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Day 48: International Crime Research: Education Fraud Part 10 – the Recession and Markets

Please see the previous Blogs on the Education Fraud, to understand the Context of ‘The Recession and Consumer’ Blogs:

Original Blog containing rite up on ‘The Recession’.

In this blog, Self-Forgiveness on:

“Understanding markets

In the United States rather than being a market economy we are actually a modified market economy. But in either case in both types of economies production and consumption are connected in various markets. And in both cases a market is simply a place where consumers can go to buy things from producers and producers can go to sell things to consumers. In fact in most economies there are two basic kinds of markets, a physical market and an abstract market. But the most interesting thing to note is that in most cases everybody is going to be a producer and a consumer, but to be each of these they are going to be acting in different markets.

A physical market is where producers and consumers can go to buy and sell their goods. A great example of a physical market is a grocery store. The reason for this is that with a grocery store people can go to the store if they are looking to consume food. At the store they can purchase the food from the producers, but in most cases they are purchasing it through a series of middlemen. Two great examples of the abstract market are the labor market and the stock market. With the labor market businesses who want to consume work pay people to produce labor. And with the stock market people and businesses or consumers and producers buy and sell percentages of ownership for various companies.”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to term the abuse of resources on this planet as viable as it allows us to create markets for consumers and allow capitalists to profit.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to consumer the consumer through developing fake markets for products where I basically create an idea within the mind of the consumer through brainwashing, that they need these items to fulfill themselves and to experience happiness in life

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the idea behind markets to come from the illusion that humanity requires certain goods and that for capitalists to profit, we have to understand how to manipulate the human into believing we require vast amounts og goods, produced at minimal costs, at the expense of resources and the labor markets.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to abuse the resource markets, whereby I claim that the resources of this planet are there for me to utilize in my human drive for profit and excellence

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the development of the idea of human ‘excellence’ and competition, whereby to create markets and to sell that to the human is seen as a positive step in the direction of human evolution and development, instead of realize and seeing the game that is being played behind the abusing of resources for profit through manipulating the human psyche as it currently exists.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to put many small businesses out of business as I participate in ‘market control’ forcing some out of business as they cannot keep up with changing trends and market changes.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to manifest the consumer into a user/abuser of energy as I create a hype around the latest product/gimmick through tapping into the fragile human Mind/Psyche, and through this addiction the consumer has to energy, pictures and the concept of popularity as self value – I have created this fluctuation in user habits where the consumer tires of one product and needs the next best thing – which allows for the capitalist/producer/business person to create markets.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as economist to create concepts to justify the abuse of life on this planet, by using terminology such as ‘market force’ – whereby symbolically through the study of the human mind patterns, I tap into words that humans fear, like and dislike – whereby people resonantly create a respect for this apparent ‘force’ which is like a force of god that is free standing and not really in the control of the economists/capitalists – but merely something that happens as a result of consumer and goods interaction – not self honestly sharing the real actuality of how this force is in fact created and perpetuated.

I commit myself to show that forces do not just happen for no reason and due to anomalous consequences – and that forces are the direct result of either the human manipulating itself through and within energy or through groups of people (economists and capitalists) setting in motion certain events that will trigger further actions between the human and the product market.

I commit myself to show that if we take self responsibility for this planet, as ourselves we will realize that manipulation of others and ourselves is redundant and requires specific self stopping within the realization that one cannot deliberately do harm and then claim you do not know you cause harm

I commit myself within the above statement to adjust my understanding of Life on this planet from the competitive, harmful way of living of that of an organic robot, born and bred to consume and use – to that of a being that considers life on this planet as I consider myself as life – equal and one – where I create a future for myself and all generations that will be worth living and that will remain consistent as a living statement of ourselves.

Cool Quote for the Day:

"I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate morality from politics and economics and law based on the idea that somehow the market forces  have a life of its own that do not follow moral values  although the only participant in relationship to market forces are the human and the greed of the human that use control to protect profit and will allow many to perish in the name of the human laws of politics, economics and religion."

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