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Day 43: International Crime Research: Education Fraud Part 5 – the Recession and the Consumer Part 1


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"RECESSION IN SIMPLE TERMS" Excerpt taken from:  

"A recession is a prolonged period of time where a nation's economy is slowing down or as the economists usually put it contracting. This slow down is actually characterized by a number of different trends, some of those trends are:

 People buying less stuff

Decrease in factory production

Growing unemployment

Slump in personal income

An unhealthy stock market

 But just because the economy is slowing down or contracting that doesn't automatically mean that there is a recession going on. In fact according to the actual definition of a recession the slowdown in the economy actually has to last for at least six months or two consecutive quarters. But even though we have a definition of what a recession is and we understand what it means to be in a recession, this definition actually causes more questions than it actually answers. The reason for this is that even though we talk about the US economy or any economy as an independent entity, it is actually the result of millions of people's actions. And economists use all sorts of terms to describe the connection between people's actions and the economy as a whole. But even though they use all sorts of terms you can get the basic understanding of how people's actions are connected to the economy as a whole by looking at a few basic concepts. Those concepts are: producers, consumers, markets, supply and demand.

 Understanding producers and consumers
  To put it in simple terms a nation's economy is the production and consumption of goods (food, clothes, cars, etc) and services (repairs, haircuts, lawn care, etc) in that particular nation. And basically anybody who is producing or consuming the goods or services in that nation plays some kind of role in that nation's economy. What this boils down to is that a nation is dependent on both businesses and consumers; businesses produce the goods and services, while consumers actually purchase the goods or use the services.

 In fact this all boils down to the fact that production and consumption are intertwined, basically one cannot exist without the other. The reason for this is that in order for people to be able to consume things you actually need to have someone or something producing the things that the people are consuming. And in order to produce things you are going to need to consume things. A great example of needing to consume things in order to produce things is the fact that if you are producing clocks you are going to need to consume people's labor to make those clocks and you are going to be consuming natural resources when you are running the plant to produce those clocks." 
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be driven by consumerism, in which I attach energetic values to objects, things and experiences, which I can buy to have specific inner experiences that bring me the illusion of happiness and fulfillment

I forgive myself as the capitalist and producer for accepting and allowing myself to play on this design of the Human, within the design of the Mind Consciousness System – in which I understand and know that the human as myself is addicted to energy and the experience of energy, and that as the producer and supplier of goods I am at the forefront of producing as much as the human wants to be able to fulfill the energetic need.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as the consumer to ignore the direct and tacit consequences of the value I give to being able to freely consume as much of these products that happen to be produced in vast amounts, without questioning how these products are made and what happens within the world system if we produce to feed a energetic frenzy instead of using the earths resources to provide for our needs in a way that will not create an imbalance of resources and a problem in the way that capitalism expands its domain, whereby Capitalists will become more greedy and therefore want more money - using me as the consumer to fuel their pockets.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to give permission to my human needs’ by proclaiming that ‘god made me so’ or ‘I just cannot help myself’ and through this admitting that not only will I keep giving into the brainwashing through the media to buy and consume endlessly, but I will also watch as the situation in the world gets worse – while using entertainment and money to divert my attention from the impending doom that I am creating for myself and my fellow humans.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the symbology used in religions and cultures of doom, evil and enslavement to our nature – to directly within understanding abdicate self responsibility to pictures, words in books and ideas – and agree that all other humans can design and develop their own unique lies found in books with pictures, to scare the mind – so that we may all undertake the great task of ignoring the obvious – as our consequences of what we have accepted and allowed thus far are accelerating and compounding each day now – as we see people killing each other, their families, lovers, friends and finding more excessive ways to act out the rage once we realize we have no way out and no body is going to give us what we desire to much in the mind. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to commercialize the reality of what we as humanity allow by placating the human mind in relation to the reality that we face – through the media and entertainment – where we show the actuality of what is happening but in such a way that the mind becomes accustomed to seeing it as a movie – where it is not real and ‘out there’ as it happens on the other side of the screen – to someone else in a dream like, fantasy-horror world.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see what is happening all over the world in the news, where people are loosing all their money, killing themselves and others in gruesome, macabre, in your face ways – but instead to continue to turn a blind eye while deliberately hiding from my fears behind more television, sport, sex and the distractions of happiness that money can buy.

Self-Commitment statements at the end of ‘The Recession and the Consumer’


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Cool Quote for the day:

"Human Consciousness is influenced and shaped by the Fantasy-World of Movies and Television, which Stimulates Imagination and End-Up Creating many Characters in the MIND, that through constant FEEDING of Energy through Attention: will get a Life of its Own and eventually start Speaking and Influencing what a Person would describe as ‘Spiritual Contact’, through a Guide or a Master or a Dead Loved One. And here it is of Extreme Importance to Study the Quantum Mind and the Science of Thought – understand how Easy it is for the Mind to conjure up an Imaginary Friend, that seemingly will know Some Things, or make some Predictions – which sometimes will come true, or will have a ‘Feel-Good’ Image about it, very much like when one Buy something you like, that makes you feel better. Obviously in this – the Human trust Feeling, but the Science and Mathematics behind the Creation of a Feeling is in the World of the ‘Unknown’. In this, essentially – with Trusting ‘feeling’ and ‘experience’ of the Mind, without at all understanding the DETAIL of how it works, where it comes from, the Human have become subject to a Force that Automatically create/give/conjure up imagination in the Mind, and because the Mind and Energy is believed to be Real, Imagination is believed to be Real and so whatever the Mind conjure up/create/manifest is believed to be Real. Without realising the implications of the Imagination, of Energy on the actual Physical and how we can create an Complete alternate reality in the Mind through Imagination that is Not in Fact the REALITY of what is here in the Physical/Existence AT ALL."

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