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Day 192: Writing a Blog part 2

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"This part is about understanding that if one finds writing to not 'come naturally' that there are steps and techniques one can use to get to that same level of writing that ones sees others are able to do - which for al of us involved in writing meant practicing each step bit by bit until we were confident and actually started enjoying writing. So in the parts to come I will be focusing on the different tools and considerations that I am able to share within 'Blog Writing'…"

Artwork by: Andrew Gable
Alright now that we have discussed the experiences of self doubt in relation to whether one is able to write a blog, let us take a look at the next step which is to now structure, for oneself the 'how to' of blog writing - meaning for us to take a look at what type of blog one would like to write and according to this I will share the different tools I have utilised, together with the tools I have seen others using over the years.

First things first - lets step back for a moment and recap on the previous blog - did you notice any reactions or thoughts come up inside of you as you read the first blog? Could you relate? If so how? Here it is handy to have paper and pen or your computer ready to jot down your experiences. For example when I say 'Reactions' - this could be in the form of a thought, an emotion/feeling or a physical reaction. Did you have a thought come up as you were reading or afterwards, such as 'well I have always been bad at writing, even since school'. Did you have an emotional or feeling reaction such as 'uneasiness, depression, sadness, anxiety' or even a positive feeling in relation to moving away from the point of writing a blog - where one would start thinking about rather watching a move and this made you move from the initial lets say slight bit of anxiety, to 'feeling good, feeling content' at the thought of 'rather watching a movie' Perhaps you had a physical reaction such as a heavy feeling in your stomach or tiredness - again as with the emotion or feeling you will find a thought behind it such as 'why bother' or 'if I start writing now people will see that my writing is quite inefficient and judge me'.

So here one is letting go of 'ideas' and 'judgments' that you have of yourself. Obviously this would make a great first topic for a blog - getting to know the reasons behind why one has never written either publically or privately. Now for those of you who are familiar with the Desteni tools and would like to work more with yourself, your judgments, fears, belief systems etc - we have our free online course: This course will show you how to further develop your writings, it will introduce to you the tools we utilise called self forgiveness, self honesty, self corrective statements etc.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Desteni tools, what I am able to recommend in relation to your doubts, ideas and fears - is to use breathing when these reactions come up to 'stop' them. You use breathing in this instance to stabilise yourself out of the reaction meaning - as an example lets say you have the thought come up 'well what is the point because I have been bad at writing since childhood'. The solution to any reaction you are having, is to assess for yourself whether what exists inside of you in that moment is what is best for you - is it you living to your utmost potential?

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