Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 41: International Crime Research: Education Fraud Part 3 – the Textbook Deception

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I suggest watch the following Documentary:

The College Conspiracy

From the transcription of the Documentary I will draw information for the application of self-forgiveness on the current Education System of the World:

“Colleges are now charging two hundred dollars for each single textbook that has no resell value because they put out a new slightly revised versions with a new name each year. The textbook publishers are even colluding with college bookstores to make custom textbooks so that students can't save money by buying them online. Colleges are getting kickbacks from publishers in order to destroy the used textbook market, which by itself is proof enough that college administrators are only interested in lining their own pockets and have no interest in helping students.”

(Gerald Celente from Trends Research Institute) “You have to have a certain kind of brain to understandings the dead language that they wright in text books, but they brainwashed you from, from a little kid up so that you buy into the system and you get good grades and you study hard, then you become a member of the total system - no freedom and you don’t know how to think, because they told you have a think their way”.

I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to attached values to ‘things costing more’ and making these values about pride and accomplishment and so not only giving permission to the existence of abuse and manipulation in the name of money – but also giving permission for the next generation of children/people to be led down the same path – wherein within the Capitalistic System they will be subject to whatever new rules and laws are implemented -which are ALWAYS about feeding the pockets of the rich at the expense of the rest of the population.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to attach a good positive feeling and value to ‘feeding the pockets of the rich’ as I have come to believe as I have been brainwashed from youth – that Money is the highest Value one can attain – (obviously above Life itself or else we would not justify abuse to Life) – and through this belief that to be rich is a utmost desirable outcome and the game between rich and poor is a valid expression and occupation of the Human existence – have already given permission to any and all new tactics that the rich/elite/those who control money can and will come up with as the Money Markets crash and new ways have to be found for Money to be made from the worker/consumer.

I commit myself to show how a simple thing like ‘price hikes’ is in essence not simple – but another example of how those with money do not have to pay any price for how they direct global money and economies –and that every step taken by the governments, the banks, the corporations, the lawmakers – where the people at the bottom pay the price – is always about manipulating and abusing the individual to give more and act in accordance with the world economic systems that by design are about feeding the riches of the Minority.

I commit myself to show how we as the individual merely sit in a conveyer belt we have come to call the system of Life or is it Life as a system – and that we watch as all these small points are implemented – but as soon as the picture goes by you forget how and what was done to exploit the individual, the resources and the lives of the people who make money movement possible.

Therefore I commit to show that the only reason why we allow ourselves to sit on this conveyer belt that someone else is operating on our behalf – where we stare at the scenery but ‘forget’ as soon as the last picture is out of sight’ is because each person is trapped within the world system which they depend on for Life or Death – where we KNOW that we are deliberately pretending to not see the whole picture as all the picture that have gone past us while we sit on the conveyer belt – because to speak up about all the pictures you have seen and what it really means –is the same as going to your boss and saying listen I quit or even worse ‘listen I will continue to work but please don’t pay me’.

Therefore I commit myself to show that people do see, realize and understand on some level most of what is going on as your average person has the basic ability to use a one plus one equals two equations to add up the lies we are fed and the existence of ourselves – to see, realize and understand the actuality of what is happening in the world and our role in it.

Therefore I commit myself to show that all humans whom to whatever extend ignore the truth of our reality (one plus one equals two) do so out of complete fear of survival – and that (as used in the boss analogy) to say ‘I do not accept the system as it is’ is within the mind of the being almost like a signed, committed death sentence for yourself and your family – which is unbearable.

I commit myself to show how this Fear is unnecessary when one realizes that if firstly we implement a new system that removes the problems that exist now and each human agrees to live and apply this way of living – and each one start now through self change and participation in the implementation and goal designs of a new system – then we are preparing the way for a new world – all together – where a few do not have to worry that they will remove themselves from the system to be able to stand up – but to be part of the step by step implementation – which involves the design firstly and the self change – until most are ready to implement the system of change.

Please investigate the Equal Money System and vote on the Goals – and share your perspectives:

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