Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 200: Writing a Blog part 9

"I suggested that she immediately note down in the form of a tree structure or flow chart what points she already knew about her subject. From this she could create a 'skeleton structure' to place into some sort of structure the information that she is already aware of as well as using this to now start the research process into getting a fuller picture of the subject you are dealing with. This 'structure would allow her to keep tabs of what she will be walking as blogs throughout the series and at any given time you are able to slot in new pieces of information that reveal themselves as you do your research."

Now you have started for example a tree structure or flow chart to assist yourself initially to lay down a basic foundation of points you have already seen you would like to discuss in blogs. This structure will allow you to at any given time as you go about your research slot in new topics you would like to discuss in future blogs. Interesting when I started studying Psychology one of the first module lessons consisted of simple tools to use throughout our studies. It is here that they showed us how to create for example tree structures and flow charts. This came in very handy throughout my studies. Here is an example of a 'tree structure'.

As you will see this is a very basic structure where I started pulling together points about capitalism. This is just an example to show how creating a basic structure for oneself allows you to first 'off-hand' just slot in what is off the top of your head, and from there you start researching more about the subject you want to explore - slotting in more topics as you go along. Other people may have different suggestions, so you may even think of emailing or messaging a person who's blogs you enjoy to ask them how they have gone about learning to blog and what if any structure do they use in their blogging. Some blogs might be simple and only require writing, whereas others such as writing about world problem/solutions might require more detailed research and preparation.

Next step as I indicated before is to start researching your subject. Here you are looking at the Internet or books. If you are using the Internet be aware of the difference between people's opinions and what is more substantial such as physical facts and research documentation. There are numerous websites that will present opinions, gossip and 'conspiracy theories'. So look out for the source of someone's information - try and draw your information from sources that are credible and sound. It is easy to get lost in a sea of information on the Internet that has been filtered from 'truth' to opinion/belief.

First Blog

I suggest in the first blog within a series to do an introduction on the topic you will be writing on. This way you prepare the way for what its is you will be discussing and why most importantly you have decided to address this subject. Often people who write blogs tend to forget who it is that we are speaking to. We are writing for ourselves yes, but the fact that we are placing these blogs on the internet means that we want to share our process with other people, therefore most importantly don’t forget that you are speaking mostly to people who have probably never considered your point of view. Or if they are familiar with the subject or your point of view, then still consider that you are wanting people to be at ease with your information, don’t assume that they will 'get it'. From my experience I have found that often if you throw one chunk of hard to grasp information at people with complex lingo, then more often than not people come back with questions and/or remarks. This also results in people attacking that which they do not understand, or simply ignoring it because mostly people don’t care to do their research lol - therefore if you loose them half way in, they will simply close the page. People do not want to work hard to read your blog - that is after all why we have the internet to make things more accessible -which results in the 'fast-food mentality when it comes to information sharing. So people want to get to a website that soothes the mind, meaning the information is clear/understandable and structured. I have found this myself, where due to questions on my blogs and vlogs I now see areas where I should have started right at the beginning, instead of speaking to people as if they already grasp parts of what I am saying.

Understanding what it is that you are reading

Sometimes you might come across information that literally boggles your brain. This happens to all of us, especially if one is not use to processing information. The brain and mind simply requires more practice and comprehension and processing of information, so again I suggest to not be put off by this. Take one piece of information and read it and if necessary (this is what I do) do a new google search on the same subject. Sometimes you will find that there are people who write more 'advanced' as they might themselves be an academic or over the years have gathered so much information about a subject that they forget they are sharing with people who have never really studied the subject before - which obviously relates to my previous point!

After you have searched for various descriptions of the subject and you found one that you understand, write it out in your own words so that you can see for yourself what it is that you still don’t fully grasp. You might find yourself reading something and then thinking 'what the hell'? For example you don’t necessarily expect yourself to read up on how does the American Economy function and get it the first time - so split the subject into Sub-Topics and Sub topics within that - taking on each part, writing it out and coming to grips with it.

Have fun with the topic

Remember what I shared in the first few blogs about practise and not creating expectations of yourself that place unnecessary pressure? I suggest see writing as something that you are developing within yourself - not a competition with others - so make it your own. Do it in the way that interests you, or even in a way that you see is missing from other people's writings and explore how to explain this subject/topic yourself in a way that you as the public reader will grasp and enjoy. You could use pictures and links to videos etc. Place yourself in the shoes of not only yourself, meaning being realistic about where you are at and how you process information, but also the shoes of others. Many people scoff at big subjects that they (we all) have come to believe is too much, to vast for us. So if you have taken this first step into exploring the world in blog writing, then you are already one step further. Also remember that one of the reasons why people don’t read and don’t educate themselves is because of the belief that it is too difficult or that we are not intellectually up to it. This is plain and simple brain washing of the masses to keep people thinking we are stupid and not good enough to question the system. Therefore you have dumbing down of the people who accept the system and themselves as workers for the system, without questioning that which we are starting to see does not make sense. So in writing lets explore ways of placing information in such a way that we educate everybody by explaining things clearly.

Looking off the top of your head for something to write about? Either research key points you already have an interest in or read other people's blogs and maybe write it in your own words or write how this particular topic pertains to the country you live in. Perhaps you see things in the blog that was left out or that you wondered about - expand on it as your blog and add a link in your blog to the other blog...

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