Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 198: Writing a Blog part 8

"Through the years doing policing I was on the one side also investigating spirituality, and therefore I started becoming more sensitive so to speak to the experiences of both the criminal and the victim. But at that stage I did not yet have the skills to 'lift the veil' on how crime works beyond what I had come to accept from what is 'accepted' by society- I remember just feeling really uneasy around certain policing procedures. It was only years later joining Bernard here at Desteni that he assisted me in seeing more of how the system worked and most importantly how to use tools such as research and common sense to assess that which exist in the world. Therefore, that is what blog writing is about - it is not just about placing information you are already aware of onto paper, but a platform to practise tools of expansion within the topic you are interested in. That is why our DesteniIProcess courses are developed to slowly expand a person's self awareness - and the blogs we write about 'world problems' becomes a personal platform from which ones learns about common sense and investigating what exist as the current accepted systems of the world."

Al right - so lets start with exploring what type of blog you would be interested in writing. Seeing as I have been walking my own experience in the previous blogs on how I became interested in Criminology or the study of the 'fringe' areas of Criminology - I suggest we continue with the topic of 'world problems' where I walk you through some structures/suggestions for when you have a topic based on 'world problems and solutions' that you would like to explore. From there we will explore personal journal keeping style blogs where the focuses will be on 'self-improvement/self-help' topics.

As I mentioned in the previous blogs research is the key. This is where many people find themselves getting stuck - because of the *Fear and *Self created beliefs that you have created around the point of writing, explorative writing and the placement of information and ones own perspectives onto paper.

The first question we ask ourselves is 'what world problems and solutions' would I like to address in my blogs? Perhaps you are interested in one particular 'world problem' such as 'world economies' or 'child abuse' or the 'psychology behind consumerism' or perhaps you might find yourself wanting to explore various issues you have noticed, thus practising your ability to expand in research and developing common sense insights. In the end all of these blogs will basically come down to the same structures, the difference will be how far you are willing to go in opening up any particular subject. For example some people are keen on addressing/writing about a subject but once they start reading about it they find that this subject is vast in its history and influence on the world. Some subjects are interconnected to other subjects and thus the fun and the effort then goes into exploring these various lines of information. For example - going back to the 3 examples I gave above as possible 'single: topics: 'world economies', 'child abuse' and 'the psychology behind consumerism'. For those who have already started exploring world system, you might have noticed something - that these 3 topics are already interconnected. How? Through for example our money system. Therefore as one starts researching the world economic system of capitalism, you will notice that many forms of child abuse exist due to a market existing for it - such as child trafficking, child pornography, child modelling (which is a sub topic of child pornography), medicating of children, child entertainment etc… So this ties in with the seller in a capitalistic system using a product to sell to a market to make a profit. Therefore the Life of a Child or a human or an animal is no longer Life, but a commodity for profit and that is how Capitalism functions as per the Principles according to which it exists. Then on the flip side to understand how and why a market exists for something one must explore the 'psychology behind consumerism' - therefore one will start to explore why somebody would watch child pornography but also why people will disregard the Life and the rights or the child for personal self interest (both from the consumer and seller perspective)?

Therefore, as you are able to see everything in the world is connected in some way or another - therefore the fun part about blogging is that we are able to draw lines between points and obviously this is where you create a series around one particular subject.

Therefore, if you realize that a particular subject might be quite big and interconnected - you might face an experience of 'oh no this is to much'. I spoke to somebody a while back who said that they were interested in taking on this one particular 'Crime against Life' which they had noticed playing out within Society - something which on the surface people hardly noticed as a problem (as with most things), however if you look 'behind the scenes' at how this thing came into being, the effects on people's lives and the secretiveness behind its existence - you soon realize the reality of its existence. The person I was chatting with said that they were keen to work on this subject and share with the public what she had seen, BUT as she dug deeper and deeper over time, she started feeling slightly overwhelmed by the vast amount of history, facts and lines of information between this one subject and other world system designs. Therefore where this person before had worked with singular subject blogs or blog that would span over maybe 2 or 3 parts, now she was faced with a blog series that would potentially be massive. Instead of this evoking a sense of enthusiasm within her - lol - it in fact had the opposite effect - she started feeling overwhelmed by the subject and ultimately resistance caused her to not even start in the first place.

I suggested that she immediately note down in the form of a tree structure or flow chart what points she already knew about her subject. From this she could create a 'skeleton structure' to place into some sort of structure the information that she is already aware of as well as using this to now start the research process into getting a fuller picture of the subject you are dealing with. This 'structure would allow her to keep tabs of what she will be walking as blogs throughout the series and at any given time you are able to slot in new pieces of information that reveal themselves as you do your research.

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