2012.

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