Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 46: International Crime Research: Education Fraud Part 8 – the Recession and the Consumer Part 4

Please see the previous Blogs on the Education Fraud, to understand the Context of ‘The Recession and Consumer’ Blogs:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing thoughts to exist in my mind, that allow me to see the direct consequences of my participation in Capitalism and the consequences Capitalism has on the world, other people, the resources, the planet an nature – and to think it al better.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe in a Devil, Satan, Lucifer as a being that deceives through existing as a dark intention and dark thoughts with the sole purpose of evil and destruction – while not realizing that my own mind exists within the same principles I have condemned this ‘dark force to’ – wherein I see and understand that I exist daily in thoughts that allow me to continue participating in a world system that abuses life – while cleverly using my thoughts to deceive myself into being ok with the destruction I cause as a human.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that in a way I am even worse that the ‘devil’ I create and then so easily judge, because I am the devil that pretends to not be the devil and have convinced myself that I am not the devil, while destroying my world according to my own principles of what it means to be a devil, while like a schizophrenic devil loosing the ability to know that I and my fellow humans are the only ones here doing this. The trap we as humans have set for ourselves is to ignorantly continue making excuses for ourselves.

Therefore by looking at this one simple example of how the human avoids self responsibility – we can look at how the human uses any form of justification and excuse to avoid direct responsibility for our creation

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself when I see images and news reports of the consequences of Capitalism on the world, the resources, nature and other people – to within my mind immediately use thoughts and backchat around ‘I am surely not responsible’ and ‘but were we not created to enjoy our lives’ or ‘but a god will take care of this’ or ‘those people unfortunately have to serve the rest of us’ – whereby I have deliberately created an entire filing system of justification, pictures, excuses, beliefs, fears and ideas – that I will use and access in any given moment should I be faced with the reality of what the human as myself have become.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to use this filing system of deliberate deception, to excuse away my role in the abuse of this world and to always convenient have a name of a group available within my mind that are really responsible for the abuse.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as the other group to blame the consumer – using the excuse of ‘humans needs’ and happiness’ and survival of the fittest’ and if we don’t, someone else will’ to manipulate the psyche of the schizophrenic devil consumer into accessing all sorts of inner battled with energies – knowingly -  because I have researched the consumer Mind for a long time and am thus steps ahead of the human. Therefore realizing this we can see that even when the human becomes aware of our own enslavement and we start seeing rebellion, uprisings and ‘occupying wall streets’ – those who control money have already for the last generation manipulated the consumer into more debt and financial responsibilities –to ensure that the pockets of those with money will always flow over, while the conspiracy theorist and ‘enlightened’ humans will be trapped either way – because those with money have already ensured that no matter what, in this system the human cannot move, eat, sleep or be without having to pay for it. So even if we rebel and yell and make websites about how corrupt the governments are and how screwed up the system is – if we do not see, realize and understand that we are currently at all times, in anyway a consumer within this world and that everything we do costs money or enslaves another group further into debt – so that even the rebellious ones can chant on street corners –as long as we do not see the balancing act within the system and the control we are all under together, collectively as the human – where we change ourselves the consumer controlled through the Mind – we will never stop the level of abuse that is existent today – no matter how many religious groups, philosophers, new agers, conspiracy theorists there are – as long as we accept the old system of Capitalism to continue existing with the starting point of the human that got us here in the first place – nothing changes. This has been proven throughout history – do your research and see that no charity, no religion, no organization, or culture has made any difference to what is happening in this world.

Join us on the forum to discuss Self-Perfection as the Human within Self-Responsibility, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Honesty and Common Sense that Supports Life for All:

If you find yourself possessed as a consumer join us on the Demonology Forum:

I commit myself to show each humans, that of we stand together within what is Best for All, we can and will change what is here.

I commit myself to show that the system we have in place now, even though is it trusted by humans through fear of loss, is not the best solution and that this is clearly seen of one watches exactly what happens in the world daily in peoples lives as the consequences of what we create compounds into worse and worst situations.

I commit myself to show that there was no God that created us to Live the way we do and that to proclaim a God directs what happens here – indicates not only that your God is Evil, but that you Evil for wanting to subject the future generations to the Lie hidden behind an evil god – and that we will knowingly do this to our children and their children to come – where we lie and deceive to hold onto the pleasures of having control over money now – no matter what the actual real time consequences will be for our children.

I commit myself to show that there is Life beyond being consumed as a consumer, and that we are all able to Life here on this planet within self expression – without having to directly cause immense suffering to the planet, nature, beings – whereby we seek only personal happiness over the lives of many.

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