Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 191: Writing a Blog Part 1

A subject that often comes up for the people whom participate with at Desteni or in our online courses such as DesteniIProcess Lite and DesteniIProcess Pro - is how to write a blog. Now this in itself might sound easy, but for most of us writing does not necessarily come easy, especially when one takes an interest in exploring oneself, others or our world systems through writing. This is where many have said (and myself included) that they just don’t know how to bridge the gap between casual writing and more explorative, specific writing which entails looking into deeper designs and details around the particular subject you have decided to write about.

For example, many people express to me that they read the blogs written by people (such as in the Desteni group) and instead of them being struck with inspiration to get started and follow the example - they are left feeling resistant and 'blank' with anxiety. Some have said to me that they do not have writing skills and therefore surely cannot write like the people who's blogs they admire. I then explain to people that for most of us writing from the point of almost not even being able to write an introduction paragraph to more complex blogs with headings and sub topics - took years of practise and more practise.

Something important to take note of here - which I have noticed many people are not aware of: yes some people are born with a natural 'talent' or ability for writing. This is the same as for any other ability - I might be good with my hands to physically take something and work with it while another person might be 'programmed' mathematically - meaning give them something physical to do and they find themselves unable to grasp how to go about it - but give them a mathematic equation to work out and they shine. Same applies the other way around - the person who is born to work with their hands might be completely stumped if asked even the basic mathematical question. We are all like this, different in our strengths and weaknesses. This is what we call pre-programming - each human coming into this world with different programmed designs. From my perspective, neither one really being more important or less important than another - they simply 'are'. Only in our monetary system have we equated skills according to specific values according to what money revolves around that particular skill - and have all brainwashed ourselves to believe that through this some skills are more valuable or even relevant than others.

Children will for example often select skill sets that are either pushed onto them by their parents or that which they see themselves enjoying. Either way monetary rewards are usually a consideration in the choices we make when we pursue a particular career or develop a particular skill set. Even the reward system of 'winning' and 'loosing' such as what one sees in sports etc - these are still part of the same monetary reward system - where instead of bank notes, one is rewarded with and every experience or one looses 'energy', such as 'feeling elated or proud versus depressed or sad - the one being a more 'up' type energy that surges into the body from the mind as the more positive energy experience and the opposite polarity would be a dropping of energy as one 'gives away ones money (energy) in the perception of loss to another. This will be experienced as sadness, depression, numbness, 'what is the point' etc.

So in this blog series - which will be over a few parts - I wanted to share what I have come to see and realize about blog writing. These insights and tools I suggest don’t only have to be applied to and by someone walking the Desteni tools, it can be used by any person who has an interest in writing/blogging but is not sure of how to expand themselves to be able to write the same as somebody they admire.

This part is about understanding that if one finds writing to not 'come naturally' that there are steps and techniques one can use to get to that same level of writing that ones sees others are able to do - which for al of us involved in writing meant practising each step bit by bit until we were confident and actually started enjoying writing. So in the parts to come I will be focussing on the different tools and considerations that I am able to share within 'Blog Writing'...

In the meantime if you want to check out some examples of Blogs such as what I am refering to:


  1. This is Cool Andrea! Im excited, haha. THanks for this

  2. Cool intro A. Yes lol when I look back at my first attempts at blogging over 7 years ago, my skills were not what they are today, that's for sure. It definitely takes time and practice and development.

  3. This is the kind of writing support that I'm able to use in my classes.
    Thanks Andrea