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Day 52: International Crime Research: Education Fraud Part 13 – Medicalization of the Education System Part 1

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The Authors discus the Medicalization of the Education System. Medicalization means 'to make medical', where one defines a problem in medical terms, using medical language to describe a problem, adopting a medical framework to understand a problem, or using medical intervention to treat it (medicalization and social control, 2011). The argument exists around the medicalization of (often thought of inappropriately) medicalization of previously non-medical problems.

Medicalization has happened in all forms of human/societal problems and is due to the starting point of profit and for people to be able to capitalise on the human experience. Therefore due to the Medical institutions carrying allot of weight in our society, whereby doctors and scientists are seen as 'gods' - it is understandable that due to the human greed problem, one of the first areas to be manipulated into profitable concepts will be the sciences, because firstly, people do not question scientists and see those practicing in fields of science as previously mentioned, as 'above reproach and godsend' within their role of 'caretakers' and 'life savers.'

So hand in hand with the need for the Capitalists to find new ways of making excessive amounts of money at the expense of society - we see the medicalization of all areas of human problems - where a link was created between science as god and money as god. Therefore we tend to trust the scientists to be doing what they do within and according to the best interest of mankind - and leave our fates and health up to them - however it is our responsibility to now start looking inside what the Sciences are saying about what is best for us - to see and understand that firstly scientists have to make money, therefore they direct their research into and according to the problems faced within humanity and to find solutions not according to what is best, but according to what would make profit for those that are funding the research and in the positions of authority. Therefore if for example within the education/governmental institutions, we have the leaders directing the outcome of research projects into profitable outcomes, then the downline and consequence is that our societies well being and problems will always find solutions in businesses' which exist for profit. Therefore - medicalization of for example the Education and Learning Modalities, basically means using the humans fear of death/fear of loss (dependency on the medical) to give a medical condition to a non-medical issue/problem to be able to develop a business that will profit in the billions.

In this blog series I will start with Ritalin - in exploring and expanding my understanding of the history and reason behind how Ritalin became so popular, despite the fact that the diagnosis of the children who are put on Ritalin are scientifically filtered through pre-set standards which according to the business-profit model linking education-system to the medical-system - leads to one answer - which is as seen in the statistics, to a vast amount of children since the 1980's being placed on Ritalin for various problems, most of which are not understood effectively within the context of how the Human Mind Develops, as the reason why children experience 'behavioral issues' - but instead the child is placed on a drug, according to which the corporations profit immensely. The research that went into the 'how to' of medicalization, could have been used in common sense to understand why we have developed a generation of 'behavioral problems' and what this says about who we have become as the human race. Instead the why is covered up to find the profitable 'quick-fix' answers that leave the corporations rich and the parents content within the abdication of our responsibility towards our children and understanding the human towards the betterment the human

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