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Day 59: Education Fraud Part 20 – Medicalization of the Education System Part 8 - Self-Forgiveness on 'Professionals involved in the medicalizing process' Part 1.

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Day 58: Education Fraud Part 19 – Medicalization of the Education System Part 7 - Professionals involved in the medicalizing process.

- ADD/ADHD is medicalized through educators, medical practitioners and members of the
 psy sector, the complex of social work, psychological,psychiatric and helping professionals that handle mental health and psycho-logical issues within a given culture (Donzelot, 1997).

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the medicalization of childhood/adult behavior through and by the 'educators, medical practitioners and members of the
psy sector', who apparently after decades of research and discussions, have still no clear understanding of how the human behaves, how the mind works and how generational designing and construction of characters/personalities/traits within consciousness functions.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to accept that there is a inability for these sectors to agree on how to work with the human and how a human's mind develops due to environmental, societal and genetic factors.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to give credit to these sectors that claim to understand how the human functions and what solutions are best - while admitting also that they do not have the answers, and instead of then sticking to self honest research, to see and understand how a human child develops, they instead allowed capital/profit, to dictate the future of research where it is now, where it is clear to see that everyone is protecting their profession and their research, which does not have the end result of 'best for all' - but results directly in 'best for profit/gain.'

I commit myself to stop any and all desires, needs, wants to have what I do in life be about money or about my self worth.

I commit myself to develop who I am according to developing myself into a fully functional being and to develop what is here to support the physical reality to be the best that we can be, therefore

I commit myself to develop what I do and how I live, according to what is required for all who inhabit this planet to live dignified lives within oneness and equality to what is here as this physical reality - which supports life, whereas the human destroys life.

I commit myself to stick to the basic of common sense and my principle of 'doing what is best for all' - while performing any task, research or development, as it is life that I honor equally for all and not personal gain and the value given to Life to serve the needs of energy for the satisfaction of the human.

- Medicalization is not always complete, but occurs in varying degrees, depending on whether competing definitions of the problem exist (as is the case withADD/ADHD), and on the relationship between professionals who are involved in the medicalizing process (Conrad, 1992). With ADD/ADHD,there are gaps in the medicalization process at both the conceptual level and the institutional level.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as researcher and professional to only be concerned with establishing my profession and its opinions, so that I may become a 'somebody' in the professional community due to my ability to compete with other professionals and repeat knowledge and information from a book, as if this makes me Life and where I give myself permission to abuse life for knowledge and information mostly generated separate from how the physical really functions - but instead plays a role in the functioning of what is heer to serve Capitalism.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the separation of professions to exist, due to the starting point of ego and power, where the human has sacrificed doing what is best and serving life, for the opportunity to use other's lives to advance ones own.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as professional to lie about why i became an educator, researcher, psychologist, therapist or medical professional - where if I was to trace back in time to the moment where I decided to study within this particular profession, I will be able to see - that a fear or desire for self gratification and desire for power over others existed within me, which through the participation in thinking, resulted in me weighing up the best way for me to outshine other humans by following a well respected profession in the eyes of other humans, so that I may experience myself through my ego, or where I made the decision to get away from/avoid a particular fear and thus sought a particular profession which would allow me financial/emotional security, or respect through the eyes of others, so that I do not have to face the fear of who I will be if I dont become 'special'.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel empowered by being able to recite knowledge from books and to be able to play the power game with other professionals in my/similar fields, and for not realizing that by seeking a career that leaves me feeling empowered without actually empowering humanity, illustrates that my starting point was never about what is best, but to chase/appease some inner experience of energy - at the cost of the lives of society who will look towards me to do what is best.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing professionals to not do what is best and for accepting this failure of these sectors to understand and direct child development effectively, due to my own acceptance of the lie, which is that of the 'broken/fragile/frail/sick' human, which all of humanity have come to accept.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the entire deceptive con around 'not quite knowing what is wrong/what the solutions are' - because in that way children/families and humanity will always be dependent on drugs/chemicals/therapies/the medical, psychological and educational professions for guidance/support/solutions/quick-fixes - under the illusion that the human is somehow faulty/corrupt and is always without self responsibility/self-honesty, and will always require a religion/spirituality/god or government to guide us - and this is how the dependency cycles that have been developed and maintained to support the existence and survival of capitalism continues.

I commit myself to find and establish solutions based on how things really work, not how I want them to work.

I commit myself to stop all industries of dependence, based on human greed/self interest and to develop a society/community that is self responsible human beings living equal and one to the physical reality.

I commit myself to show, that for those who became professionals in fields of human development/care, that did so to support humanity, for us it is possible to continue our work and to effectively research once and for all human development to the outcome of what is best for all, with the implementation of an equal money system - where the focus is the development and support of Life.

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