Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 195: Writing a Blog part 5

"So with blogging one is also walking a process or steps that one applies and fine tunes until you are comfortable with writing the type of blog you would like to write. Within blogging the topic that one chooses to write about will also be a process, meaning if one is using blogging/writing to explore oneself - then you are getting to know the tools of self exploration to be able to get to the relevant information and application required to change. If one is using blogging to write about how you see world problems and possible solutions - then again it will require a process of getting to know ones subject, and the layers of information around how this problem/issue came to be - and then getting to know ones solution and how the solution could/would be applied to the problem. Meaning there is no black or white template when it comes to exploring the world systems other than using some common sense and questioning how things work. So as a summary what I am saying is that when one begins blog writing realise that you are exploring how to write  blog - how to publish it (if one chooses to do so) and how to expand ones writing from there and take care of ones public profiles where one shares the writings - while at the same time developing the skills within the type of writing one is doing. Which will bring us to the next topic - what is it that you would like to write about?"

Alright so lets split blog writing into 2 - the one type of blog being 'world events and solutions' and the second type being 'personal change/process points'. In this blog we will discuss the first type 'world events and solutions'. So for those of you who have been following the Desteni blogs on for example the Living Income Guaranteed, have realised that behind these blogs obviously goes quite a bit of research and developing ones ability to address issues of the world, by firstly finding them (research) and secondly taking what is writing about the point - meaning the problems and suggested solutions apart, using ones own understanding of effective solutions to compare and assess what would be the best solutions to the problem. Obviously to work with the 'solutions' part - here one would already be seeing an effective approach such as Living Income Guaranteed which one is able to draw comparisons to.

Now this is where many people say they get stuck - firstly for most getting over the self-doubt is the biggest problem, where 'voices in the head' start telling you that your writings wont be good enough, they wont make sense, people will laugh at your attempts etc etc. Therefore firstly as I mentioned in the previous blogs - one is to realize that this kind of self talk is due to an underlying mind pattern that one has developed over the years, probably even since childhood - where memories of past events now determine how one experiences yourself. Therefore the end result of for example self doubt, self victimisation, self bullying, low self esteem etc - will be these irrational fears and phobias such as 'what if I am not able to write a blog'. Therefore the fear itself from within the mind - comes up and overwhelms us, and if we believe the fear, then we believe this overwhelming experience is real and that there is no solution. This is what we call 'getting stuck in the mind.'

As I mentioned in the previous blogs, to overcome these self created belief systems and fears, as a immediate solution, I suggest developing and embracing an understanding that these aspects one have created within self, firstly is not real, because it is an irrational fear, and secondly is something that you are able to change - if you apply the steps to change them. For myself when I started writing - I could hardly string one sentence together and from there had the support to develop how I saw things and how to place that into writing. So no - it is not an instant thing and depending on your self created belief systems, you might have to apply yourself in common sense by stopping the abusive thoughts that do not serve you - while taking the ultimate self directive step to practise those things you believe you could not do. Obviously here it is about baby steps - to not overwhelm yourself or confirm your paranoia by go all for it, not getting it right and then proving to your beliefs that yes you could not do it. If this happens then know that you have created a lets call it 'self fulfilled prophecy' where you sabotaged yourself to get back to the same point you came from...

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