Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 205: Writing a Blog part 10

So the last topic that I was discussing in the series on 'writings blogs' was specially around the blog subject of 'world problem and solutions'. The other types of blogs that I said I would discus are 'Self-Support' Blogs.

In this I would say that one is able to approach these types of blogs in the following way. Lets say you have very little to no experience with the Desteni tools, but would like to apply what you know in your daily life, or you are already familiar with quite a few tools and are now simply looking at how to take things from your life and apply the tools outside of the protective structure of our online courses.

If you don’t have the basic self support tools or are not even comfortable simply 'writing', I suggest joining our free online course, where we familiarise people with the basic tools and terminology:

Once you have the basic tools in place for writing - you are ready to start exploring events and experiences that happen in your day to day living.  As I have mentioned in a previous blog, some people hit a complete resistance when it comes to writing partly due to the belief that their writings will not be good enough or deep enough etc… This is what I like to call mind blabber - where if one allows yourself to go into self judgment about what you believe others are capable of saying or thinking about you - then you will find yourself stuck always in all aspects of self expression. So my suggestion as I shared in the first few blogs, is to shake off the shackles of self judgment.

Now see writing for what it is - a platform through which you support yourself. If you are writing about more serious subjects that involve events that you would not like to publicize, then simply keep your writings on your computer. This is where word, onenote an other text files come in handy (see what text editing tools you have installed on your computer). Remember to back up your writings, on some external hard drive.

If you decide to write publically then the next step is to create a blog - there are many free blogging platforms such as:

Obviously the maintenance and the 'how to' of having a  blog one would have to google - I have found many tutorials on how to overcome basically any blogging question/issue. Of course the blog sites themselves have support/FAQ sections to help you get started.

Here are some tips on how to add sharing tools and like boxes to your blog:

If you don’t want to create a blog, but would like a platform where you are able to write and have the support of other people to assist you in developing self awareness within your writings, please join our forum:

How to get started with your writings: Obviously here I would suggest to do our free online course indicated above. This will show you the basics of using writing as a tool for self support.

Now the question people sometimes have is how to use the various tools available in DIP Lite and DIP pro to their day to day experiences. In each course you are shown different techniques, which allow you to access various dimensions of experiences and of the mind. So here I would like to suggest is to do our online courses as they are structured (going from DIP Lite into DIP pro) to address various mind 'systems' so to speak, from for example the conscious, subconscious to the unconscious.  Depending on how far you have gotten through our courses, I suggest make a list of the tools and techniques you have 'under your belt' and from this you will be able to apply what you have learnt to your daily experiences. Therefore for example you will learn a basic structure of first:

  1. Writing out your experience
  2. Now start assessing for yourself the solution - how are you able to take responsibility for your reactions, your thoughts, your participation in the event/moments, your emotion and feeling reactions etc.  What did you realize was your role in how things played out from a smaller thought/feeling reaction to a greater personality design? How are you able to change yourself and your personality designs to no longer allow these patterns which you see do not support you from playing out
  3. Now if you have the tools of self forgiveness and self corrective statements under your belt - apply this this to the writings.
  4. With or without step 3 - start looking at how you will physically live the changes you have realized by either simply applying common sense and self awareness as discussed in step 2, or through the self corrective statements you wrote in step 3.

Here if you have any further questions about a specific experience and you have applied the tools from the course material - but you are still not sure how to look deeper - 2 suggestions are:

Place your writings on the Desteni Forum or the demonology forum if the writings are of a more sensitive nature where you would like to create an anonymous account. Or work your way up from DIP Lite to DIP pro where you are assigned a buddy who meets with you on chats weekly, to discuss problems you might be facing in your life, how to use the course material to support you and they are there to assist you if you get stuck in the lesson material.

If you are unable to afford DIP Pro - we have the option of blogging for sponsorship - where by simply practising your blogging you could receive sponsorship to do DIP pro:

Blogging for Sponsorship 

Now all that is left is to simply start practicing - realizing as I mentioned in the first 2 blogs - is that for all of us blogging was something that we had to practice, paragraph by paragraph, incorporating the different techniques a step at a time until there is more of a flow to ones self awareness journey through writing.
Please take a look at some of the blogs on our forum:

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