Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 193: Writing a Blog part 3

"For those of you who are not familiar with the Desteni tools, what I am able to recommend in relation to your doubts, ideas and fears - is to use breathing when these reactions come up to 'stop' them. You use breathing in this instance to stabilise yourself out of the reaction meaning - as an example lets say you have the thought come up 'well what is the point because I have been bad at writing since childhood'. The solution to any reaction you are having, is to assess for yourself whether what exists inside of you in that moment is what is best for you - is it you living to your utmost potential?"

The next step is to realize that these thoughts we have around our self judgments - are not what is best for us - therefore as who we really are - how can these things be real? They only exist within the mind if we start participating in them often, whereby we attach emotional values to them, after which the mind physical relationship will on a mind and physical level start responding according to these self beliefs. For example of one starts thinking that one is ugly, because you value societies definitions of 'ugly vs pretty' as something real and relevant and something that you judge yourself by - then this will be the beginning of thought constructs and emotional reactions one will develop over time. For example one will have an experience where usually as a young person we will through the developmental stages of our minds as 'thought processes' start considering the things people say and do around us, on television and what our parents do. Because a child's mind is so impressionable and like a 'sponge' - taking on everything around it - what happens is that a child's identity is developed by taking in the values, fears, beliefs, influences from those around them.

So if a child is exposed to people talking about ugly versus beauty (for example), then they too will start 'thinking' and processing this information - developing their own self beliefs and beliefs about others/the world. From here the thought processes become mind patterns, personalities and characters - which are then set and is who we are into adulthood. But, unfortunately because we live in a society where money moves due to consumerism and consumerism only works if you make sure people have needs around personal self judgments - and needs are only created if you create a impression in society of lack and want and a constant drive for the idea of self satisfaction through the ideas of less/more and that judgments of ones appearance and attainments are 'real'. Meaning where we don’t teach our children that they already are here, complete as the physical body, but that we must always strive to feel fulfilled in our thoughts and emotions/feelings and because we educate them about how to feel bad and incomplete. This then creates the 'normal' human comparing and judging and fearing that we are not experiencing ourselves as complete because the mind creates experiences all the time that cause one to talk shit about ourselves. I am fat, I am ugly, I am dumb, what if they think this of me, what if they don’t like me, what if I don’t do well in that, what if my clothes aren't good enough, I need to have money so I can buy this and that, I wont be happy until I have this and that, what if my husband doesn't think I am sexy…. And so the list goes on and on -with the strange things we program into ourselves.

Then we live the rest of our lives churning around in our minds trying to resolve all of these nasty thoughts that are not what is best for all and is most certainly from my perspective not 'who we really are' For example I would like each religious person who claims they look up to some form a deity to sit next to that deity and let out all the weird belief systems in the mind. For example would you ask Jesus why he hasn’t bought new sandals because his old sandals make him look very uncool? Would you say to Jesus that if he ever wants to get laid he will go and get his dam hair cut into a style that is just like Justin Bieber's? Would you ask Jesus by he doesn't drink because that makes him uncool to be around? Would you ask Jesus if he wants to go shopping and leave his old robe for trendy stuff that will make him fit in? Would you take Jesus to a party and expect him to get trashed and talk shit and try and get laid? Would you tell Jesus to get 2 credit cards, maxed out, so that he could have a nice house in the suburbs with a nice big 4X4, while pretending he is happy, smiling to the nneighbors while really worrying all the time that he cannot pay his bills? Would you try to justify to Jesus why it is really ok to watch pornography? I mean if we had to really sit with a religious Deity we probably would not be able to open our mouths other than 'Hi how are you' because we know that what exist in the mind as our real thoughts and experiences are not really what we would like our god or deity to be privy to. So we create a separation between ourselves and the imaginary deities we worship in our minds - how odd. The deity only exist in the mind and therefore one is not even equal to this fictional character you create in the mind that is supposedly holding your moral compass. Boy oh Boy.

Any way - so my point being that we believe our thoughts to such an extent that we don’t question them - to the extent that through these thoughts and belief systems we will compromise our lives. So in tackling this project of 'writing' one is taking on what exist inside oneself and questioning where ones thoughts, belief systems, ideas and fears come from...

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