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Day 45: International Crime Research: Education Fraud Part 7 – the Recession and the Consumer Part 3

Please see the previous Blogs on the Education Fraud, to understand the Context of ‘The Recession and Consumer’ Blogs - beginning with:

Please see the following Blog for Self-Forgiveness on Consumerism:

 Now Self-Forgiveness on the Mind of the Consumer:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to grow up in the family system, believing that happiness is an experience dependent on ones reactions towards other people as well as ones environment, objects, events and that which one participates with.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to within the above idea, to then go to school and allow myself to be brainwashed into further believing that numbers and learning about our reality and economy forms part of growing up into a human adult – whose life purpose is to exist in the world system and to function the same as everyone else – within this:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to firstly start believing from the example set by my parents and other influential adults that the human existence is about pain vs. enjoyment, love vs. hate and joy vs. sadness etc.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing these polarities to exist within me – where through listening to adults communicate their life experiences I allowed myself to copy the psyche’ and ‘mind-set’ of the adult around what it means to be human, which is based on trying to find experiences of happiness, love and fulfillment in a word where one is faced often with the opposite polarities of pain, fear and loss.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to accept this human condition and to accept the schooling system’s way of preparing me to become a fully functional organic robot that will live for the positive experiences, while trying too void the negative experiences.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see how the negative polarities and experiences happen to many thousands of people daily and through the acceptance of fear, I design myself into a functional thinking, feeling, believing organic robot which calculates specifically how to avoid the painful experience that others go through and how to lie, cheat and steal to get the experiences that will bring me happiness and joy.

Therefore I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the capitalistic system as its core value system of deceiving, lying and manipulating to gain happiness and personal gain and to avoid pain and loss, at the expense of as many people as possible – where the fear of pain and loss and death is the driving force within my mind as my secret thoughts – where I will always justify my own survival over the needs and survival of others.

Realize that the reaching of the goal of personal gain for each human at the rate it is sought (greed) would not be possible if it was not for the existence of exploitation – because if man was to Equally, fairly and in equality work daily towards satisfying basic needs and comforts, while sharing this experience equally amongst all humans – then we would not be able to exist in greed – and as we have seen – greed is what the human has chosen for this life time – for me and my family and friends to in the shortest possible time make the best money the fastest way possible and as far as possible to pay as little for goods to make my money go further.

So now that we have established that the human reached a precipice with regards to personal development and personal happiness – where at the rise of Capitalism – we were all faced with a choice – to walk the time line of the actual physical process of what happens if one wants a product – and what would be required to practically, effective with as little harm as possible create this and to make this available for all….


To create according to personal greed – the inner drive to appease the ultimate desire for happiness and personal fulfillment – which is obtained only through the energetic high experienced through getting the most for your life, in this life to its ultimate degree…

Next blog continues with the Decision that was and is made by all of humanity to choose the highest form of personal happiness/gain over the practical walking of the physical reality to create a life for self that is not only effective and abundant within considering all that is here and to not create abuse within the planet – but to also have a system in place that will Equally allow all humans to be able to have a life of abundance where all of our needs are met – and where we all share the resources. together.

So once the decision was made we saw the development of the consumer markets and the manipulation of the consumer to the degree that we see now – where greed drove the producers of goods to sell as much at the highest profit to the consumer that already decided to consume as much as possible to attain the ultimate energetic experience of happiness possible – therefore always agreeing to the principles of capitalism and participating in it in its foulest forms throughout ones life. Once this decision was made – we saw as mentioned the era of manipulating/developing the consumer and the boom in production of goods – which is now extensively done at the expense of the planet and the worker. This downward spiral is seen and understood by most – however because we have accepted this cycle already as the system that we live in and that we actually ‘secretly enjoy being able to participate in – nobody is willing to change the system – because that would imply as basic common sense  - changing self according to what is best for all. So we grow up accepting the system, which is the manifestation of what was accepted in the past, and continue to accept the system because of the extensive belief in the idea of human happiness as the right of the individual above all other rights.

The Psyche of the Consumer will continue in the next blog….

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