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Day 63: Education Fraud Part 24 – Medicalization of the Education System Part 12 - Self-Forgiveness on 'Professionals involved in the medicalizing process' Part 5

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 "the behaviors to be measured by parents and teachers on assessment instruments relate primarily to the classroom, and indeed, most parents in both sites noted that their children’s problems began or escalated once they entered the school system."

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as educator to develop and education system that is limited to only a percentage of children with specific learning traits/abilities, while ignoring the rest of the children and how they process information.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the development of the education system, within parameters and limitations - as I as educator, claim that there are not enough resources and teachers available to teach all children based on the varying ways in which they have been programmed to process information.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this limitation within the education system, due to money and how the money system dictates according to profit and that certain basic functions that should be included in the development of the human, such as how to earn to read, speak and process information - is then not accessible to some children/individuals, simply due to an economic system that works according to what money the school is given, which has an unnecessary impact as consequence for those who are not given the tools to learn effectively.

I forgive myself for deliberately accepting and allowing as both educator, capitalist and human - the dumbing down of the human, due to unequal education, because by doing so we create those that simply work as work-slaves within the money system, because they have come to accept themselves within this already accepted system of inequality as the 'dumb/lesser ones' that cannot do what the clever/educated ones do, do not have the mental capacity to better themselves, and therefore simply have to accept themselves as the working force that then only 'deserve' to earn a basic income, while the apparent 'clever' business owners and manipulators of Life called the Economists and Capitalists, get to play with people's lives for the ultimate game of Profit and riches.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing money as a piece of useless paper, to have become more important than life on this planet.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that because I have given the useless piece of paper more value than each person developing to the fullest, I am directly responsible for institutions, such as schools and education departments, claiming that they are limited by the funds that they receive and therefore the humans that have to go to them for skills development, are completely subject to a life of potential struggle, only because the school could not employ and educate sufficient teachers to teach the person, due to power and value given to a piece of paper so that the Elite of the world can get richer, due to the concept of profit, Loss, and 'the struggle that humans have to endure' to apparently appreciate Life 'more'.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to play this very ridiculous game, in which I will watch as my children go off to schools that have been limited in what and how they can teach due to an economic system that functions of off greed.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to send my child into a world, that is in support of Elitism that only exists if we have a Capitalistic System that consists of Systems that divide people into rich and poor and for which the entire purpose of such a system is to function of of fear of survival and the funneling of funds to the Rich from the working class, while working class are left with only enough to survive.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to call this economic game with people's lives - 'Life' and in fact even though I have seen for myself how children are limited due to a limited education system, which is managed according to this have/have not system mentioned above - to still support capitalism, due to the resonant hope and belief that one day I will become the lucky one that receives or makes allot of money - so that I too may experience that energy experience from 'feeling rich.'

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as educator and parent - to allow this abuse against life to continue, due to the inexplicable hope and absolute possessive desire to also one day have more money than other people - so that I may feel special as I shop for useless items in stores that 'other people cannot afford' and to be able to live in a bigger house than other people and to drive a 'better car than others' - all egotistical human games designed around finding self worth in the energy we experience when we 'have more' than others - in the ultimate human desire to be rich.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to continue allowing the Education systems of the world to be lacking and insufficient, with the excuses always being about there never being enough funding to educate the human to be a fully functional being - where we will cast more than half of the world population aside as they struggle to learn or even attain and education in the first place -all because we all secretly want and desire the experience of greatness, which is only possible if there is an opposite polarity of 'not having', not achieving' and not having money to buy stuff that makes you feel better than other people.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the current economic system as a system of fear based survival of the Human Ego - to exclude more than half of the world population - where they are denied a basic effective education, based on learning all the skills necessary for us to function in this world -because I would rather still exist in this system where we have the have nots and those who have - because I am addicted to the energetic experience of being addicted to feeling self empowered - which exists only due to the power that we have given to 'having more than others' - which is only possible if you have an economic system that functions according to such separation.

I commit myself within the realization that I am not alone on this planet and that the world systems represent what I have already decided is Life for all on this planet and that if the world system says some people's lives are more important than others because of the useless pieces of paper they possess - then I stop and look within myself to see, realize and understand that what is apparently happening 'out there' to 'others' by 'others' is actually happening because of who I am - and all abuse exists because I have thus far given permission as has the rest op humanity.

I commit myself as I realize I have been a deceiver and abuser,by subtly and tacitly agreeing to world systems that abuse this physical reality for the game of profit - to ask myself the question - do I accept myself as this person - and within the realization and self honesty of no I am not this' - I then also realize that sitting back and waiting for the system to miraculously change simply because I wish it so - is not going to happen and history has proven that well wishing and positive thinking is not going to change it


I commit myself within this realization that it took my participation and permission and the participation and permission of all my generations before me, to design the system as it is now - which abuses Life on this planet - - and therefore it will take my direct participation to stop, undo and redesign a system that is truly what is best for all Life.

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